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Console gallery being online and linked with PC

Lately I played some Sims 4 on my laptop, I picked it up on the sale and I am super happy about that!

Using the gallery I realised how amazing it is! Being able to comment on people's creations and uploading your ones is so nice! I would really love this feature on the PS4 and Xbox since it seems our gallery is offline.. and I would love if the gallery was the same as the PC so PC and console players could use eachother's content!
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  • NoirStasisNoirStasis Posts: 66 Member
    I would be satisfied with at least being able to share gallery creations with other people on the same platform. It will probably take time to get approval from Microsoft/Playstation with a gallery that would share across multiple platforms. I would be fine without CC.
  • WyattAWyattA Posts: 1 New Member
    I was just wondering how. This plum
  • Missjones772Missjones772 Posts: 1 New Member
    Can we please have the gallery on ps4
  • KlaudyaKlaudya Posts: 1 New Member
    Y la galería para ps4 para cuando?
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