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How long is your average play session?


  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,293 Member
    edited July 2019
    1-2 hours
    My eyes are usually telling me when to stop and it's usually after about 1,5 hours or so. I have bad eyes and 15,6" gaming laptop and it's not a great combination. I would like to play more, but it's impossible when my eyes get extremely strained.
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,385 Member
    Different every time
    It depends on my day. I use it as a stress reliever.
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,706 Member
    1-2 hours
    I think it’s so interesting that a lot of us that play for the same amount of time have very different reasons as to why. I wish I could play 10 plus hours like I could as a teenager playing sims 3 but I just can’t anymore. Occasionally I’ll play for like 4 hours maybe 5 but it’s not often. I just have to take breaks when I play now. I think if I still played on a laptop i could go longer though. I just get stiff if I sit for too long in my desk chair.
  • LumikkaLumikka Posts: 24 Member
    3-4 hours
    3-4 hours most of the time, if I have less time I don't even bother starting the game bc it's so hard to stop once I've started playing :)
  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,096 Member
    5-6 hours
    5-6 hours it usually where it's at. This obviously includes meals, drinks and bathroom breaks. I'm not insane. :lol:
  • catitude5catitude5 Posts: 2,536 Member
    Different every time
    Depends on if I'm building or not.
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,950 Member
    1-2 hours
    Sometimes I go for three hours but that doesn't happen very often.
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,744 Member
    3-4 hours
    This is about right for a normal session for me. I do play much, much longer sometimes, and sometimes shorter too.
  • DillynJamesDillynJames Posts: 551 Member
    7-8 hours
    I said 7-8 because I am a builder first and a player second; at least in The Sims 4. In order to make my houses exactly how I want them I usually play that long. But it's usually only once a week, as well.
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  • OEII1001OEII1001 Posts: 3,560 Member
    Different every time
    I'm not sure that I could properly calculate an average time. Sometimes I have to stop after a few minutes. Sometimes I can go for hours. My schedule tends to be chaotic.
  • sueplayssimssueplayssims Posts: 126 Member
    1-2 hours
    Now that I have a kid I am not able to play that long though when I was childless I used to play even 8 hours straight. Those were such lovely and QUIET times :D

    Completely agree! I used to play until my eyes turned in to squares. But now I'm not quite so lucky with my free time!
  • HejixHejix Posts: 1,053 Member
    3-4 hours
    3 hours is nice... More than 4 hours when I wake up really early... Or when I feel focused or lazy... 1-2 hours when the baby is napping... But it passes too quickly and you have barely the time to do anything. It's more frustrating than anything. :D@jeddimuppet toddlers' naps are precious!
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  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,107 Member
    1-2 hours
    I often have my game running all day minimized and only play a couple of hours at a time. Unless of course there is a new EP just out , then I can play for most of the day.
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  • UT_PhanTrashUT_PhanTrash Posts: 2 New Member
    Different every time
    it depends on how Im feeling, when I feel down which is most of the time I would play for around 2 hours, but when I'm happy and well and not busy normally around 5 to 6 hours, I play a lot but most of the time i leave the game open when I take a break, I have no idea why lol, but when school is around I tend to play the game a lot more...
  • mikamika Posts: 1,677 Member
    Different every time
    I've never played longer than 3 hours straight. Sometimes I take breaks and then come back to it, not healthy to look at a computer screen for too long.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited July 2019
    7-8 hours
    Depends on if I had chemo treatments - but usually 4-8 hour depending on how wiped out I feel lately. Used to always play 8 hours at a time but not so much most of this year. It's worth the fun and laughter I can get playing when I do feel up to playing 7-8 hours though. Laughter and Sims is good medicine for me.

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  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,380 Member
    Different every time
    It depends on how much time I have. On weekends and days off, I can play for 8+ hours nonstop, but on days when I have classes I only play for 3-6 hours if I can. I’d say I average about 7 hours all up.

  • TheLastStarTheLastStar Posts: 164 Member
    3-4 hours
    I usually listen to youtube videos/podcasts while I play and I generally sped most of my time in CAS. Both of those things combined let time slip away from me so I can be playing on an off for quite a few hour before I call it quits.
  • peterskywalkerpeterskywalker Posts: 526 Member
    1-2 hours
    It depends on time. Sometimes I have more time to play, but I end up getting bored. Other times I only get the urge to play and I have 30-40 minutes to play. Finally, I also play the sims 2 a lot, so I have to juggle my time between those two games when I'm not usually hanging out with my brother and playing other awesome computer and bored games together.

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  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,623 Member
    Different every time
    1-2 hours is my answer!
    This is because often.. I sit down and start playing and then need to do something 1-2 hours later.. then... I just keep coming back for 1-2 hours throughout the day haha

    I do this too! House work, husband, and whatever else I'm doing...I play an hour or so at a time.
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  • Cherryrose_xCherryrose_x Posts: 461 Member
    Different every time
    Now that I have a kid I am not able to play that long though when I was childless I used to play even 8 hours straight. Those were such lovely and QUIET times :D

    Pretty much could have written this! Some nights I get carried away and play too late into the night. Other times I steal 30 mins while the oldest is at nursery and the baby is asleep. That'll go out the window when I'm back to work though..
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,462 Member
    3-4 hours
    3-4 hours. It's all my ancient laptop can handle. :D
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  • hermioniahermionia Posts: 289 Member
    Different every time
    Depends. Sometimes I feel like playing one of my saves and that lasts about 1 1/2 hours or so. On other days, I just pop in to make a quick sim for 25 minutes.
  • yesme88yesme88 Posts: 311 Member
    <1 hour
    I might have the game on but actual play isn't long. I become bored. My loading screens go on and on and I just loose patience. If I just stay on my lit all is well but if I want to go to work or visit neighbors it's just not fun.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 17,954 Member
    Different every time
    It all depends on what I'm trying to accomplish and how long I have to play. There are times when I play all day long. Other times when I can only squeeze in an hour or so. Still other days when I just can't play because LIFE gets in the way. Today is one of those days. I gladly babysat five of my granddaughters while their parents took their newborn, fresh out of the NICU, twins to their first check-up. I spent the morning working on my lineage to be added to the family History book, and then spent almost two hours in the heart of the day with my granddaughters. I've now run out of time to play. So, for the second day in a row, my little Simmies are in a holding pattern. Tomorrow is another day …
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