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No Children/Toddler Mermaids? Sad

I cannot believe this Ep didn't include children and tot mermaids. It's bad enough there is no underwater game play (as the trailer depicted) and the mermaids are nothing but a clothing change. They really half did this 1.
Mermaids should have been made just like the vampires! Why are we regressing??!
TS4 has had soo many negative reviews and bad feedback, how did the think this would be passable? I'm so beyond irritated, at myself for buying into the hype yet again. I have to just stop buying packs for this game.
How hard would it have been to mesh out a smaller tail for children and toddlers? There's nothing different about mermaids to reg sims anyway, other then the occasional weird dolphin noise they spaz out with.
Ug. :(

Please Bring Back Toddlers, Realistic Teenagers and Create a World.
Make the Sims (4) Great Again<3


  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,749 Member
    I am also deeply disappointed by the lack of child and toddler mermaids. I don't need powers for them but a mermaid form would be very welcome. Just 2 rescaled tails and a few animations (swimming for children and bathing for children and toddlers) would have been enough.

    Aliens have all ages so it would not be unheard off for young sims to have a true form. Unlike vampires who are primarily defined by their powers, mermaids like aliens are defined by a true form rather than powers. Mermaid toddlers and children should not have been ignored like this.
    The mermaids are also missing a special crib.

    Maxis does not seem to have much interest in younger sims lately. Since seasons most content (paid and free) was strictly teen and above.
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 442 Member
    First of all in no Sims game ever have toddlers who were the offspring of occult adults had any real occult abilities (regardless of their appearance), with the exception of ghost babies in TS3 who were born ghosts.

    Children in TS1 could do a few kid-oriented spells and this feature was passed on to the child fairies in Supernatural, but mostly their needs and abilities were as normal, except that they had wings (if they were full fairies). More to the point, the children of mermaids only had scaly legs on land and no other abilities in TS3. (I didn’t care for these and modded them out). So sims 4 mermaids are really the same as always in this respect.

    As for the other aspects of merfolk in TS4, it is really matter of opinion if they are better or worse than the only previous version in TS3. Personally, I prefer TS4 mermaids to those in TS3 for various reasons. The only thing I wish they would have included in IL is a secret lot just for mermaids like Sixam for aliens.

    As for their abilities, I wouldn’t have wanted them to be like vampires with all kinds of super powers and limitations. I think of them as natural (as opposed to supernatural like vampires) creatures who have sea related abilities, so I like playing with them as they are.
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,623 Member
    Mermaids should have been made just like the vampires! Why are we regressing??!

    I don't really get why anyone would've expected them to be comparable to vampires. Their situation seems more similar to that of aliens.. and that's basically what they ended up as; a lackluster occult that took resources away from a lackluster pack. Besides, although children and tots can technically be vampires, they're still practically normal sims until they become teenagers as well.

    So yeah, I'm not fond of the mermaids either, but the expectation that they would've been similar in scope to vampires or accessible by children doesn't seem grounded in reality based on what we have seen thus far.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,774 Member
    I understand why people want mermaids to be better. But you have to understand that because vampires had a pack of their own and mermaids are just a feature in another pack. It's not as fair to compare vampires and mermaids as it is to compare aliens and mermaids.
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