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creations in my gallery flagged with CC

But they don't have any at all :#

very frustrating.

build a house with

city living and spa day with some base game but it's flagged with cc
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  • vallraienevallraiene Posts: 5 New Member
    what cc do you have installed? you might have accidentally placed something. if you want to check... i would remove all your cc temporarily, try to load your build, and see if anything is missing. it should say "x items have been removed" when you load the build.
  • minimonsterscottminimonsterscott Posts: 22 Member
    Additionally, you can try using Sims4TrayImporter. 'Open' the household in that program, and it will give you a list of any CC that household (or Lot) may be using. Cheers.
  • TopNotchToddlerTopNotchToddler Posts: 186 Member
    @marcel21 you could try this:
    1. Exit the game
    2. Temporarily remove all mods from your mods folder
    3. Start game
    4. Do a new save
    5. Exit, replace the mods and restart.
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