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All About The Harps

So in the spoiler is a recap I guess of the Harp family I have been sharing them a while in the what happened in your game today thread but they were on hiatus as I had another save and they could use mods I hadn't put back in game yet. I shared this there and I'm seeing a glitch with text on my end so we'll see if it works.

The main point I did the year I wanted with the Merrit-Gaines crew and still use that save but I planned to the same with an average family on normal. Their year is almost up and I"m not done you're coming in for the end of one see what happens in the second which is why I used the post again for catch up if you wanted it.
Maximiliano Harp the first born of the second generation maybe a little moody it's been so long, in fact it was still Easter and their house was still a mess from the party they threw for the family. Ri is a little less jumpy though after being abandoned by her parents, Lily and Victor the abandonment issues still live on in the back of her mind. She's just at ease with Max close by and their twins Damon and Georgia Felicity...or Felly J(unior) named for her "dead" aunt Felicity. He's doing well in the military after a long run in the scouts his entire childhood.
See it's been so long I forgot to check he dryer, Max ran and got his daughter...guess he's reliving the memories of "losing" Felicity once....yeah, it was fine though.
Damon is good and they went to bed peacefully....enough lol.
Moving back to the original main house Demi is...perhaps convincing her mother they need an even bigger tv, they could move the flatscreen into Chris's mancave it was his Christmas present after all. Chris and Alex were made mine eventually but again they are from the get famous trailer, the twins are their final babies.

"I'm telling you, twice the size and HD we'd never leave....what are you doing..?"Demi started.

"Trying to mute you...but the button seems to be broken." Alex teased.
"Very funny..."

Well Raven back here seems to think it's funny.

"Better try again mom."

"Hush you no comments from the peanut gallery."

She really only earned more giggling.
Now Chris is upstairs surrounded by memories the family moves on but has always been close, the loss of Felicity hangs over the family the healing process is a long one as it goes. Chris and Alex's celeb status doesn't help much either everyone remembers their middle daughter and they are often reminded of her by strangers that really have no idea what they are going through, bittersweet.
Never the less Alex thinks it's time for a cleanse wondering if one of the twins will be the next trailblazer in the family, they will be elders soon so it's time for them to step back.
Chris adores his family <3 as much as his phone that he had just put away.

"Still glued to your phone dad?"

"Forever, and I want to be buried at a mobile hotspot where everyone texts their speeches."

She huffed at the idea of losing either of them.

"right...I'll look into that."

"Such an angel I have, all you kids."


Moving back again to the second born son, Boston and his wife? I think they are married...I remember the engagement lol, so Ella here used to be a much paler sim, I didn't check till she needed a makeover but she had a skin on so I worked it in. her crazy mother is one of the usual infected so in her paranoid way she always protected her kids with drills and name changes anything extreme it was hidden but with her place in the military people listened or rather they humored her. Boston only met Ella...then someone else as her parents approved her going on a double date with a kid they were familiar with he needed "hidden classes" too. Boston conned Fel into going and that's that. He went into hiding so her mother could approve them reentering society on her terms so to speak, this split up Ella and her siblings but it was fine. She's just as paranoid but with more of a solid grip on sanity and reality than her mother she still keeps a basement for when her nerves get the better of her.

Boston loves her all the same.
Approved for a real life, Ella decides after seeing Ri pregnant that she wants a baby soon, Chris's boys are anyways Boston finds that they will have a chicklet or two of their own.
Lastly moving to the "late" Felicity she was abducted by the boy's...Mark's..aunt Lilith who grew concerned as the head of the remaining vampires, Vlad, found that Fel didn't know about vampires. He didn't want stray humans hanging around as it only attracted hunters in the end, in the past. Lilith used her powers to convince her family she was dead, and warned Fel there was no longer any escape. Not that she didn't try and I didn't mention that but Lilith was always there to stop her. Mark "helped" by showing her her own obituary to prove his aunts words she was trapped.

