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It Came From Sixam!

SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
The Sims Medieval never really explains the Pit Beast kept at the Judgement Zone - it's just kind of there.

However, while I was playing The Sims 4, a child in my household got assigned a school project to build a Medieval diorama. When it was complete, the flavor text on mouseover specified "Sixam Pit Beast not included".

So TS4 has not only put the Pit Beast in a historical context for modern Sims (implying that TSM is in fact the historic past of that world), but now explains the creature to have originated from the Alien planet, Sixam!

I just like that the Gurus actually curate all this accumulated Sims lore, even from odd side-games like TSM, and continue to build on it, later.


  • JohnsomethingJohnsomething Posts: 57 Member
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    Well it was well known that TSM took place in simsonia, or sim nation, that was discovered by the sims when they left the old world and as such the people of the sims games are descendants of the medieval sims ;)
  • jaycravnjaycravn Posts: 17 Member
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    In a lot of ways, TS4 is very much mechanically a sequel to TSM too. When it came out, it had the same age stages (object baby -> child -> teen that looks exactly like an adult & orignially wasnt going to be in the game at all -> 3 types of adults that are functionally identical), it has the same 'fixed world' system (just with multiple worlds 'stead of 1), it has three traits in CAS for adults and 1 for kids, the apartments use the same lot shell thing asTSM buildings, everything is (young) adult based. TS4 uses the same dialog-pop-up-quests (see: rocket trips, JA) TSM had, TS4 has also been better for the laptops of its era than previous 'main' Sims games were for their contemporary laptops, though I think thats changed a lil since release.

    There are other mechanical similarities but I can't recall 'em at the moment !
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  • MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 948 Member
    Oh, I love it when the lore gets subtly tied together like that across the games.

    I definitely see this game as a prequel to the whole sims world, which allows for some fun worldbuilding implications. The medieval pit monster coming from Sixam absolutely makes sense - it's even blue. It totally matches the aesthetic of Sixam; wouldn't seem too out of place over there at all. How did it end up in the pit? Maybe some aliens dropped it there?

    It's also not the only huge otherworldly monster in these games anymore - the Mother in Strangerville exists too. And Sims 2 absolutely had this whole alien thing going on as well, in canon, with Strangetown. Aliens of different sorts are absolutely a thing in this series, and I love that.

    Also, magic existed openly! There are wizards. The kingdom knows this. It definitely used to be practiced in public, outside the Realm. But at some point, magic-users had to go into hiding, either into their own small communities (eg. Moonlight Falls in TS3, Glimmerbrook in TS4), or into the magic realm, which I'd assume was created by some very powerful mages.

    Even elves existed in TS Medieval. They're mentioned in some popup prompts, as pointy-eared people who live in Effenmont. Sims 3 kind of had them too, in Dragon Valley I think?

    Either way, I like this stuff. Even the ancestors of the Landgraabs have shown up in this game.

  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,905 Member
    Does anyone think that the Monster in the pit is related to the Motherplant? :D
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