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Help! I Have an Unusuable Venue!

I am not a builder... at all. So I rely on the Gallery for my homes and commercial venues. Recently I downloaded what I thought would be an ideal Community Center. It looked great when I added it to my game. This morning, I sent a club of "Zumba Ladies" to the center for an early morning workout. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't "dance together" as instructed.

Finally, I realized that they're not able to get inside the building. I tried changing doors. That wasn't the problem. I'm thinking they can't "step up" to the threshold of the door, but my attempt to add steps failed.

Can someone look at this screenshot, please, and help me (a) figure out why my sims can't go inside, and (b) give me ideas on how to fix the problem?

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help me out with this!



  • PlainevilPlainevil Posts: 206 Member
    Have you tried lowering the foundation?

    It could be to close to the edge of the lot, for stairs.
  • NoWayJose527NoWayJose527 Posts: 1,456 Member
    edited July 2019
    Plainevil wrote: »
    Have you tried lowering the foundation?

    It could be to close to the edge of the lot, for stairs.

    I have no idea how to lower a foundation. As I said, I am not a builder at all LOL. Can you explain (in very simple terms) what I need to do to lower this? I agree, it looks too close to the edge of the lot to add stairs. I'm sure I placed it on the size lot it was built for since I searched specifically in The Gallery for that lot size. I really like everything the venue has so I'd like to use it.

    If possible, maybe I could put in on a larger lot? I'm going to go check the lot size right now.

    EDIT: The venue was designed for a 30 x 20 lot, and that is what it's placed on. I'm going to look for a larger lot and try placing it there to see if I can then add steps.

    It was a challenge LOL... I am so not a builder. Finally by turning the building so I could see it from the side, I was able to attach stairs at one door. (On my first attempts I ended up with a tall set of stairs sitting on the lawn.) My sims can now enter the venue through that one doorway. I will continue to play around with the other entrances and see what I can do.

    Thank you, @Plainevil, for helping me identify the problem.

  • delelisedelelise Posts: 10 New Member
    To change foundation heights select any room in the group of rooms (You can have different levels of foundations for different groups of rooms but any rooms that are connected by a wall must have the same foundation height) and there is a slider in the middle that looks like a cube with arrows coming out of the top and bottom you can use this to change the foundation height.
  • RaichisimsRaichisims Posts: 59 Member
    In order for stairs(or any item for that matter) to appear that are built too close to the edge you have to use cheats in order to not have the game remove them during placement.

    First, bulldoze the lot.

    Then you open the cheat window (ctrl shift C I think) and type: testingcheats on and hit enter.
    Then open the cheat window again and type bb.moveobjects and hit enter.
    Then you go to the gallery, grab the build, and place it on the lot.

  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,379 Member
    edited October 2019
    It just appears to be too close to the edge of the lot. So you have three options to fix it.
    One, like someone else already said is to lower the foundation to the ground. Just click anywhere in the room in build mode and when the box and arrows pop up, grab the big center arrow and pull it downward.
    Your second option is to move the lot. If you don't want to move it to a bigger lot in the neighborhood, you can slide it back on the lot it's on. Up on the top bar in build mode there's a folder, and next to that a big +. Click on the + and select move lot. It will put a grid and arrows on the house. Grab the big + in the middle and drag the lot backwards. As long as everything is green, it fits. If it turns yellow, it is going to get cut off. So whether or not you actually have room to slide it back will depend on how close to that back edge they built it. Then click the check mark and it will save it. Then you should have room to place stairs.
    If that's not an option, you can adjust the building size. Click on the wall the front door is on. When the box pops up, grab the arrow that appears on that wall and pull it backwards a couple squares. This obviously means you will lose wall space and anything that was on those walls or really close to them, but it would give you room to place the stairs.

    Edited to add: What Raichisims mentioned is the likely cause. When move objects is used to place something on a lot, then the lot is saved and downloaded into someone else's game, the game deletes anything that was placed using the cheat. So placing it with the cheat on is certainly an option. Personally I prefer not to use move objects on anything Sims interact with to avoid any potential errors. (And I never use it on lots I plan to share because of this issue.) I rarely use it at all, because I've seen weird stuff happen because of it. While the cheat is available, it doesn't work like it should.
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