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Pan Nymira - A high fantasy world WiP

Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
edited May 2019 in The Sims 3 World Builders
Hi guys and thank you for clicking!

I’m all new to the forum. This is my first time posting and the first world I’ve build in CaW. Feel free to leave constructive criticism of the world in the comments – if you find something about the world off, odd or lacking you are more than welcome to say it. It will help me make the world better!
I am a slow worker, but I plan to post about my progress here regularly!

  • No CC (custom content)
  • No mods
  • Inspired by Mediterranean cultures
  • Time period late medieval or renaissance (I'm not sure yet)

About the world
The world is called Pan Nymira (I named my account after it...). I have some lore, though I’m not sure it’s relevant, but since I’m a big fan of storytelling I just can’t help myself, haha. The world has a lot of nature, but the city is quite big and compact (1/4th of the map) and squeezed into one corner of the world. There’s going to be a palace and four castles or mansions. I have issues with Edit in Game, so I’m not sure when I can actually build lots. I love waterfalls, so there’ll be at least five or those, a forest, fields and some hidden lots spread around. It should feel like, even if you leave the city, there’s a lot to explore.

I couldn't figure out how to post the pictures directly in here (the image option doesn't seem to work, but the link one does perfectly), so I setup a gallery on imgur by this link: https://imgur.com/a/2OGH05I
I hope that's okay.

First some overview pictures. I have removed the fog so you can see the world clearly, but sadly that removes the ocean and rivers, so it looks a bit odd. I couldn’t zoom out enough to see the entire world at once, so I took two screen shots and tried to overlap them. The odd line in the center is a result of that.
I hope the pictures can help you get a feel of the world and how it looks.
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  • KhemKat19KhemKat19 Posts: 129 Member
    Wow it looks great so far!! I love the terrain painting of the rivers, and your island looks very natural (your terrain sculpting in general looks very natural)! Adding the lore in is a great idea, a lot of us love backstories :) I can't wait to watch the development of your world!
    Oh, and welcome to the forum!! <3
  • tammyjo329tammyjo329 Posts: 2,741 Member
    Your world looks awesome already. If this is your first CAW world it is going to be great. I hope you share more pictures soon.
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 52 Member
    Great !
  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    edited May 2019
    Update 1 (May 16 2019) - Farmlands

    Thank you for your comments! I find them very encouraging.
    Sadly, this is a very small update, since I'm busy with my final exams. I'm looking forward to being finished with it all and hopefully more will happen with this world when I'm done in about a month.

    That being said! Here's the update:

    I've been working on the farmlands. It's so hard to make fields look believable and right, so I did a lot of remakes of them, and I'm still not sure I'm satisfied with it. I've put down some lots too, most of which will be fields with fruits and vegetables that sim can nuture and harvest. I've also put down the nectary lot and one of the total four large mansions, called Tiera.
    I'm using the cypres trees to indicate something that is (not exactly royal, but definately) higher class, which is why they are planted along the avenue that leads to the palace, and now also to Tiera.
    I'm pretty sure I want to replace the storage shacks with a lot and build something that looks more in the style I have planned for the world. But for now, it sits there...

    I've added pictures to the album (still here: https://imgur.com/a/2OGH05I ) below the old ones.

    If you have any critisism of the farmlands and/or how to make them look good, please help me! Haha!
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  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    Good Luck with your exams :)
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  • LinamintsLinamints Posts: 947 Member
    Looks great so far! I also struggle with EIG (it's REALLY unstable for me and crashes often) so what I do is I finish the world building in CAW (sculpting, painting, putting down all the effects, spanwers, trees etc) then I export the world and build them in the actual game. When they're done I save them to the library, then just load them into EIG and save after every 1-3 lots (do NOT alt tab!). Then if EIG crashes all I've lost is the loading time for plopping the lot down.

    Best of luck on your exams!
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  • ParyPary Posts: 6,785 Member
    Good luck with your exams, and your world is looking absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to see more of it :)
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  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    Update 2 (June 10 2019) - Epassia Feuro

    First of all, thank you for wishing me luck with my exams! It seems like it worked, because so far it's been going great! I have my very last exam in a week, so after that I will finally have some time to actually do some progres on Pan Nymira!
    Secondly, I must admit it makes me a little happy to see that many people have clicked this thread! I'm excited!
    Thirdly, this is another tiny update, but I wanted to give you at least something.

    I've been looking into why CaW bugs out when I try to EIG (edit in game) and, according to the threads I've found, it's because my Sims 3 basegame has the "Go Social" feature with Origin. So I don't know how I will fix that - I'm not exactly happy about having to buy a new game for it.

