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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Island Living + June 2019 patch

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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Island Living + June 2019 patch

This topic is for collecting reports on mod and CC status after the June 2019 Island Living patch and with the Island Living EP. Please keep discussion to reports. Thanks!

NOTE: Mods that breaks the T game rating cannot be discussed in these official forums and will not be included in the lists in this topic. Please do not ask about or report on any of them here — it’s against forum rules. There are other places on the internet where things like that can be discussed.

ALSO: Why is there a post for mods reported fine by the modder not by players? Because a mod that seems to be working for you might still be broken in a way you haven’t yet seen.

A Note for New Players
It’s a normal thing that a lot of mods and custom content (CC) “break” at patch time, especially patches before new packs, especially especially patches before EPs. This is because some game code that they “speak” with has been changes, so the mod/CC code also needs to be changed.
Here’s what you need to know:
  • Turn off automatic patching. You do this in Origin so that you always know before it happens. That’s so that you can...
  • Back up your saves and remove your Mods folder before you patch your game. For the saves, this is so that you have a copy in case you end up with a corrupted save at some point. For the mods, this is so that nothing untoward happens in patching. Admittedly, many players risk leaving the Mods folder in while they patch because...
  • The game will turn your mods and CC off. Your safest option is to not enable mods & CC in Game Options until after you have checked that everything you have is compatible, whether because it’s been announced by the creator as compatible or because it’s been updated.
  • Do not save with missing or turned-off CC. If you do this, you will have lots of bald, naked Sims when you load after re-enabling mods and CC.
  • Both here and at SimsVIP, you will find lists of what’s broken, what’s reported fine by the creator, and what’s been updated. My list and SimsVIP’s have different formats and coverage. Please use whatever works for you! You can also get support at @Deaderpool's Discord server.
  • If you need to test your mods and CC yourself because something not reported yet seems to be a possible issue for you, use the 50-50 method.
  • Sometimes what you’re seeing is a bug, not a mod or CC problem. Here’s where to find what bugs have been reported: Answers HQ
  • Finally, and this is important, please be patient with creators. They have their own lives to lead, plus updates aren’t always as easy as they seem from afar. Some updates will take time, even lots of it. Sometimes they have to wait till a modding tool they use is updated for the patch. And though it's mostly patches that "break" mods, some modders prefer to wait till after the pack is released to update their mods.
  • Oh — and sul sul!

CC and the Suntan/Sunburn System
Based on what we’ve been told about how the system will work with assets, we expect that a lot of CC will actually be fine and will work with tanning/burning. Some CC may need alpha channel updates to work with tanning/burning but is expected to not break otherwise. Of course, there are always exception!
For more info about CC and the suntan/sunburn system, see @SimGuruMorgan’s topic Updating CC to Support Tan Lines in Island Living

A Personal Note
I’ll be visiting my parents on the Saturday & Sunday after the pack launches, but I’ll steal borrow a computer and try to keep up on mod issues. Updated! This thread will not be updated by me on Saturday the 22nd. Have to go rescue an aching, unable-to-drive husband from across the province and drive the car home. I'll let you all know when I'm back if I'll be able to update Sunday, because this will shift that day's plans too.
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