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could someone make a roller coaster set&poses?

MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,055 Member
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a former Sims 4 creator who has now retired (did so last June) had a roller coaster set on her website but she took the website down but her tumblir is still up showing the various stuff but no one saved the set&poses at all. People been looking everywhere for it. I would make it myself but I can't make poses (I tried several times) so I doubt I would be able to make CC either. (the link doesn't work because the website is gone)

I really need this for a plot point in chapter 2 of Gen 7 and there are *no* other roller coasters sets around.. only brittpinkie had the only one. You will presubly need Sims 3 store roller coaster to um convert to Sims 4 a ferris wheel/merry go around are the only other "amusement" park rides and yet the poses are only for teens+ no kids poses

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