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Snow Resource

VulnnVulnn Posts: 125 Member
@SimGuruModSquad Hello! Just wondering if i could get the resource for snow texture?


  • SimGuruTwoLegsSimGuruTwoLegs Posts: 19 SimGuru
    edited June 19
    Here's the instance ids for various aspects of snow:
    Snowflake: c49af4d5a64f308f
    SnowDiffuseMap: 25c6373205c293f4
    SnowNormalMap: 80e39ca39d435037
    ObjectSnowVariation: 62e154f6fff63434
    SnowSurfaceGlobal_s: 80e39ca39d43502a

    Let me know if you discover there are others.
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  • VulnnVulnn Posts: 125 Member
    edited June 19
    This is fantastic, Thank you so much this will save my brain from looking through thousands of dst images I think the only ones that need discovery is lake ice, rain and Snow Footprints!
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