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Zest legacy+ screenshot gallery

My legacy challenge for this save file is simply play it as long as possible. \o/
Main household is Zest, founded by Johnny & Maya. However, I play rotationally, so I will share other families as well.
For this save, I use the Plum Tree App to keep track of each and every family in the game. Control-freak? Absolutely.

Find me on the What happened in your game today? thread for story updates.
Find me on the gallery too! ID's DinowCookie. I upload a lot of the sims in my world. 💗

Making this thread for screenshots and headlines. ;D

Sim #1: Maya Mayrose (fictional sister of my sim Angelina Mayrose from a previous save).
Eating cannoli with an unamused expression.

She joined the Partihaus club and went partying every, single, day. She's a dance machine with the friend of the world aspiration!
After having lived in her own house in Windenburg for a bit, Maya moved into the factory after Marcus Flex married Katrina Caliente(!).

Maya's best friend is Siobhan Fyres. Siobhan got pregnant unexpectedly with Sergio Romeo, a guy who hates children.
So Siobhan and Maya moved into Maya's previous house together after the baby was born. Best friend support. 💗

Maya had been on and off with Paolo Rocca. But he was also involved with Jade, Eva and various other girls. So eventually she had enough.
She started dating Johnny Zest, who is her colleague. She a musician, he a comedian, a perfect combination!

The pair got married!

And not too long after, they had their baby son Devy. 😊

Maya is no longer in the Partihaus club. Morgan Fyres took her spot in the Factory house instead.
Johnny and Maya have their own club, Blue Velvet Comedy in which they entertain the crowd when he performs comedy routines while she plays the piano. Johnny and Maya are both goofballs!
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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    Other played couples in my game are:

    J Huntington III and Jade Rosa. Jade had been with Eric Lewis every now and again. But he's a married man, and even had new baby twins!
    This couple works quite well.

    Joaquin & Candy. Need I say more?

    Cassandra Goth & Nico di Angelo (from the gallery by kakula147). Cassandra grew up to be a meany, Nico is dastardly and has the chief of mischief aspiration. He's in the criminal career, which may give some troubles since Bella Goth is a secret agent! 😱

    Paolo seems done playing around. He's fallen for a gym trainer, Vanessa Corney.
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    Meanwhile in the Le Chien household.



  • IreneLudwigIreneLudwig Posts: 88 Member
    Love your updates! I can’t wait to see how Candy’s and Joaquin’s baby turn out 😁
    Origin ID: ireneludwig | Simblr | Showcase thread |
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
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    Thanks @IreneLudwig ;D Appreciate your comment. I'll tag you when I have any updates on the looks of their kid. 😁

    Until then, here's one of Sergio and Siobhan's kid. He's a perfect mix ;o

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    Johnny & Maya moved to a new house. They'd been saving up for living bigger since they wanted to have at least one more baby.
    Both of them have now completed their aspirations. Johnny a joke star, Maya friend of the world! Next up for Johnny is the successful lineage aspiration and Maya the musical genius one for which she is well on her way.


    And Maya is indeed pregnant again. ;D


    And look who has grown up to be a school child! \o/ Devy aged up with all of his toddler skills maxed out. Yeah!

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    Gavin Richards and Maaike Haas got married in my game 😁

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    Devy is making friends! The girl in the screenshot is Jordan Fyres, the younger sister of Siobhan and Morgan. 😁


    Johnny finally managed to fully grow his money tree! Great harvests come from this. The Zest household is growing richer and richer! Maya is at level 9 of the musician career and Johnny very near level 7 comedy. They add to their income even further by performing at the Blue Velvet at night. Nice 😎


    The household grows in money-numbers, but in people-numbers too! Devy now has a baby brother named Sammy, and there's a third baby on the way after Maya decided she wanted a third kid, on a whim!
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
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    My intention was to stay away from my old save but there's two households I really wanted to import into my new Zest universe. Here's Angelina Mayrose (Angie), Maya's sister who I played on my Purdue legacy save. Maya is the older sister, she and Angie have a lot in common. ;D


    While Maya reconnected with Angie, Johnny actually met his brother Malcolm at a bar. While Johnny already had been in touch with his parents and younger siblings (Amelia, Patrick), he never spoke with Malcolm until now. This yellow-haired brotherly figure couldn't resist Johnny's humor so there was no room for his evil, snobbish ways. 🤣 Malcolm is still single too... I wonder who he'll end up with!


