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Questions for people who follow sims youtubers

LindsaySeddon1LindsaySeddon1 Posts: 192 Member
I've just started a YouTube channel and I have a few questions about what would make it better. If you could answer some of these questions I would be so grateful!

1. Do you prefer speed-builds or "let's build"s, and why?
2. What bores you in Let's Play videos?
3. What things are most likely to make you stop watching within the first few minutes?
4. Are you watching more for the game play or more for the personality of the player?
5. Do you prefer to see the player's face or just hear their voice? Or neither?

Thank you so much! I think answers to these questions will really help me.
If you want to look at my channel, it's here:


  • AmandèleAmandèle Posts: 283 Member
    1_ I usually prefer "let's build"s. I have seen so many speedbuilds that I find them boring now. But I recently watched Plumbella's Let's Build series. It was so much more original and inspired me to play after every episode!

    2_ I really dislike when the storyline is too basic or when something very unoriginal happens. For example teen pregnancies. I usually stop watching the LP when that kind of thing happens.
    Skillbuilding is also very boring imo.

    3_ If the quality of the sound is very bad, if the youtuber talks too much at the beginning (three minutes of saying «hey! I'm doing a new LP!» before presenting the characters and situation, like... we know!).
    I'm not gonna lie, I also really don't like alpha cc so I don't watch the LPs with that sort of custom content.
    I don't watch runaway teen or homeless challenges anymore unless there is a very good new idea for it (the backstory or an original way for the person to earn money).
    Also, english is not my first language so if the person doesn't enunciate clearly, it's annoying. It's nice to have subtitles but not always necessary (I understand Plumbella and Deligracy though they have non american accents).

    4_ Both!

    5_ I don't mind either way. The most important is that you are comfortable because if you're not, we can feel it and it reduces the quality of your content. Just try both and decide what you like best!

    I hope this helps and I wish you the best!
    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language ^^'
  • LindsaySeddon1LindsaySeddon1 Posts: 192 Member
    This is so helpful, thank you so much!

  • AmandèleAmandèle Posts: 283 Member
    You're welcome!
    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language ^^'
  • theaethanrealmtheaethanrealm Posts: 60 Member
    1. I prefer speed builds. They're more satisfying and less boring, in my opinion.
    2. I also hate the stereotypical storylines, and I also dislike when nothing interesting and the player themself seems bored with the video.
    3. I always leave if there's no alpha cc, contrary to the previous comment. I also leave if there's no interesting intro that explains what's about to happen in a fun way.
    4. Both as well, they both make watching videos really enjoyable!
    5. Sometimes the face can be fun because I often laugh at facial expressions and reactions but I wouldn't be mad if there's just a voice, I agree you should be comfortable with whatever you want to do.
    I'll be sure to subscribe and I wish you the best of luck!
    origin id - theaethanrealm
  • LindsaySeddon1LindsaySeddon1 Posts: 192 Member
    I'll be sure to subscribe and I wish you the best of luck!

    Thank you so much for replying!

    Interesting about the CC because when I see CC myself in a video (or maybe just if there's loads of it) it makes me want to switch off.

  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 6,950 Member
    I must confess that I rarely watch LPs or Speed builds, I prefer a good story told in the Machinima format, or at least with walls up and not a lot of UI on screen. Even so, I did enjoy a few vids so I'll try to answer your Qs:

    1. Do you prefer speed-builds or "let's build"s, and why?
    Basically I can't find enough time to play my own game, so I never really had time to watch other simmers play their games. Still, there might be a few vids with original content, or a very good storyteller, that I might watch. But I'll typically watch only 1 or 2 episodes, not a full series. So guess I prefer speed-builds, but again, it has to be special, I want to learn from watvching them, either getting ideas or learn how others use specific build features. I also like when the builder tells why interior decisions were made, like color matches, stuff from specific eras, new way to use some items, etc. Again, I prefer to learn something, not just to be entertained.

    2. What bores you in Let's Play videos?
    Long periods when not much is happening. It's basically not fun to watch a sim eating dinner alone or reading a book. But, if the simmer use those seconds to build up by talking, weather there is a story or some plans for the episode, it might still work.

    3. What things are most likely to make you stop watching within the first few minutes?
    Too much talking, I came to watch the real thing, not how cool studio the simmer has or what s/he looks like today ;)

    4. Are you watching more for the game play or more for the personality of the player?
    Game play. Personality makes the difference between good and poor, so I guess it counts as well, but I'll gladly watch a "poor personality"'s video if the idea and tech presentation is appealing.

    5. Do you prefer to see the player's face or just hear their voice? Or neither?
    I prefer no face, at least mostly no face, because I'm not there to watch the person, but their ideas.

    Good luck with your channel! :)
    Simmerville on Youtube | My blog is updated weekly: Simmerville's Sims
  • darrenfroggydarrenfroggy Posts: 593 Member
    I don't watch many Simtubers myself but between myself and my 12yo Simmer kid, I'll try to answer these and hopefully it'll help you.

    1. Do you prefer speed-builds or "let's build"s, and why?
    I have a preference for builds while my kid likes LPs more. For both of us, it's because of our personal play preference - while I enjoy live mode, I find myself drawn to building more. The kid is not very confident about her building abilities and she prefers live mode play (and challenges).

    2. What bores you in Let's Play videos?
    Unnecessary drama. One of my favourite LPs to watch is the Rags to Riches challenge, which already brings its own hardships. The other kind I like is pack-specific LPs. The things that I get easily bored with is typical soap opera style drama created by the player: cheating, relationship machinations, teen pregnancies, etc. Basically things that can be easily found in TV shows, soap operas especially, just to create complications to complicate a storyline.
    Kid's comment: repetition of storylines in separate LPs or even within the same LP. Say, various Sim from various generations all having one-night-stands as a pattern.

