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Using the Forum on Mobile - Some Helpful Information

Like some of you, I use the forum on my mobile. There are lots of helpful threads about how to use the forum, but (as far as I know) nothing about using it on your mobile. So I thought I'd make one.
If you have any other helpful tips about using the forum on mobile, please share!

I use Android, so this may only apply for other Android users, I'm not sure.

Viewing "Full Site" on your phone:
The forum layout on the phone is a little different to that on PC. If you would like to see/use the "Full Site" on your phone, simply go to the menu in the top left corner, and click “Full Site" near the bottom of the menu.


Sometimes using the "Full Site" can be beneficial, as it allows you to preview posts and save drafts of threads you are creating (you are not able to do this on "Mobile Site").

Switching Back to "Mobile Site":
I've seen a couple of people (and me) have difficulty going back to "Mobile Site" after clicking "Full Site". There has been sone advice such as; clearing your history etc. But there is actually a much easier (although a little hidden) way.
When on "Full Site" view scroll aaaaalllll the way down to the bottom on the page, where you will see a blue link on a small green bar, click this to go back to the mobile forum.

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