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I have a major emergency involving save files, please help

Hi all! Last night while we were on discord, my friend lost all of her save files. I'll explain what first happened and then the steps we tried to retrieve them (which did not work). I am looking for help!

My friend was playing her game and said that it was lagging and freezing so she blamed it on a mod. She is new to mods and not very tech savvy so she just erased all of her mods (she only had about 4 or 5) and re-downloaded them. When she went back into her game all of her save files were gone. She could not load any games, the game didn't even give her the option to load anything. When she went into her sims 4 folder and checked her saves folder all of her saves were in there. However, whenever she went into game her saves were not there.

These are the steps we tried:

1. She restarted her computer, on multiple occasions.

2. She repaired her game.

3. She opened her game, started a new save, played that sim for a little bit, shut down her game, went back into her game, and the save she just started was still there. After when she checked her saves files all of her saves were still there, but she could only access the new save in game.

4. She dragged her sims 4 folder to her desktop, started up her game which then created a new sims 4 folder under her documents. She then copied over her saves, mods, and tray files from the old folder to the new folder. After this she started up the game and still could not access her saves. When she exited the game all of her save files were completely gone from both the old and new files.

After losing all of her files, she got frustrated and got off the computer. She wants to FaceTime me today after work to see if I can help her fix the problem. She is playing on a PC. I know there is a way to back up the date on a PC to bring back previous files I believe, I just don't know how. I play on Mac and i'm not familiar with PCs anymore. Any suggestions would be a great help. I'm also going to tag @rosemow because I know people go to her for help often. Thank you guys, and sorry for the long post!


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