Fel wasn't happy, but her hands were tied, she blamed Mark for some time after, it helped meeting Vlad and Brytani's daughter Jill but only so much.
Mark is the product of a brief love between Caleb and Vanessa though her memory was somewhat dealt with as Caleb was given a chance to be without as his real love Candi got to know the truth. he kept secrets and distance left Vanessa time to find real love with Marks stepfather.

Then there is Ben here Caleb and Candis son he's got a thing for Jill.

"what are you messing up here?"

"I'm cooking.."

Mark only rolled his eyes.

"It's Fel's birthday..I wanted to do something for it."

"Even though she hates you?"

He sighed.


"Good luck with that."

"Just go call Jill and invite her."

"Can do."

Mark was glad he left willingly but his mood was soured a bit, she was still his everything as it were.
"what are you doing here Jill?" Fel asked.

"I'm here for you, lets get to the kitchen."

"And close your eyes!" Ben called.


"We're not going to hurt you Felicity, we want you to be happy here,humor us?"

She shrugged.

"I guess.."
Mark set the cake down telling her to look ..... she was surprised to say the least.

"Happy birthday Fel." they cheered.

She'd almost forgotten since she couldn't see her family, they would have pulled her out of bed and dragged her to the kitchen to celebrate, she sniffed missing them.

"I Know's not the same but I thought maybe you'd like it..." Mark mumbled, for the first time she felt bad for blaming him and it wasnt as if she stopped loving him.

She caught him by surprise next.
"Thank you."

"'re welcome." he stumbled over his words as she thanked the rest of his family too.

Candi was just glad his idea worked even if part of her understood Fels pain. Willingly or not she lost family too.
family was family...right?
Granted she did still have to join it officially, Mark too as he refused to turn till she did, Ben is a little paranoid to.

"Now Ben...don't panic it doesn't hurt.." Candi started.

"But mother..."

"you'll get it too..." Mark spoke, as if in a trance...Ben wondered if Jill could do it for him instead her fangs were smaller..
"So listen....i know its tender but I dont want us to just can......if you want."

she sighed again, shaking her head.

"Come here Mark."

"I'll never stop missing my family but I know its not your fault, so we're good, but no more secrets or I will train bats to hunt you down.."
He chuckled but knew it wasn't completely impossible and nodded.


"Deal.....I love you Fel, you're not alone here." it felt like it but she smiled all the same.

"I love you too Mark...I'll try to keep that in mind..whether I'm alone or not I mean." he nodded, for their mini feud ending he'd take that and be satisfied and he didn't want to make bold promises but he was determined to let her see her family again if he only knew where to start.
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    So I was just playing around getting ready for the day and saw that Ella and Boston aren't actually married so the plans changed, Ella was ready to get married. She loved her mother and shared many of her ideas however as she's more aware than Jess usually is she doesn't want their child having the same life of secrets she wants..not necessarily exactly what Chris and Alex has but just the security they do. She's not even sure they'll come, but Boston thinks otherwise.
    When they arrive she's immediately surrounded by the original Harps, hardling noticing a familiar face in the background, her sister Christie or their aging father Dylan.

    "Oh I'm so glad to have another daughter you two take care of each other."

    Ella felt a little nervous and shakey, as per usual but even simple words from Alex chilled her out, she didn't know how Boston was able to leave his mother for her but she's both glad he did and glad it was temporary she wanted all of them in their child's life.

    This is Magola Way...yeah couldn't thtink of a name I built it some time ago and it's somewhat a tradition for Harps to get married here.
    Not they have had many weddings in a year but still, tradition...ha
    Hugs were shared when I saw some coming late, it happens they load off the lot here a bit, anyways it almost seemed Ri was making sure Jess made her way in it was family time after all..even if she was a little crazy. Okay a lot I was trying to spare her I'm being silly so moving on.

    Jess decided to celebrate early, a little twitchy but aware it was her daughter's big day she was happy for it.
    Of course there was the matter of announcing a new Harp was on the way, Alex was of course thrilled.
    "Can't believe my little guy is gonna be a dad, how's it feel son?"

