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How do I get two specific sims to meet?

IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
Hi! So I have made my whole neighborhood myself, populated it with all my sims and had a fair amount of play with all of them so most of them know each other, but recently I made a new family and I kinda really want one sim from that family to date another sim of mine but I just can't get them to meet. I know I could make my sim know everyone, but honestly that's a real pain to scroll through when I call a sim scrolling through all those. So is there any other way, like maybe some mod or something?
I would greatly appreciate any help since I'm kind of dying. I literally had my sim spend 2 days in diff community lots but she never passed any of those. Thanks in advance!

I eventually found this object that summons whatever sim you want so if you need it, here is the link:

For all of you using TS2UC, you should get the cat one aka the 1st one in the page since I was kinda confused on what to get.

Thanks a bunch to everyone that replied to me giving me different options, I greatly appreciate it :)
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  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 2,753 Member
    You could try to find a sim they both know, have them invite both over or on an outing, and then introduce them.
    If one of them owns a community lot, send the other there. The owner will always be there when you send a sim to visit that community löt.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 30,463 Member
    edited June 20
    There is a cheat to call any Sim to the home lot. I'll try to find it for you.

    ETA: I think it's the boolprop cheat (get Life and Death tombstone to place on lot) then shift click it to invite the Sim over. It's been a long time since I did this but I'm pretty sure you have to use the L&D tombstone to get them to come over. A list of names will appear and make sure you don't pick a townie because many of them have the same names (only first names are listed).

    ETA: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true Shift click on your Sim to Spawn Life and Death Tombstone. Then Shift click on it to invite a Sim over. Can't remember the exact thing we click next to get the names to appear so you can invite them over. Known or unknown, doesn't matter.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,519 Member
    Hi :)

    One way is give them the same jobs.
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    There wasn't an option like that under tombstone of life and death.
  • mrcnlbyrkmrcnlbyrk Posts: 45 Member
    Tombstone of Life and Death will add the selected Sim into the active household. So no, don't do that.
    There is a cheat to make your Sim know everyone if you Shift click on mailbox. But who wants to know everyone, huh?
    You can also make them know each other with SimPE. Open your neighborhood in SimPE. Then choose your Sim (or the other Sim). Switch to the relationships tab. Find the other Sim and make them whatever you want.

    Without those, the best way is patience. Or you can choose to invite the household of that Sim via phone if your Sims know anyone from that Sim's family, so you can also invite that Sim.
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    Ok hi everyone.

    I have an update. I went looking for mods and stuff since ye, knowing everyone makes my phone list laggy when I call someone, it even has crashed me, but I finally found perfection. It's I guess a mod(or cc object), where u can summon anyone. It shows all their surnames and if u tap on surname u can select sim and it spawns them near a cat statue(which is the cc object). You can ask them to leave or whatever u want. This is awesome for me to be honest, because I'm too lazy for any in-game option XDDDDD. I think I will add the link to my starting comment for the object so whoever else stumbles upon this thread and needs/wants that object can have an easy referring link. Thanks a bunch to everyone anyway.

    One last thing, I think I should ask this here, hope that's ok. I used Tombstone of L and D before I even started this and while experimenting made a new baby accidentally called 'Baby Boy'. I changed the name but in the relationship tab he ain't related to my sims for whom I summoned him for. I tried to kill it but felt too bad. So anyway I can edit the relationship so his "mom" and "dad" actually show up as his parents in the family tree. Again, mods are ok for me. Thanks a bunch!

  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,519 Member
    Ah, I didn't know you wanted a mod. I know several which work well to bring Sims to your lot. :)
  • IceeyIceey Posts: 77 Member
    Rflong7 wrote: »
    Ah, I didn't know you wanted a mod. I know several which work well to bring Sims to your lot. :)

    Rip me. That's on me for not specifying that. Well guess I know for the next time I have a problem. Thanks either way ^-^
  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 456 Member
    I know you found a solution but just wanted to add that I usually put sims I want to meet in apartments first - can always move them where you want after they have met.
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