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10 years of The Sims 3 - Happy birthday!


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    @JoAnne65 wrote: »
    Can’t believe how this game has managed to keep me hooked for so many years! It’s not ten years for me yet (that will be in December), but it’s a miracle how a game I just started playing to try it out because my daughter got it, turned me into an addict overnight. And though I’m not as addicted anymore (in terms of playing daily), the love when I play the game hasn’t faded. It’s amazing how it still sort of plays itself whenever I open it.

    For me there’s only one real way to celebrate, with the family I’ve been playing since May 2010. Each generation representing its own adventures, love affairs, sorrow, happiness, friendships and true love. Always true love. And after that family life. Each sim is dear to me, who’d have thought I could feel like that about pixels.


    One of the best things about The Sims 3. There are so many things to do that every generations that you play will feel different, and their personalities will make you remember them because of how special each sim are. I really Love this game. <3
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    Oh my Goopy Carbonara!

    (I just really wanted to say that :D)
    I play on PS4! Otaku here! From the lands of Canada 🇨🇦
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    @TS1299 Indeed! It's why playing generations has never bored me. Each new generation means starting all over, doing totally different things. Since this is a Sims 3 celebrating/appreciation topic, maybe it's nice to list the careers and features each generation represents.

    Gen. 1: Rock star and doctor (Sunset Valley)
    Gen. 2: Sculptor and investigator (Sunset Valley)
    Gen. 3: Stylist (Sunset Valley)
    Gen. 4: Writer and cook/gardener (Sunset Valley)
    Gen. 5: Band/rockstar and actress (Sunset Valley/Riverview)
    Gen. 6: Inventor (Riverview)
    Gen. 7: Athlete (Riverview)
    Gen. 8: Film director (Riverview)
    Gen. 9: Rockstar/band and fisherman (Riverview)
    Gen. 10: Adventurer, mainly in China; martial arts (Riverview)
    Gen. 11: Doctor (Riverview)
    Gen. 12: Ghost hunter (included falling in love with a ghost and have a ghost baby)(and reviving mother and child with ambrosia) (Hidden Springs)
    Gen. 13: Music career hit movie composer and a jockey; pets played a big part in that one, dogs, unicorns, horses obviously (Hidden Springs)
    Gen. 14: Adventurer, mainly Egypt, mummy curse (and resurrection by having sims making ambrosia together), after being resurrected he became a politician for a while and after turning 40 a magician, because Showtime (Hidden Springs)
    Gen. 15: Singer and acrobat (performing, simport with other simmers) ánd having a genie baby (Hidden Springs)
    Gen. 16: The genie became an adventurer - France - and nectar maker; his partner was a journalist; also magic with an evil witch (Hidden Springs)
    Gen. 17: Five different jobs and marrying a witch/fortune teller; also an adventure with aliens in Lunar Lakes and seasons for the first time (Sunlit Tides, Monte Vista)
    Gen. 18: Going to university, a painter and adventurer (mainly China; martial arts) (Monte Vista)
    Gen. 19: First island life, with scuba diving, the life guard career and a mermaid; then Midnight Hollow and its amazing residents and vampires (Isla Paradiso, Dragon Valley)
    Gen. 20: Alchemy, travelling to the future, bot making, and trying out the bakery (Dragon Valley)
    Gen. 21: (not in the picture) Adventurer (completed at least 6 tombs in every country) and firefighter (Isla Paradiso)
    Gen. 22: Will start off as a drifter (with a stray dog and eventually a horse; hope I'll manage to find a wild one), planning to visit several worlds with him that way and in the end I want him to become a farmer (probably Appaloosa Plains or a custom world)

    Apart from this family I've also played a homeless sim in Bridgeport, which was one of the best experiences I've had with the game, so much fun! With him I did mixology.
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    I can't even wrap my head around the fact that my dear TS3 is turning 10. They grow up so fast!

    I was about a week late to getting TS3, I know it doesn't sound like much but it was agony. I had to wait until after I finished all my diploma exams so I could actually like focus on studying instead of distracting video games. Of course Sims 3 sounded waayyyyy cooler. I was right on both counts, Sims 3 was way cooler and I would not have studied if I'd gotten it on day one lol.

    It's sure been on the journey of life with me too. Got me through the darkest days of my life. Earned me an A in a class I was taking when I procrastinated my assignment until like an hour before it was due and so I just wrote about my sims lol (that is definitely one of my top sims memories lol). I've had some great times and memories that don't even come with pictures because they surround the game not occur inside of it.

    Though I have a lot of those too, but also the pictures just have to live in my mind as I can't go very far back. But I've definitely had an amazing time with this game over the last 10 years and have endless amazing memories.

    I will share this sim though. This was her 2014 resurrection. She's been around my game for probably pretty close to that 10 years, I think like 9 and a half or so. She was introduced as a wee toddler to a single mom. Her mom being the founder to a legacy that still lives to this day (with my favouritest family, the Ellsion-Warren family). She still floats around a save I almost never play, I could never bring myself to get rid of her totally or let her die (her mom I was never that attached to but Juliet is one of my favourite sims ever). It always kind of blows my mind to look at her and think of how far my game has come.

