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Share your really long sim stories here!

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Simmers are some of the most creative storytellers. I myself usually create a story as I go along with a sim family. Share your long winded stories here!


  • ApricusApricus Posts: 672 Member
    This is gonna be long.

    So, I had a vampire sim named Jamie. She was evil, and hated every species aside from vampire. She had a husband who was named Jax Lee. Jax was an alien, but hid it from her. To be honest, she only stayed with him so she could have a heir. So, they had a child. It was a boy named Kerrigan, he was a full alien. From that she figured out Jax was an alien and felt betrayed. She built a prison with all the things needed to survive and placed Jax in there. Minutes later she kidnapped her maid too. Jax eventually tried to get all flirty flirty with the maid (her name was Christinia) But Christinia’s traits where pretty bad so romance didn’t work. Trust me, he tried a LOT. They got in a fight four times, he had to erase her memory of him a lot too.

    She hated Kerrigan, he always got the worst things. She wanted a vampire heir, so she got with Vlad (Jami lived in Vlads house, she pretty much kicked him out but they still got together lol). She had a child with him, and went to hospital to have it. She kidnapped the nurse who was named Bridget and locked her in the prison. Jami had a daughter, named Retina. She had black hair like her mother, but Vlads eyes and skin tone. After the child was born, she dumped Vlad. She treated Retina as Royality unlike Kerrigan.

    Bridget and Jax was deeply in love after not to long, and even though the risks of Jami figuring out, Jax and Bridget got married right in the prison. Then they had a child. Jami found out about all this and in a fit of anger, she scared Bridgets face and fed from Jax (All the prisoners was also used for blood bangs.). Even though all of this happened, a bassinet and toddler bed was added to the prison. The child came, a girl with blue skin bc of Jax being an alien.

    Unfortunately, because of a glitch, the daughter went missing from the prison. So let’s just pretend like she never happened.

    I still wanted them to have a child, so I got Bridget pregnant again. To my shock, she had two twin girls. I named one Leta and the other Adaya (A-day-uh). They both had blue skin as Jax’s alien form, but they was vampires bc the house had On Key Line trait. I honestly didn’t want them to be vamps but whatever.
    Although they was twins, they looked different. Leta has black hair like her father Jax, and hazel eyes like Bridget. Adaya had blonde hair like Bridget and green eyes like Jax. I honestly thought that was just so adorable.

    A mailman came to deliver the mail, and must I say he is the hottest auto generated Sim I’ve seen. I couldn’t resist, so I had Jami turn him and lock him in the prison. His name was Rayland. Rayland eventually turned.

    Jami adopted a human girl for the sole purpose of her being a blood bag when she was old enough. She had blonde hair and her name was Alexia. Skip some time, Alexia, Retina, , and Kerrigan was teens while Adaya and Leta was YA (Adaya and Leta was born after the other three, but I used cakes to age them to YA). Jami’s children managed to escape her and moved off. Retina leaving was heartbreaking for Jamie.

    But before I continue, I have to say not to have a child with Vlad. I’m begging you. When a Retina aged up..oh my gosh she was hideous! Her nose was huge! Her chin was awful! I had to use cheats to fix her and still she wasn’t the best! Okay..back to the story.

    Anyways, Leta got with Rayland when she aged to Young Adult. She adopted a child with him (Even though they was in a prison..but..still). Two actually but one I’m honestly thinking of giving to a new family.

    Her adopted daughter was Asha. Adaya also had an adopted daughter who was Sonata. Asha and Sonata are both Abbie’s currently, and at haven’t played this save in around two months.
    Hold on tight because I have two saves: Trouvell Island and Welcome to City-Glen. This is Welcome to City-Glen, the newer one, so buckle up, because I get intense with my new saves.
    Our main character is named Erika Love, a blonde with brown eyes and pure human. She was the mayor (and let's face it, only citizen at the time) of City-Glen, which was like Newcrest with all empty lots but waaaaay bigger. Before I created a husband for her I got her all nice and set up like a mayor should live: $2,365,000, a nice mansion, and a male Border Collie named Duke. I used cheats to get her max charisma, max comedy, and max cooking/gourmet cooking, plus a degree from Foxbury in Communications.
    Then I went into CAS and gave her a husband named Ray Porter, and she changed her last name. Erika had Vegetarian, Self-Assured, and Proper, and Ray had Vegetarian, Outgoing, and Family Oriented, which I thought was a good match. Skip a bit, Erika had a daughter named Juniper Porter, which I didn't really like since I tried to get her to have twin sons by giving her the Fertile trait and using On Ley Line. Between Erika being blonde with brown eyes and Ray being redhead with blue eyes, June inherited her mom's blonde hair and cut it chin-length, and got her dad's blue eyes, too.
    (Part 2 in a few)
    After June was born, she got her room all decked out and everything. When she was a toddler, she became a Charmer and went to the new school, City-Glen Children’s School, which had toddlers and children. Then Erika got pregnant again, and I guess the fertility stuff really kicked in then, because we got three babies: a boy, Bailey, a girl, Sophia, and another boy, Zack. Bailey was a blonde with blue eyes, Sophia was a redhead with blue eyes, and Zack was a redhead with brown eyes. The girls (June and Sophia) shared a room and so did the boys (Bailey and Zack), but for some reason June really hated Sophia. I mean, she really, REALLY hated Sophia, so much so that with a mod that lets Erika/Ray talk about having another baby or adoption with their kids, June literally said that she wants to put Sophia up for adoption.
    Once June became a teen (Big Happy Family, Proper, Lactose intolerant), her loathing for Sophia dialed down, especially when she got to Promise Ring status with her boyfriend, Victor. By now, Erika and Ray were starting to do some “family rules” thing. The Porter kids: had an allowance of $100 per week, weren’t allowed to stay up past specific times (7:00 for the triplets, 9:00 for June), and had to do their chores or they couldn’t go and do what they wanted (June couldn’t go to a restaurant with Victor, Bailey couldn’t go on the jungle gym, Sophia couldn’t play doctor, Zack couldn’t do extra credit work with his school friends) and that actually really made me mad if they didn’t, because everything I had them do was to put towards their career.
    June was going to study Fine Arts and be a Stylist; Bailey would study Biology and be a famous athlete; Sophia would study Drama and be an actress; and Zack would be studying Psychology and become a professor. All of the activities I had them do leading up to their Young Adulthood built their skills for their career paths. Still, all of these roles were important...and Erika and Ray had to decide who’d inherit the mansion.
    Once the Porter parents retired from their government jobs, they’d go to the retirement home I’d worked to build around the time June became a child. But, as the triplets argued, just because June was the oldest Porter kid, didn’t mean she should get the house. At least, that’s what made Zack the first choice, until my flipping mod decided that, without my supervision, June should become pregnant with Victor. *long, furious sigh* Great.
    Now that it had been fate-determined that June needed the mansion, because she was pregnant. Oh, yeah, didn't I mention that?
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