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Using Emission function on Sim4Studio

anybody can point me a good tutorial for that?

(Using Emission function on Sim4Studio - make textures have parts that flash or glow)


  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 741 Member
    There's a tutorial that explains all about it on the Studio forums.

    You can skip section A about adding them to your package since that can just be done from the Textures tab now. The following sections on how to create them are the bits that you will need to read.
    If you want to see how EA set them up then clone an alien outfit from GtW and see how the emmission texture is set up for that.
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  • gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 551 Member
    cool i will try here.. i was wondering if i have to use a file with a emission base (like a helmet that already have a emission) or if its all about the texture itself, also when i export those game emissions it comes .png and the tutorial says .dds (

    since its 2015 tutorial i assume this all changed to .png ?
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