    Happy Birthday Sims 3!
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    Here are some more of my early screens:






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    Great posts everyone!
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    @EA_Mai I can't get Origin to even load up so I can purchase the discounted sim points. :(
    The sale isn't over is it?
    Or I'm really wondering why it's not loading...? :confused:
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    Happy birthday to my favorite game franchise! I LOVE SIMS 3. I've been playing on and off from the beginning. This game never gets boring for me. After all these years, I don't think I've gotten to do everything there is to do and that is what keeps me playing over and over again.

    I can leave and come back and I'm never bored.

    Happy birthday to my favorite game!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    Happy Birthday The Sims 3!!! <3
    I play on PS4! Otaku here! From the lands of Canada 🇨🇦
    Haha, you clicked, now you have to read all my Sword Art Online fan fiction!
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    That was the first link I tried and it didn't work. I went through a different way and got it to work. I can't remember because I was too excited. :p
    Thank you. <3
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    I have noticed that there are quite a lot of players getting their 10th Anniversary badges :smile:
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    Happy (I guess belated now :D ) birthday to The Sims 3! I remember my parents bought me the collector's edition when it first came out. I wish I still had the poster and the USB drive (I dropped it and it broke years ago :'(). When I first started playing it my computer absolutely could not handle it and my Dad was kind enough to add whatever I needed to my computer to make it run and play correctly and it worked!

    A few years ago I switched to a Macbook Pro. After that I couldn't get The Sims 3 to run on my computer...after a lot of sweat, tears and hard work this past February I FINALLY got it to work. I've been obsessively playing since then.

    Don't get me wrong. I love The Sims 4, and The Sims 2 but The Sims 3 has my heart right now and I don't see that changing anytime soon. <3
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    I wish I hadn't missed the first 5 years when everything was so active, and the store was churning out new stuff, but at least I've been here for the last 5!

    This is truly the best game ever made and I'll play it forever. Happy anniversary!
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    Surely you've been around longer than5 @ZeeGee ? I'm sure I remember you being around the old boards
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    Happy 10th anniversary to this awesome game!! :)
    As I'm fairly new and haven't experienced much in the game (and the forums) yet, I love reading everybody's stories or memories and looking through the pictures! At the same time, these posts are making me jealous that I'm late to a lot of stuff. :'(

    As for me I only started playing using a normal laptop in 2014, with only the base game and Seasons. It wasn't a smooth experience but I enjoyed the game a lot even with the frustration with bugs and lags! :D I stopped playing after about a year, but I wanted to fully enjoy the Sims 3 because somehow I knew it was worth it, so I lurked some tech support threads and gathered a lot of info on how to be able to play the game with less or no trouble. I can't name them all but it was thanks to a lot of people that helped me, I'm now able to play on a great PC that I bought last year! I also want to thank Nraas for the very helpful mods that keep the game intact! :D Thank you everyone for your help, your hard work!
    I'm looking forward to see my sims' family trees grow and discover many more fun things in the game!
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    Got my 10th anniversary badge this morning. So cool! Can't believe it's been 10 years playing and on these forums. Hope it lasts another 10!
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 863 Member
    Sims 3 is my favorite one so far :)
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    Pary wrote: »
    Surely you've been around longer than5 @ZeeGee ? I'm sure I remember you being around the old boards

    @Pary Haven't even made it quite 5 yet! I bought Sims 3 in August 2014 and discovered this forum about a month later. So no, never got to participate on the old board. It was closed before I even knew about it. :cry:
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    Oh man, it's so weird to think that it's already been 10 years! Happy belated birthday Sims 3! :blush:
    Looking at my sims 3 account page, I apparently registered the game on June 18th (once I discovered the site) so one can guess I got it for my birthday, so almost as soon as it released. I remember begging my parents to get it for me, I was so excited when I saw it in the stores. My dad couldn't understand why I had to have it since I had a perfectly good copy of Sims 2 that got a lot of play still :D :smiley: But he caved in :blush:

    I must have played sims 3 nonstop for that summer... I even still have the USB drive somewhere! I don't know how my poor laptop managed to handle Sims 3 but I'm so glad it did, as it became my favorite game with which I've had so many amazing moments with and still do (even if I eventually decided to get Sims 4 too, but hey, who needs sleep anyway... ) I doubt I can ever give up on Sims 3, it's still my favorite among the franchise and I'm still discovering new things in the game, I haven't even tried all the careers yet! I'm also having a lot of fun in CAW and I'm eager to finally start using mods that I was always too scared to try in the past.

    I registered on the forums and started scouring the store only few years back so I sort of missed the most active years despite the fact that I've played the game for the past ten. Well, better late than never, it's niceto see that there are still simmers who enjoy Sims 3. So happy about the simpoint sales too, the store items make so many more things possible in the game!

    Here's to many more happy and active years, may you live forever Sims 3! :heart:
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    Woot! :heart:

  • BrittanyChick22BrittanyChick22 Posts: 1,939 Member
    Aww wow how time flys by. I started playing sims 3 back in 2014 when the game was still very popular but nearing to it's end? I don't can't remember but all I know is that I fell in love with game and still love to this very day. I just recently started creating my own cc for sims 3 so i won't be stopping anytime soon. Even though sims 3 isn't perfect, it will always be my favorite sims game out of the entire franchise. If there's ever another sims game after 4, I definitively hope it comes close to sims 3.
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    @ZeeGee It is sad that they closed our old forums but one vantage that this place has is that it is easier to share pictures :smile:
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    How can I post a picture ?
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