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Okay but can we discuss Sims Mobile!!



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    Doxiedog6Doxiedog6 Posts: 47 Member
    is anybody else not able to participate in all activities in treasure hunt events? There always seems to be one or two that are checked as though a sim is involved. They never become available to play making it even harder to get to the end.
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    SSmithSSmith Posts: 1 New Member
    Let me 1st say that I LOVE Sims. I've been playing various Sims games off & on since the early 2000s however I am new to Sims Mobile. So far its been fun but I need to address these super creepy toddlers who badly need more interactions developed for them.
    1. Since there are no door locks they're able to wander outside alone frequently. I've tried removing all the outside doors from my house yet these tiny conartist still manage to escape.
    2. They won't stay in bed for a set period of time without the parent that tucked them in standing over them like a jailer. Why not give the option to nap or sleep or play for a while so the parent(s) can do something else without creepy Annabelle roaming the house & yard at all hours.
    3. There are very few tasks to complete with them, no play sessions or story times, or cuddles on the couch...
    4. There are no babysitters or daycares for babies/toddlers while parents work? No repercussions for leaving them home alone? -- This is a HUGE missed opportunity to require players to use Sims Cash/coins!
    The future is our virtual kids. Please end the neglect! 😆
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