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Downloading Mods

Hi, I have been told how to download a mod, but I can't seem to get it right. Can someone tell me is there a tutorial (not video) that tells me step to step what to do, or can someone tell me how? Thanks in advance!!


  • jejjwnejejjwne Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi, so I have had an issue with downloading mods into my game. I am trying to download the Torture and chaos mod, there is an updated version for people with the game pack get to work so I have been trying to install this. I have tried "unzipping" the package file as it was designed for a windows version. This then copies the file to read "Torture & Chaos-GTW Only v1.3.package.cpgz". Most youtube videos and people on forums have had a similar problem however once the file is zipped the file is no longer a "package.cpgz" and is a ".zip" or ".rar". Once added the content to my game, the game runs, as usual, no mods installed. I have tried everything including adding the packaged version that did upload "the book of chaos" however my sim could not interact with it as the mod stated. Have looked on loads of forums and youtube videos but I still have had no luck. Have also tried fiddling with the "resource.cfg" file as some users have suggested but still no luck.

    Sorry, this is so lengthy! Hope someone can help!!
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