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Make place for the MOST creative building ideas! (NO CC)

FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 2,298 Member
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Sometimes we think that we need loads of CC to have these interesting looking builds in The sims. With this thread I want to show that is also VERY possible to create unique looking shapes, buildings and whatever with just EA's tools, build/buy cheats and objects.
You know, these building tricks, ideas or methods you never even thought of!

This thread is all about being as creative and smart as possible to come up with new ideas on how to build certain ways or use objects for maybe a different purpose which would open up a world of new possibilities for you and others as a builder. Let's inspire each other and share the building knowledge!


- NO CC allowed. ONLY EA tools, objects or cheats can be used to build.
- You can share your own makes/tricks or something you stumbled a crossed on the internet
- When others ask you 'how do you create this?', try to share the knowledge :)
- You can share rooms, buildings, tricks/tips, creative decor ideas etc.
- Make sure it is still functional for gameplay! We care about the look, but also if it works of course.
- MOST IMPORTANT: Have fun browsing through new ideas and learning how to improve as a builder!

Last one week, I was on Pinterest trying to get ideas for a nightclub. I realized that I was not much expanded as a builder to re-create most of what i saw and liked there. I decided to find every possible way to make the building look as desired! I found so many new ways of building through this process that I would love to share with you all. And I hope for you to feel the same about your amazing finds! Here are some creative ways of building I came up with for Nightclubs and Bars:

(sorry for the messy pics, but I tried some stuff on one lot and just wanted to share these to give an idea of what this thread should be all about)


Pls upload from this website:


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