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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Island Living + June 2019 patch



  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,027 Member
    simsluvr90 wrote: »
    SiliClone wrote: »
    simsluvr90 wrote: »
    Okay so ALL default replacement eyes are broken. AND Luumia eye shine remover as it is a default replacement

    EDIT TO ADD: this issue is not affecting pets, only sims

    these work for me at least when I place them in the mod folder alone, the pets version doesn't

    EDIT I did some more testing: check that you don't have accidentally batch fixed your replacement to disallow for random and eventually try to redownload them. It wasn't an issue before the patch apparently, now it is.

    Edid 2: LUUMIA cas backgrounds and lights are broken

    Should I not be doing disallow for random at all? I usually take those folders out before batching

    Missed the post, never disallow default for random... Sometimes happens by mistake.
  • YankeesForeverYankeesForever Posts: 2,607 Member
    BTW, all my mods are up to date. I have a new blog
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  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 31,460 Member
    BTW, all my mods are up to date. I have a new blog

    Bookmarked :)
    FAQ: culling relationship decay
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  • bloodierevengebloodierevenge Posts: 4 New Member
    This is just a general mods thing, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong section. I don't use this site very often.

    After the island living update, I began having problems with my sims where they take on an almost clay like appearance. It's hard to explain, but some of them have this hideous "overlay" that goes over their entire body. I read somewhere that some skin overlays could be affecting it, and I considered that until I purged my game of them and it still persisted. I do not use custom skin tones, either. I believe it has something to do with the tanning, but I'm not sure. I'm just tired of it. I've tried sorting through my mods and I've updated a bunch of them. Is there any mods that cause this issue? I do have that mod that i can't mention by name but it's been updated and I tested the game without it.
  • SamlishSamlish Posts: 108 Member
    Try moving your mods folder to the desktop and see if the problem persists.
  • SamlishSamlish Posts: 108 Member
    edited August 9
    I normally do the 50/50 method. Start alphabetically; A-M and then N-Z. If there are subfolders take those out first. Make sure every time you enter the game after removing a mod delete the localthumbcache.package each time before jumping back into the game. Then if you find the discrepancy do the 50/50 again. It's arduous, but it seems to be the only way to find the cc/mod.

    Also I'm kind of new at helping and I'm doing my best here, but if the problem is resolved without mods in your game @bloodierevenge I would do the 50/50 method.

  • bloodierevengebloodierevenge Posts: 4 New Member
    thanks, @Samlish! I had considered that as a last resort but I just went ahead and did it and it honestly wasn't that bad. The problem is finally gone and i can actually play my game. for anybody's reference, the file name that messed me up is called 'Tiger Lilly Eyes'
  • SamlishSamlish Posts: 108 Member
    Glad I could help! Happy simming :blush:
  • Cavity-CatCavity-Cat Posts: 2 New Member
    Usually it's easy to find broken mods with missing meshes, since it's visible in CAS, and then delete it with the Tray Importer, but recently I've had a problem with finding broken CC that look fine in CAS, but look weird in game. There wouldn't be missing body parts like with a typical broken mod missing a mesh, but it'd have a shiny, white square pattern all over my sim. I wouldn't be able to guess which CC it is like with broken mods that show in CAS.

    Any help? Anyone else having this issue?
    No EA Eyelashes (cienzrosa) - hotfix by escaping potplant does not work again. Sims have no face. I have only had this problem with female sims so far.
  • CathreliaCathrelia Posts: 3 New Member
    > @SIMCITIZEN said:
    > No EA Eyelashes (cienzrosa) - hotfix by escaping potplant does not work again. Sims have no face. I have only had this problem with female sims so far.

    Do you have NANDONG_yfHead Default Replacement without EA Eyelash package installed? It made my mermaid female sims face disappear.
  • WombleWomble Posts: 30 Member
    i had a problem after updating my the sims to latest update + dlc moschino, after i open cheat menu (CTRL + SHIFT + C) and close it, cheat menu did disappear but dark overlay did not. the game didn't freeze but i can't click anything. after i disable my CC i can use cheat menu normally. any idea which cc cause this problem? (btw i'm going to check 1 by 1 now)
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