    "Great...I can't describe it and I'll have you know that's cause I'm not a little kid anymore."

    "Nonsense you were just crawling last week."

    Boston only chuckled.

    "I love you dad."

    "I love you too son and I fully expect a boy to be named after me."

    He just might do it.
    Not entirely sure why Ella's brother was giving Raven a dirty look, I thought Boston just glitched as I checked their clothes while he was baking the first cake then I saw it was in the inventory but I'm not entirely sure everyone got a piece maybe she took the last one.

    "I can't believe how many their are of us.." Ella started.

    "I know, the family just keeps getting bigger." Ri said, happy to see everyone as she was usually busy twin tots and a garden...and such.

    "I'm happy you're here this is what life is all about."

    "I am too Ri, I hope our kids will grow to believe that too." they chit chatted for a bit after...and I also should have set up the buffet..meh.
    Dylan was emotional, following Jess's orders he didn't get to be much of a father but he was ecstatic about being a grandpa and a father in law she looked well.

    "Don't cry dad..I'm gonna cry and.....ruin my makeup."

    he chuckled as he gave her a hug.

    He could try.
    Ain't no party like a Harp family party cause a Harp family party don't stop...till time runs out. ha
    I noticed that Raven had been fanning herself she wanted to support her brother though she's unwell.

    Or she's trying to infect the whole family..either way love her anyways.
    A little early private time for the happy couple.

    "Are you sure you don't mind my family?"

    "Of course not..I wouldn't have you without them"
    He smiled as her own seemed the biggest of the day they shared quick I love you's before Alex came and found them...they lived alone after all it was time spend time with everyone at least that's how she thinks.
    Granted her mother giving him the evil eye warning him to look out for her daughter still made him feel a little off, as Ella was obviously safe with him.
    Ri and Max were also sick...
    They were all placed just so his siblings had to give him well wishes after all.

    "You didn't have to stay Raven.." Boston said feeling off.

    "Yeah you look ready to drop." Max added concerned, that was their baby sister and it didn't go unnoticed.

    "Look what you did, worrying them."

    She scoffed.

    "I'm fine...I wanted to be here.."

    "go lay down dad'll get you in a minute." Demi said.

    Ri was distracted sensing what I didn't take a pic of, Felly J going potty all by herself, they were so well behaved I almost forgot they were there.
    "And make sure you let us babysit." Max offered.

    Alex's ears were burning she's the only one baby sitting her grandbabies.
    Moving back to Fel Candi was relieved to see them making up, Mark wasn't her son but it hardly mattered she loved him like he was, she wanted him to be happy.
    And was he.
    while Fel was making some last meals for them Caleb had Ben looking for Hunter attacks through the secure line Jill set up for them.

    "See anything?"

    "Nothing yet, but you never know."

    "We'll figure it out."

    They wanted to help but if they couldn' least the paparazzi helped Fel be with everyone in their own way.
    Hearing about the wedding on television Candi couldn't help but miss Yuki she didn't know how her life was going, even though she left willingly she wondered if Fel could be cleared if she could be too.

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    Quiet nights at home Max puts the twins to bed while Ri prepares some meals for them all.
    It was late so I wasn't there long before returning to the Vatores, it was Ben's turn to become a man, even Fel celebrated, which pleased Caleb and Candi. Mark would have been happier but he was feeling sick and quickly losing interest in food.
    He was at least aware you knew what was gonna happen.
    Back to the main Harps, Ben's birthday fell on Valentines day so of course Chris and Alex were gonna celebrate.
    While the fact that it's a video game stops me from caring about real time sometimes I consider it in passing it has been years for them really since they were last here and Alex is just as impressed by her husband as she was then.
    It was a little cool out but nothing to bother them after a fizzy drink..and some time playing with their phones Chris decided what else he wanted as they already exchanged flowers.

    "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Chris asked.

    "Are you sure? We aren't spring chickens anymore."

    "Come on."