    For Maya's pregnancy I suspected twins. Her baby belly was just too gigantic! And I was right too, meet River and Monty! 😊


    River and Monty are Johnny and Maya's third and fourth kid. Devy is their firstborn, and Sammy second. Devy has already completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and is now going for Whiz Kid. I've probably never had any kid do so well!

    Here he is with Elijah Fyres (Sergio & Siobhan's kid) and Shelly Bjergsen (third daughter of Bjorn and Clara).

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  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
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    Vampire sidetrack!

    The second household I've introduced back into my game is Annabel Feng and her son Nicholas.


    Annabel is an erratic, snobbish vampire woman with quite the story! You could read about her in my old thread but here's a summary:
    Annabel was born to Don Lothario's son Clinton Lothario, and Lily and Victor Feng's daughter Liberty. (So her original name was Annabel Lothario). She worked as a gym trainer in her young adult, human years. That's how she met Trevor who was her first boyfriend and the father of her firstborn son Victor.

    Trevor loathed anything occult but Annabel had the Good Vampire aspiration and thus got herself turned behind Trevor's back, by seducing Vlad Straud's daughter Marisol Straud. So cheating and deceiving. However Annabel saw no harm in the way she went about that, being an erratic Sim, she can't tell right from wrong. (Which is what makes playing her great fun.) After the turning, Annabel assumed her mother's maiden name Feng, much more suitable for a vampire.

    Because of the deception, Trevor took off with their (human) son Victor who got Trevor's family name, Purdue. Leaving Annabel without her man and son. Marisol, Annabel's girlfriend, moved in with her instead. However after some time, Annabel missed having a kid around, wanted another baby and plotted to deceive Marisol and have an affair with Hector, Marisol's twin brother.

    Hector happened to be married to Lilith Vatore so when the plot came to light, and Hector's son Nicholas was born, inevitably a big feud started. Vlad (worst caretaker in the world, by the way), ended up taking Nicholas by kidnapping to prevent the affair putting shame on Marisol and Hector. After this, Annabel got into fights with Marisol, Lilith and Vlad, which lingered for quite some time before Annabel had her son Nicholas back. Nicholas is now a teenager with the hot-headed and self-assured traits and the successful lineage aspiration.


    Another part to Annabel's story was her romance with Phoebe Vatore, Caleb's daughter. Phoebe was a vampire but had the desire to be cured of vampirism and live a human life. Annabel loved her very much and trained her vampirism and mixology skills in order to brew a cure for Phoebe. After Phoebe was cured, the pair split up as lovers. No biggie for Annabel since she's noncommittal anyway. 😜


    So yeah, that's Annabel and Nicholas ;D we'll see where that story goes from here!
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  • nufusimsnufusims Posts: 41 Member
    awwww - Johnny Zest is one of my favorite townies! Glad to see him living a happy life :)
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    nufusims wrote: »
    awwww - Johnny Zest is one of my favorite townies! Glad to see him living a happy life :)

    Glad you enjoy his story in my game! In a previous save he wasn't so lucky, when he managed to kill the woman he just married by having her get hysterical and die of laughter on their wedding as he was performing comedy. 😂 It was the day after their baby was born. Oop! Alternate realities. Maya's Johnny is much better off!
  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
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    Today I've played with the Partihaus household. The household currently consists of Jade Rosa, Jade's boyfriend J Huntington III, Eva Capricciosa and Morgan Fyres. Paolo moved out to live with his new wife, he apparently got together with a woman named Maria di Angelo.

    First I had Eva go on several dates to work on her Serial Romantic aspiration. This guy's name is Kieran Crook, and while he has a crooked personality, Eva seems to be into him much more than any of her other dates. 🤔


    After that I had a party at the Factory, with Partihaus and Spin Masters. Angelina (Maya's sister) joined the Partihaus club and really hit it off with Morgan! They're great together. 💗


    The next day Morgan left work early when she got invited on a date by Angelina. The two went to the bar. After that they were invited by Morgan's club friends of Powerhouse to have a water balloon fight at the ruins. The two ladies soon found a nice looking bush, though. 😅

  • DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 754 Member
    Now that River and Monty have grown up to toddlers, the old house surely got too small!


    The Zest household moved to a bigger home which has plenty of space for the kids. It also is their first house in which a piano fits properly. 😂


    I took a sidetrack by playing with the Song household for a bit. Johnny's brother Malcolm is now engaged to this girl named Peony! She's a sim by @AlwaysAsking whose story I've been following on the What happened in your game today? thread


    I've also played the Villareal household, where Luna has been getting together with Wolfgang Munch.


    And Yuki Behr :smiley: in this screenshot she's at Candy's house. 😁

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