    3. What things are most likely to make you stop watching within the first few minutes?
    Too much Alpha CC. I'm not a fan of CC in general but Alpha CC pulls me out of the Sims world almost instantly. (on a personal note, also the reference to MaxisMatch CC as "clay" because I find that derisive. I understand that it's the Simmer terminology, it just rubs me the wrong way.)
    Also, completely irrationally, a player's voice. I have no explanation for this one, since it's entirely a "I won't know until I hear it" thing.
    Kid's comment: lack of uniqueness. So if an LP is something that's been done over an over on other channels (like a Sim running off with Max Villareal ;))

    4. Are you watching more for the game play or more for the personality of the player?
    For me it's a little bit of both. A video can have game play I'm really interested in but if the player's personality doesn't sit right with me, I won't watch. On the other side, if I like a player, it doesn't mean I'll watch every video they've done. (Kid agrees on this one)

    5. Do you prefer to see the player's face or just hear their voice? Or neither?
    Kid: likes seeing face cam in LPs to see their reactions to the game. in builds, she prefers voiceover only.
    I slightly prefer no face cams in either LPs or builds but I don't mind it, as long as the focus is more on the game.
    (for a bonus, both of us like the commentary to be a mix of game-related stuff and personal anecdotes, as long as it's not only one or the other)

    Hope the comments help you and good luck with your channel! :D
  • LindsaySeddon1LindsaySeddon1 Posts: 192 Member
    Thank you so much, these answers are really helpful, even when they differ from each other. :smiley:
  • gameliagamelia Posts: 686 Member
    1. Do you prefer speed-builds or "let's build"s, and why?
    I like a mix of both. Speed through the parts that don't require explanation, but slow down for the tricks that might not be obvious and require cheats.

    2. What bores you in Let's Play videos?
    Too much talking, not enough playing.

    3. What things are most likely to make you stop watching within the first few minutes?
    Babbling about unrelated things. Videos about what's going on in the YouTubers life, drawn-out explanations of the videos purpose, etc. If YouTubers have a solid fan-base they want to address, they should make a separate video. Having fans and showing your appreciation is okay, but I may not be one yet. Also, the video's purpose should be clear in the first 15 seconds, and shouldn't require a 5 minute explanation.

    4. Are you watching more for the game play or more for the personality of the player?
    Gameplay mostly. Only rarely do I watch for the personality, and that person has to be extremely entertaining on a professional comedian level. I do appreciate a little splash of the person's personality, but not so much that it distracts from the gameplay.

    5. Do you prefer to see the player's face or just hear their voice? Or neither?
    It depends on the content and the personality of the player. I don't need to see a face for how-to informational type of videos. But sometimes it's entertaining to see a person's reactions (see comment above).

    This wasn't part of your question, but one pet peeve of mine is the way a series gets titled. When viewing a playlist on a phone, or even a pc, the full title doesn't show in the list. Text that indicates which episode should be somewhere at the beginning, so the viewer can quickly find the next episode. For example, "Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Let's Play | Episode 13" would be better as "Ep. 13 | Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Let's Play."

    I also appreciate links to resources used, such as mods and CC.

    By the way, I subscribed to your channel because I love Upstairs, Downstairs!

  • SimenberrySimenberry Posts: 2 New Member
    1. I am ok with both of them however I stop watching when the same story gets repeated over and over or when they are speaking about random things and not the actually building or when they plug their Twich or mercy every few minutes.
    2. Trying to make a overly complicated plot, giving MC Command cheats and pretending the Sims made those choices.
    3. If I see Alpha, if the creator is too obnoxious or if they scream too much.
    4. The personality of the creator is very important. At the end of the day it's full of creators making literraly the same videos over and over, the thing that makes some of them shine is the personality.
    5. It depends on the type of video. I don't mind it in speed builds but I don't care for it in lps.
  • lasummerblasummerb Posts: 2,675 Member
    I love both speed builds and let's builds, but as long as there's a voiceover. I follow some channels that don't have voiceovers but I don't really watch them. I would say the Simmers who talk about the build the inspiration, and personable but not too much off topic chatting are the ones I like best.
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 332 Member
    1. I think speed builds are better because the player focuses less on just the technical build aspects and more on the build theme.
    2. Let's plays kind of bore me in general, to be honest, but I think what bores me the most is if the family never leaves the home lot.
    3. Definitely attitude. If the video starts with the simmer in a grumpy or dreary mood, I'm likely to click away. As a YouTuber myself, I make sure I'm in a good mood before I record and never force myself to pretend to be cheery.
    4. DEFINITELY personality of the player. There's TONS of gameplay out there. The thing that will make your videos special is YOU!
    5. I prefer to have some sort of voice-over, but I don't care if there's a facecam. I tend to click away if there's no audio or just music, though.

    I hope this helps! Good luck starting your channel!
  • VyStarlitVyStarlit Posts: 28 Member
    1. I have never watched either. I'm more into LP.
    2. What bores me is a lot of rambling that has nothing to do with the sims or the story. I really love a great story so that's what I'm there for. Anything outside that takes me out of the world created and I lose interest.
    3. Probably lots of focus on the person instead of the Sims. Like if the player is more focused on recording themselves instead of the LP.
    4. Mostly gameplay, but the player personality is also important. If they aren't invested in their LP or tend to be a bit bored it's hard to stick with the channel.
    5. Either works for me. Cameras in the corner work and also just voices work.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 1,617 Member
    1.let's build
    2. Lack of something happening. Please fast forward and skip through loading screens and sleeping sims.
    3. Swearing, killing sims, in game violence, vampire sims, too much cc.
    4. Both. I like reaction videos best.
    5. Either.
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