    A romantic scene with little audience...
    Just like last time <3 strong one isn't she?
    Never the less they were just as proud of themselves as last time.
    Back to Fel's group, I decided to age up Jill the same day as she's a little younger than they are, even Ben quite a good time for them to change, Vlad insisted on a party for his daughter.
    I don't know why Lilith is moody I didn't check if any of her kids are vampires so of course Vlad doesn't know them and they aren't invited...get over it. She's allowwed different liberties as she can of course shift she did to convince Fel's family she passed away so they wouldn't look for her.

    "You didn't have to have a party..." Jill said concerned.

    "Nonsense you're my daughter and the clan will celebrate you." Vlad said.

    "But mom..." she muttered knowing the sun made her anxious leaving her weak and frazzled, leaving Vlad confused he didn't have it he hated tot see his precious wife suffering but was proud all the same she put Jill before herself anyhow.

    Brytani sighed.

    "I'm fine...but kindly blow out your candles so I can turn you..then I must leave."

    Ben didn't seem so disturbed over her change..perhaps because he cares for her and doesn't want to be alone? Hard to say.

    "Now get upstairs and put on the dress I bought you."

    "yes mother..." Jill was just a bit dazed.
    "So how does it feel?" Ben asked.

    "Better, no more stomach pains for me." Mark said cheerfully.

    "And I can think now.." Fel added.

    Ben did not like those views but at least it was short lived.
    It was a nice party to properly welcome the leader's child into the darkness, Ben flirted a bit, she flirted more before his stomach got in the way.

    "Ho..w did you take this and not flip your lid?" Ben cried in pain, Fel only chuckled.

    "Think happy you're best enemy failing at life."

    "I don't have any enemies! I only talk to you guys!"

    "Play pretend one last time?" Jill offered.

    They help.
    Towards the end of the day I got to Boston and Ella, I had forgotten wedding pics so I took one for them.
    Happy to see at his love's oddest she is happy and healthy..
    And my last rotation, it was Alex and Chris's birthday today so I left Boston's home just in time I had planned it before so it was on my mind even though they were on hiatus. Nothing like watching some lame movie with your parents...though Alex hated it too.
    Look at my babies doing elderhood proper.

    "We really made it Chris."

    "I know back is all sorts of knotted."

    "That's your hip dear."

    "Pfft my body, it'll be what I say it is."

    Alex and Chris showing these youngins how its may think someone is missing, she's not just glitched I reset her and got her inside.
    You only get one chance to celebrate a final birthday after all. :(
    As for come home hungry but Alex will knock you into next week if you think you can leave that way.

    Busy part I know but it happens ha.
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    Boston is amused by his wife's nonsense dancing, things were nice and chill after his parent's birthday the other day he knew Jess and her husband not even Ella's siblings had contacted her since the wedding but she was used to it. He still found it a little sad.
    Soon there were more important concerns Ella only had a few hours more of peace before she went into labor bringing Tessa and Eve into the Harp family.
    All of them like to be close to Boston.

    Tessa is in pink.
    They like following real close to each other.
    Until Tessa comes to examine a photo of her sister, she was upset over a potty accident...three sets of twins I wonder how many more we might get.
    So I let Max and Ri babysit, he doesn't feel too badly about leaving his wife with four tots, though their babies will be kids soon and the girls will be moved to grandma and grandpa's house later.
    She didn't have much issue with it, but then she had work too..
    Felly J is very fascinated by her cousins, they wear her favorite colors after all.
    Max got a promotion and another medal.
    Though he cares more about a nice meal near his family.

    I didn't play long but have some birthdays to look forward to and of course Mark isn't so satisfied just having a girlfriend, he'll need a wife.
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    She's good for you? Lol
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    Oh gosh!
    I was going ask you who the couple in your signature was, until I saw the birthday! Amazing!

    It's Alex and Chris!

    Things go by so quickly!

    Although, I guess in reality it has been quite a while. 🤔

    All those kids they had, and then those kids had kids.

    But it's fun to see all the celebrations 😊

    The wedding was such a success! It's so cool that you got her mom to show up! And her dad looked like he actually was tearing up, was he? It's such a beautiful wedding. I love that they fed each other cake right under the arch. So sweet.

