September 20 - Friday Highlight is here! Check it out!
September 17 - We just released a small patch for The Sims 4 on PC/Mac - click here for more details.

Let's watch: Island Living Gameplay/CAS/BB livestream



  • LquinnLquinn Posts: 207 Member
    @Rouenpucelle .

    Well why not... and what percentage of the ocean do you think is fish pee?
  • NoobooGirlNoobooGirl Posts: 3 New Member
    I am totally excited for this expansion! I plan on getting it ASAP...and I think I will live on the island and "off the grid" Totally native! Super excited <3
  • KanyeBrooklynKanyeBrooklyn Posts: 15 Member
    cool !!!!
  • leosunqueenleosunqueen Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm happy about this one, I was wondering when another was coming I loved SIMS CAST AWAY soooo much so really looking forward to this
  • ArziiArzii Posts: 6 New Member
    ooo, turtles ;)
  • AjaGioAjaGio Posts: 214 Member
    look who showed up in a spedo on my beach hahaha

  • SS_DrakonSS_Drakon Posts: 16 New Member
    Ooh nice!
  • luk4spuk4sluk4spuk4s Posts: 38 Member
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