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I actually created a blooper. How do I get rid of it or fix it?

I was just playing casually and then I needed to reset one sim, but instead f reseting her I accidentally deleted her. I left the house and went back in so she would show up. She was a toddler but when I showed she was laying on the floor like a baby and I only got baby interections with her but I can't even touch her with any of my sims cuz it gives them an error. I would really like to save her, since my whole neighborhood has a storyline and I created and played through every 1st gen in my neighborhood and the rest are just the offsprings.But if I can't save her, how do I get rid of her. I saw in a thread that if I delete her I will corrupt my neighborhood which knowing how long I spent developing every family there, sounds horrible. I also saw that I could edit her life stage with sim pe, and make her act her age, but I have no idea at all how to work with sim pe since I've never even touched that, so if anyone could guide me through that, I'd appreciate it.


  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,325 Member
    First, why did you need to reset her? Just trying to make sure that there aren't any other issues that need to be taken care of as well.
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    I don't really know to be honest. I think I just got her stuck in a weird position by deleting an item she was interacting with in build mode, and then the action wouldnt cancel so I had to reset her
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,325 Member
    Ok, it can be fixed in SimPE.

    I was able to reproduce the uninteractable toddler-baby by messing around in SimPE in a neighborhood designed for messing around in.

    Download SimPE from here: https://sims.ambertation.de/en/

    To install it, create a folder someone and unzip the contents into that folder.

    Keep in mind that you do have to be on Windows and not Mac for SimPE to work as it requires a file that Mac's do not have.

    Then launch SimPE (run the .exe in the folder you put the zipped contents into from before). You probably already know this, but I'm going to say it anyway, the game should not be running if you're doing anything in SimPE.

    It may take some time to load and may appear like it has frozen. Just be patient. Once it pops up with 3 panels it's up and ready for the next step.

    Go to Tools --> Neighborhood --> Neighborhood Browser --> Select your neighborhood and hit Open

    Then Go to Tools --> Neighborhood --> Sim Browser... -- > Select your Sim and hit open - the list defaults by order created, you can hit Name and sort it by Name

    At some point either when you open the neighborhood or go for Sim Browser it will load the neighborhood data. This could take some time and Windows may think the program has gone non-responsive. It hasn't.

    You will pop into the Overview section in the bottom panel. It will give a picture icon (or a picture of Mr. Potato Head, which is fine).

    Before we actually change anything what does the Life Section say her age state is? If it says Infant, then we'll proceed.

    Hit the drop down menu and select Toddler.

    Then in the top right part of the bottom panel (probably about halfway down the entire window) is the Commit button. Hit Commit.

    Then do File --> Exit. It will ask if you want to save. Hit Yes.

    Then load up your game and see if it looks right.

    If it doesn't say Infant, then set to Infant. Commit. Then set to Toddler. Commit. File --> Exit --> Yes to save. Load the game and see what happens.

    Let me know if you aren't following something or how it works or doesn't.
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    ye her life stage did say baby so I did change it. I went ingame, she was a toddler again except no wants or fears were showing, they were all just blank so I aged her up to a child and everything is good now. Thanks a bunch! Could you help me with another issue that's been going on since forever?
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,325 Member
    I might be able to. Depends on the issue. What's the problem?
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    Well in a certain household I always crash. It usually happened when I aged up my sims to elders and it asked me to age up 3 npcs. While the npcs were againg up it crashed. But this time I only chose 1 npc for the sim that it was crashing and 3 for her husband. It didnt crash. But then it crashed after like 5mins which leads me to believe that maybe it isnt a npc aging crashing but more with that specific family. Any idea why it is crashing?
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,325 Member
    Is it is a specific time in game? Like is it at always at 7 pm?

    Does the crash happen with no NPC's being aged up?
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    well until I surpassed the crash it always happened at the same time. While the 3rd npc was againg up. This time I didn't age up and npc's when the sim that the game was crashing on aged up but with the husband I aged 3 and nothing happened. I'll have to take note of that.
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,325 Member
    Iceey wrote: »
    well until I surpassed the crash it always happened at the same time. While the 3rd npc was againg up. This time I didn't age up and npc's when the sim that the game was crashing on aged up but with the husband I aged 3 and nothing happened. I'll have to take note of that.

    Did you try to age up different NPC's for the two Sims?
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