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It Came From Sixam!

The Sims Medieval never really explains the Pit Beast kept at the Judgement Zone - it's just kind of there.

However, while I was playing The Sims 4, a child in my household got assigned a school project to build a Medieval diorama. When it was complete, the flavor text on mouseover specified "Sixam Pit Beast not included".

So TS4 has not only put the Pit Beast in a historical context for modern Sims (implying that TSM is in fact the historic past of that world), but now explains the creature to have originated from the Alien planet, Sixam!

I just like that the Gurus actually curate all this accumulated Sims lore, even from odd side-games like TSM, and continue to build on it, later.


  • JohnsomethingJohnsomething Posts: 27 Member
    edited July 2
    Well it was well known that TSM took place in simsonia, or sim nation, that was discovered by the sims when they left the old world and as such the people of the sims games are descendants of the medieval sims ;)
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