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Giveaway Closed Winner Gifted



  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    Stormsview wrote: »
    MeaganJo wrote: »
    Csibeubi3 wrote: »
    I recieved my code and it works. Thank you for doing this! 🧡 I can't wait to play in Sulani. 🏝

    Yay awesome to hear! You are very welcome, enjoy the pack!

    Thank you everyone who entered!

    Thank you, It was fun, we just need more give-away packs, so many entered, maybe like 5 :) next time, it's so many Simmers. Also, Its a lot of fun waiting to see who won.

    This was very sweet of our Game Changers.

    Believe me I would have loved to give away 5 codes but only received a single code to give away :( Next time I do a giveaway however I will be giving 24 hrs to get back to me.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this short giveaway!

    Also anyone that had been concerned my mother-in-law is doing fabulous and on the mend. <3
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