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Miss Tropics -- Coming Soon!

Welcome To Miss Tropics
This comp Will Be Themed "Tropical" With Different Types Of Fashion
SIGS Will Be Given To All Placers IN Final Round
Open concept to backgrounds - Your choice - Leaving it to your own creativity and style
In the Assignments I will have examples for each round - Mind you Google can be your best friend :):)
Sims 3 Or 4 Are Invited
YA To Adult/ Female
IF you have ANY Questions at ALL.... Just Ask Me Here Please Hashtag Me - Thanks Or You May PM Me At Anytime!
I Hope I Have Explained This Comp Well Enough If Not Just Ask....
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Full Body Swim Wear With Sandals Or Flip Flops Etc ( On Transparency ) Please♥

There Must Be Rules
The Usual Rules Apply To This Comp

No photo-skinning or face plastering
Drawn Hair is OK
CC Clothing OR Maxis Match / Maxis Made
Google Accessories Props May Be Used But No Clothes
In-Game Or Edited Backgrounds Are Allowed
Extensions Are Allowed ( No More Than 2 Days ) Unless There Is An Emergency
Each Round will last Up to 7 days - Depending On How Fast Submissions Are In
If You Would Like To Have 1 Edit Before Judging Just Let Me Know ( As I Like This Rule -We All Make Mistakes And Would Like To Possibly Adjust)
Please Check In After Each Judging & Assignment Posted Thanks
You Cannot Adjust Any Genetics BUT You May Change Hair Color

There Will Be Eliminations - Top 3 Will Go To Final's
♥♥♥♥♥♥Judging Rubric♥♥♥♥♥♥
0/10 Overall Creativity
0/5 Accessories
0/10 Editing Lighting Shadows / How Clean Is The Edit
0/10 Composition
Total = 35

Judges Needed - Shoulders Up On Transparency

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