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The Sims 4 - Marvel and DC CC Showcase

gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 565 Member
edited June 2019 in CAS Custom Content
Guys i cant find a Marvel / DC showcase here so i was thinking in doing one, here we post not CC we made, but CC Pictures from other people and the Sims we make with those CC´s, most of these CC i will be showing here are from PlazaSims (
Look all his work on Pinterest!

Work like this:
We post the picture, the company (marvel or DC) with the creator of the Sim AND the creator of the CC below, like So:

[img][/img]48098491816_261fa2575b_h.jpg03-31-19_5-29-40 PM by Gustavo Lacerda Homem Assumpcao, no Flickr
MARVEL: Rogue (X-men) / Sim by GustavoWizard / CC by PlazaSims


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