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Morgan's Inferno, or My Personal Hell: A 100 Baby Challenge

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Following the official rules that you can find right over here, I've decided to begin a 100 Baby Challenge with the one and only Morgan Fyres as the matriarch. Because I obviously haven't done her genetics to death already.

Really, I just want to see how long I can go without completely losing my mind. Which probably won't be very long, if I'm completely honest :D

The children will be named in alphabetical order, taking their father's surname so I don't get confused. And... I think that's about it!
@MaggieMarley ;)<3

Gen 1 - MORGAN ~ Naming theme: Harry Potter and expanded Wizarding World (implemented after baby #4)
1. Amy Rotas (father: Jonah Rotas)
2. Bastian Frost (father: Clement Frost / Father Winter)
3. Claire Woods (father: Brandon Woods)
4. Daniella (Dani) Benali (father: Salim Benali)
5. Errol Monroe (father: Finnegan Monroe (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
6. Freda Osborn (father: Bradley Osborn)
7. George Osborn (father: Bradley Osborn)
8. Hermione Munch (father: Wolfgang Munch)
9. Impedimenta Munch (father: Wolfgang Munch)
10. James Villareal (father: Max Villareal)
11. Kingsley Belle (father: Donald Belle (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
12. Lucius Belle (father: Donald Belle (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
13. Marcus F (father: Aaron F (my genderbent simself))
14. Narcissa Belle (father: Roman Belle (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
15. Ollivanda (Olli) Belle (father: Roman Belle (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
16. Petunia Belle (father: Roman Belle (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
17. Queenie Straud (father: Maksimillian Straud (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
18. Ron Caliente (father: Yosef Caliente (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
19. Susan Caliente (father: Yosef Caliente (credit to @MaggieMarley / thisisarealpainx))
20. Tonks Fury (father: Tommy Fury (made by me, not available for download - ask me for his tray files if you want him in your game))
21. Umbridge Nelson (father: Lewis Nelson (townie))
22. Voldemort Nelson (father: Lewis Nelson (townie))
23. Wingardium Straud (father: Vladislaus Straud)
24. Levioooosa Straud (father: Vladislaus Straud) :star:
25. Yaxley Vatore (father: Caleb Vatore)
26. Zabini Smiley (father: Randy Smiley (townie))

Gen 2 - LEVIOOOOSA ~ Naming theme: Scientific and Medical Terms or Diseases from University Textbooks
27. Antihistamine Ashby (female) (father: Prosper Ashby)
28. Botulism Ashby (male) (father: Prosper Ashby)
29. Cortisol Chloroplast Richards (female) (father: Cassian Richards)
30. Deoxyribose Richards (female) (father: Cassian Richards)
31. Endocytosis (Endo) Romeo (male) (father: Korey Romeo, son of Sergio Romeo and Zoe Patel)
32. Flagellum Romeo (male) (father: Korey Romeo)
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