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Dark Mode



  • Tw1stedAng3lTw1stedAng3l Posts: 49 Member
    An addendum to my precious comment:RGB based inversion will make the menu almost impossible to read, whereas CIELAB based inversion doesn't have that issue, imo.
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  • ailujmsailujms Posts: 23 Member
    I use Microsoft Edge, I'd love if it was a Dark Mode option available on the forum... Sad that there are no plans for implementing it.
  • kaiwrysimskaiwrysims Posts: 918 Member
    I have a Samsung phone and the forums turns automatically into dark mode at night.
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  • DistantDialtonesDistantDialtones Posts: 6 New Member
    On my phone all backgrounds that are white turn dark, but with my laptop it stays white.
  • OneAdorkableGirlOneAdorkableGirl Posts: 2,379 Member
    Sorry to bump this thread: But haven't been on in awhile and noticed several people posting + wanted to update. Dark reader is also available on FireFox if you prefer that browser as well. Just type in your browser FireFox Add Ons Dark Reader and it should show up on your search. :) Should be the first search you see.
  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 500 Member
    Dark Mode would be nice. Hope we get it as an option eventually.
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