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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 844 Member
    edited June 2019
    Around 3+ hours a day
    3 hours? Really? Make it at least 5 hours.
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  • JessKatJessKat Posts: 45 Member
    I don’t play every day
    I play a few times a week, but too much screen time hurts my eyes so I can't play that much, which is unfortunate as I love the sims, especially building houses and stuff :neutral:
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  • MousellineMouselline Posts: 4,052 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    Actually I don’t play everyday, but I really want to. When I’m at my dads house we don’t have Sims so I don’t get to play but when I’m at my Moms house I play like 3 hours a day. Hopefully I’ll get a laptop soon so I can play here
  • MousellineMouselline Posts: 4,052 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    Oh yeah also sometimes I’ll get bored of Sims so for about 2 weeks I’ll just play a lot of Stardew Valley, Skyrim, and Minecraft. But I get back on Sims pretty soon
  • ThatOneRandomSimmerThatOneRandomSimmer Posts: 73 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    I play the sims for embarresing ammounts of hours everyday... Its a real problem lol
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    ummmmmmmmmmmmm... Yeahhhhh
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,217 Member
    I don’t play every day
    It varies depending on my mood and circumstances. Sometimes I play for hours, sometimes just one or two, other days not at all if I'm busy with other things.
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 1,581 Member
    I don’t play every day
    I don't play every day because you know... real life :wink: But when I have some spare time I tend to play for more than 3 hours (around 5 to 6 hours). When a new pack comes out I tend to play around 8 to 10 hours a day (when I don't need to work or something, so usually in the weekend or my day off).
  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,056 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    I definitely need my daily fix, and it can easily be 4-5 hours, depending on how early in the evening I get started.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,194 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    I usually play everyday except if I'm busy or have something to go to.
  • Pi_AmazingnessPi_Amazingness Posts: 23 Member
    I don’t play every day
    I used to play 3+ hours a day in previous versions. However, waiting for mods to catch up to updates so I don’t have to restart killed that habit for me. I’d still play 3+ hours daily if updates weren’t mandatory.
  • VinceVince Posts: 88 Member
    About an hour a day
    I play at night.

    I don't have a TV so, gaming is quite the solution after a long day made by work and reality.
    (When I'm not drawing, or working on my guitar skills, etc..)
    But sometimes I'm able to play 3 or 5 hours, especially on Sunday.
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  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,625 Member
    edited June 2019
    I don’t play every day
    I hadn't even loaded the game in months, until recently. And even then, I'm not 'playing'
    I'm just using a couple of sims to get pics for a modeling comp. I spend far more time editing the pics, than I do in the game.
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  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 703 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    Way too long XD I'm obsessed with it now I think.
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  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,380 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    A good guess for me would be 5+ hours a day. Haven’t played in over a month, however.

  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,835 Member
    I don’t play every day
    If I played every single day it would kill any joy I have for the game so I often take what I call "simming breaks"... These last for a few months or maybe a couple of weeks. It just depends on what I feel like. I also play plenty of other games too. I tend to go through patterns of playing one game until I'm ready to put it back on the shelf for an unknown period of time.

    Example: Last month it was Overwatch that I played every day until I got sick of it but I'll pick it up again at some point like I always do. Right now I am on a Borderlands kick... Getting ready for BL:3 coming soon. I've lost count how many times I have played through 1, 2, & The Pre-Sequel. :no_mouth:
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,556 Member
    edited June 2019
    I don’t play every day
    I'm all over the place here. When I do sit down and play it's usually because I have a good chunk of time to play and I'll play for like 3-4 hours in one go.But I don't have a chance to play Everyday. I probably play two to three times a week., some weeks I won't get on for the entire week, or even 10 days, but then another week I'll get on five days in a row.
  • dreamprisonerdreamprisoner Posts: 1,202 Member
    I don’t play every day
    I go through spats. I stop playing for a few months, and then other months I play non-stop. I'm trying to overhaul my families right now which is a daunting task, so I haven't been playing as much.
  • KarlssonhoodKarlssonhood Posts: 36 Member
    Around 3+ hours a day
    I admire all you people who have the willpower to sit for one hour and then turn it off, cus that just ain't happening over here

    @dreamprisoner same though. I don't always play, but when I play I play excessively
  • Fairy_HappyFairy_Happy Posts: 8,658 Member
    edited July 2019
    I don’t play every day
    I'm really weird when it comes to playing this game. When it first came out, I was playing it all the time, then I stopped playing for a few months, then I went back to it for a few months, then I took a 2 year break. Back in March, I got a gaming computer and I was playing it constantly, posting updates and pictures on here, now I'm not playing it at all, since I'm using my computer to watch anime, which I'm way more interested in doing right now than playing Sims. XD

    My attention doesn't stay on one thing for long, even if it's something I enjoy doing.

    Edit: But when I do play, I usually play for about 2 hours or so. Even though I love this game, I can't do long Simming sessions. I get paranoid about my computer crashing on me after a long session of playing. Although this is a gaming computer perfectly capable of handling this game but paranoia it is. My other crashy computer ruined long Simming sessions for me. XD
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  • HannaSarasHannaSaras Posts: 25 Member
    I don’t play every day
    When I'm playing the sims, I can sit a whole day, easily 6+ hours, if I have the luxury. I honestly don't wanna know how much time I've spent on this game lol. Then I'll get bored of it and put it down for a couple of weeks or a few months. Then a new expansion or game pack gets released, or I see a fun sims youtube video or something, and the cycle repeats itself.
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