Packed Lunch not working? [Parenthood]

superkyle221superkyle221 Posts: 928 Member
I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, and I haven't used the feature in ages, but recently while playing I had a parent pack a lunch for their child before school. The child then arrived home at about 11 AM and lost responsibility for skipping school, lunch uneaten.

Later, a teenager packed their own lunch to bring to school and the same thing happened.

I haven't tried it again, but is that a known glitch? Or is it something that I'm doing incorrectly?


  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,324 Member
    I've experienced a version of this; having a packed lunch in a sim's inventory causes them to come home from work early (sometimes as early as an hour after starting work) with no option to go back until their next scheduled shift.
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