Is it possible to remove Parenthood relationships?

Cait_lynCait_lyn Posts: 61 Member
I took my sim and some of her friends camping and put them all in the same household so no one would run off in the middle of the vacation. All three friends ended up aging from teens to young adults while there. Two of them are dating and since they aged up in the same household, their relationship tab shows them as "super siblings." From having a great relationship with an ally sibling, blood related or not. They are now soulmates and super siblings and I'm kinda creeped out even though I know they aren't actually siblings. Is there a way to remove the super sibling?


  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,177 Member
    probably by saving, deleting, and replacing one of them but of course all relationships will be lost. I don't think there are known cheat commands to remove the parenthood relationship bits but I could be wrong.
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