May 29 - It's Friday. What does that mean on The Sims forums? Time to highlight some awesim discussions!

Friday Highlight May 17th - A week on The Sims Forums

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Good <insert time of the day for you>!

How was your week, Simmers? :smile:
I just rented a new apartment so I'll be playing a bit of The Sims in real life the next few weeks! Don't you wish moving furniture in real life was as easy as it's in the game? :smiley:

But let's focus on what you are here for: time to show you some of the great threads I came across (or were recommended to me) this week!

Those colors... :heart:. A splendid sunset - captured by @HillyBeth, found here

  • Motherlode can be a lifesaver sometimes, but getting your Sims to survive without electricity because they didn't pay the bills can make the game interesting in a very different way. I love the way @TurquoisePapaya introduced their thread 'What do you like your Sims' financial situation to be?': 'Do you like that panicked feeling when bills are due? Or do you prefer to spend your motherlode simoleons without having to think about it?'. A great poll to start this list - make sure to leave your vote!
  • Next, let's talk about Get to work! A good Expansion Pack for when your Sims need to earn some Simoleons to pay those bills ;)@telmarina opened a thread this week to discuss this pack: 'Get to work: what is that one thing that you love on this EP?' Follow that link and share yours!
  • Moving on, we are going to visit the Creative Corner next, because 'Chips46 Showcase' thread is waiting for your visit! When was the last time you challenged yourself to build something using elements from the base game only? @chips46 did that this week and the result was awesome so check it out!
  • Without changing categories, let me invite you to take a look at @Kathykins' wonderful 'Stardew Valley Project'! Sims and lots, ready to get added to your Library! ;)
  • Last but not least, let's jump to The Sims 3 section to discover 'The Mall' - an impressive building created by @JoAnne65 to cover all their Sims' shopping needs. Truly inspiring :smiley:, opening the spoilers is definitely worth it!

And with that - time to wish you a great simming weekend! ;)

Sul sul!


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