    It seems like you get more guests than the 15 you are allowed to invite. Is that a mod?

    And why do they all get sick at parties 😅

    Especially all-night parties.

    Fel looks better, not as miserable anymore. But did she actually ask to be made a vampire?

    I know I wasn't really clear on that, but I think she did.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Felicity getting cleared. I just can't imagine that she would

    This family seems to be fond of twins😅 How do you keep coming up with new names? Lol, I'm almost at the point that I need to look up baby names on the computer, and you have way more babies to name than I ever do!

    It's all wonderful ❤️ I love Chris and Alex still having fun together, and Max preferring time with his family over promotions and medals.

    If things get straight with Felicity, there won't be any more problems!

    Lol, that never happens with you though, does it 😅

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    @AlwaysAsking ha yep, my babies are...not babies anymore lol, yeah just to consider time a little bit they've had a very long rich life, I love to celebrate everything it keeps things fun. there is a mod for more control but I haven't used it in awhile inviting to the limit doesn't effect who shows up at the community lot so things can get a little bit busier. I'm not sure they insist on sharing everyhing...sickness included :D no she was turned to stay there she just knew she couldn't fight a family a vampires. Always plotting we'll see if she can be free.

    I just get ideas usually I have written a lot and gone through moments where I figure something out, randomize or just change a few letters in a typical name I've even used baby name sites the harps have been easy to name.

    Are you saying I'm a pain in the backside with my sims?...Cause I am lol.
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    I took Alex and Chris along with some of the twins to get pictures, Corrinne is the new photographer as the old one passed away some time ago.
    "I'm too young to have so many grandkids..."

    "Really? I could use a few more." Alex muttered happily.

    "My hip can't take it...."

    "Not the words of a young man honey."
    Demi wants to follow in her mother's footsteps, she knows she can reach the top too.
    A simple breakfast..Raven prepared though she misses her siblings filling the empty space.
    Not much story I know but it was very chill.
    Now while Demi settles after drama club I noticed she was being monitored, now can you see by who, I'd hope so.
    Now when Max invites Alex to a talent we get a better pic...she enjoys her fame not knowing who watches closely, it's like they know they should be looking into the family...but will Fel actually see them again?
    "Now know I can't sing."

    "I can't either sweetie."

    "But you played a singer in your movies.."

    "Voice over.."

    "Que the more you know rainbow..."

    They had a good time and Alex couldn't resist posing for pics.
    Max was still happy to be back with his family..
    Life is good...and tomorrow is Felly J and Damon's birthday party hmm forgot to prepare a cake.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    It was time to get the family together again..more babies aging up...
    One of the girls was crying, Chris wasn't prepared.
    Neither was I.. look at how adorable Felly j and Damon are.
    Felly wasn't as prepared for her bday pic ha
    Felly and her brother had a little competition, whoever fell first kept the old room as Max would remodel his workout space.

    "well, we didn't have to do it now.."

    "afraid to lose sis?"

    game on.
    funny enough he fell almost as soon as she joined him..
    Still, she won fair and square so no hard feelings.
    Max and Ri just get to enjoy some peace with well-behaved kids.
    Meanwhile, Mark was quick to drag Felicity away from his family and to the new bar..also mine.

    He didn't want to mention what everyone was trying to do, less he get her hopes up but he wanted her cheery all the same.

    "you know how much I love you don't you?"

    "of course i do mark I love you too." it stung a little less every day seeing her family well on tv.
    "well, I want it clearer.."

    "How are you gonna show that? Get me a kitten?"

    " would that show anything."

    "you hate cats," she said matter-of-factly, playfully rolling her eyes.

    "I do not....i hate that they get so smug knocking things off counters and avoiding expensive gifts because everything is either comfortable or a toy." she only laughed.

    "I had something else in mind but I'll get you a cat.."

    giggling she asked what he really had in mind.
    "I want to make a family...with you."

    not simply 'will you marry me?"

    her silence was almost too much.


    tbc >:)
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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