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Vampires Deprive Hunger problems

bixtersbixters Posts: 796 Member
Hello all!

Just wanted to see if anyone else was having this bug. My Vampire sim is trying to murder another sim they invited house into their by starvation. The sims is locked in the basement and cannot leave. I keep using the vampire command to deprive hunger, but then the sim never starves to death. I even added that sim to my household, and it showed her with full hunger, not starving at all. When she is a part of the household, she starves normally, but when she isn't, she never dies of starvation. Anyone else having this issue?

I do have have a couple mods installed, MCCC, some Sacrificial mods, Meaningful Stories, and another *adult* mod, but I don't see how they could be causing issues.
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  • PlainevilPlainevil Posts: 203 Member
    I have never tried to starve a Sim but have heard starvation is difficult in Sims 4. I have been using totems, the uncommon marked for death from jungle adventure, worked well for me until recently. Worked perfectly for killing a Sim just after Strangerville released, for an aspiration, but has failed to work the 2 times I have tried it since. As a vampire the influence emotion rank 3 used to work well for anger.
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