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  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,309 Member
    There are two bugs I see that bother me with the patch. The dinning is broken and occasionally I get a build bug where if I try to put up a wall decoration it will not move on the wall like it's supposed to. Other than that. Those are the only issues I've been seeing.
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,054 Member
    I have tons of bugs with my game on Mac, but nothing that stops me from playing. I do have to constantly reset Sims, and I have that issue where skin details need to be added for every outfit, but I'm still having fun. 😊
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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 806 Member
    I have issues, it's summer and the weather is warm, but the sim is cold and blue. And who is that sim? CALEB VATORE! A vampire is cold now! He sometimes get the "sudden chill" and "cold by swimming" buff, it happened when I downloadrd the latest patch and IL.
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  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,309 Member
    edited July 3
    Found even more bugs since the latest patch. Vampires can not use dark meditation, Sims can not eat at restaurants normally even if you make and play your own both played sims and npcs are food thieves, Sims can no longer cook on a fire, every time you try to roast a fish there is no path available. You literally have to rest the sims to do anything. Vampires also seem to get food poisoning when eating plasma fruit salad at restaurants that never seems to go away. Vampires also seem to be getting the sudden chill during the summer when not near a pool or near the ocean.

    Also the skeleton cheat is still broken.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,085 Member
    Also have problem with the ''sudden chill'' on one specific male sim that isn't vampire or anything just normal sim

    but it showed up after I went to the L st beach lot, I bought aqua zip for that lot and made my sim ride around on it
    then he went beyond the lot size and I (accidentally) exited the aqua zip when it was out of lot

    (now I also can't delete the aqua zip because it belongs to beach but isn't on beach lot)

    my sim that exited aqua zip would not get on land or do anything so I reset him multiple times
    at the end I managed to get him back on land but he still failed to perform any type of command
    I also tried to travel home but he couldn't do a thing so I reset him about thousand times more
    finally resulting in him getting home *yay*

    at this point I was relieved because everything seemed to work when he got home he started doing things again
    but no. now he has sudden chills all the time, not being in water or even close to it and almost freezes to death getting blue
    I have moved him from place to another at least 3 times after that and it did not change a thing
    I have also given him ''Iceproof'' trait but it did not change anything

    the outdoor temperature doesn't seem to affect it either because it can be heatwave and he still be having sudden chill

    only way I have found out to keep him alive is to immediately make him take a bath when the moodlet appears
    since it makes the moodlet quickly vanish but its rather silly taking 3 baths in row too

    also tried to have kava party and yes I managed to have one despite tons of townies entering my small house uninvited
    but after I ended it one sim keeps standing in front of my sims house and I can't click on her to tell her to go away
    she doesn't even do anything just stands there
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 219 Member
    What can I say? The upcoming patch actually will give us interesting things. But the new game design? Absolutely no. What happened? It hurts!
  • PlumbobMafiaQueenPlumbobMafiaQueen Posts: 126 Member
    I'm still sad we don't have bunk beds and loft beds *which are like bunk beds without a bed under the top bed*
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