    The actual update:
    I've worked a little bit in one corner of the world, called Epassia Feuro (two new pictures in the same album, same link: https://imgur.com/a/2OGH05I ). The names in this world have actual meaning, but for now I wont tell you what (*evil grin*) - maybe I will give you clues later, maybe you can figure it out yourselves, like a puzzle of sorts! In this area there's a stone quarry next to a mine, a forest, another waterfall, a spot for one of the four castles (called Feuro) and lots for a village (sadly I can't build because of the above-mentioned bug *eyeroll*)
    There's also a big forest next to the palace grounds - who knows what one might find in there? I'm thinking about making it even bigger, and also removing all the roads to just replace them with terrain paint. I don't like the modern look of them.

    I would have like to safe the lore for when actual buildings and architecture started to get put into place, but since it might take a while to fix EIG.

    I hope you are all well! See you soon!
  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    It's looking good :) Glad to hear the exams are going well.

    EIG can be tricky. Before you go buy another base game have you tried to turn off the Go Social feature in Origin. It might be worth asking a question about it in the CAW tool section. I was not even aware of a Go Social feature :) Most of us find too much store content or cc will also crash EIG. Others believe a large downloads folder can crash EIG. Before you delete any content or clear the downloads folder you would be well advised to back up your game and take copies of the DCCache, DCCache backup and Downloads folder. Keep somewhere safe like your desktop or an EHD. I then went through all my store content and uninstalled all those things I was sure I didn't want for my CAW project. I also cleared the same items from my downloads folder.

    As for Imgur Upload your picture, in the corner you will see a box called copy with a drop down menu, select shared links, then press the copy button next to the box labelled BBC code for message boards and forums. Next create your post here on the forum and when you want to put your image into the post right click your mouse and select paste from the pop up menu which appears. A line of text will appear which becomes the picture when you post comment. It is also true you can't post pictures when you first join the forum so you may have to wait a little while longer.
    I no longer use Origin or My Page. You can find me on YouTube or Twitter as Bettyboop711000. You are welcome to contact me as I explore options for a PC sandbox life simulation game.
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  • tammyjo329tammyjo329 Posts: 2,741 Member
    Your world is looking awesome! I see you have been very busy and it shows :D
  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    edited July 2019
    Update 3 (July 25 2019) - Roads, City Layout and Lore

    Goodday! I hope you are enjoying summer!
    It's been such a long time since I last posted - I'm sorry about that - due to a mix of IRL stuff and lacking motivation. I still can't EIG because of the Origin issue and it really kills my motivation, since I would just love to start building - it would add so much to the world, too. Because of that I'm mostly just sculpting and painting.

    For this post I will share some basic lore and before and after pictures. These really help me keep going when I feel I'm not progressing! I finally figured out how to post images directly in this forum (yay!), but I will keep the link to the old album up, so we can revisit it just in case.

    If you have any comments, critiques or feedback - on anything and everything - I'd love to hear it as always, and if you want to see more pictures, you can request it.

    Progress in CaW

    First up, here's the before and after pictures of the city map - for clarity, I have turned off the "fog" in CaW, which also makes the water invisible, so it looks a little odd.


    And from the overview from mountain range:


    I'm actually getting somewhere! Here's some pictures to get a feel of the city (without any buildings... -_-")



    Here's an image of what Pan Nymira looks like from the sea with the harbour in front:

    I'm also using the stone walls to make Pan Nymira seem less flat and make the different hight levels more distinct, for an example here, where the town hall lot is supposed to be on the left lot, the public bath (pool) in front and the colosseum (stadium) on the elevated lot (the yellow one) in the background.

    So far I've only really worked on the city area, which is incircled by the mountain range - therefore there isn't anything interesting to "photograph" outside of it - apart from Aerie Island.

    I have removed all of the roads to stay true to the late medieval or renaissance time period - so no cars in this world! You will have to walk, horse ride or sail (broom flying not adviseable*).
    I've done a lot of mountain sculpting and terrain painting. This is - in my opinion - the most tedious and annoying thing to do in CaW, but the results are very satisfying to me. I really like the way Aerie Island is turning out, as you can see in the pictures below.

    Aerie Island

    At first, I didn't like the lightblue of the water - it seemed off to be or too extreme - but the more I work with it, the more I like it.

    Most of my mountains are rather smooth - which almost makes them look like hills - but I really like the wrinkledness and roughness of some of the sculpting of the mountain and rockformations (as highlighted with green circles) - I think it makes them look more like actual stone, rock and mountain and therefore more realistic.

    Introduction to lore
    The people of Pan Nymira originally came from another nation and moved away due to instability. They are very ideological. They believe that everything is supposed to be in balance and stability, peace and order, and left their homeland to start a nation that strived to their own beliefs. The island they found were perfect to them - isolated from the chaos of the outside world, protected by a natural defense in the great mountain range. But inside this nation, there would be no walls seperating its people - every human should be equal in every way. Someone has to govern, though, to make sure the ideals are upheld, so a family was selected to be the main leader, but always advised by a counsil, which consists of four families.

    And so, Pan Nymira was made everything it set out to be. A lush and open place where nobody is poor, where order rules and stability resides. It seems a paradise.
    But maybe Pan Nymira isn't as perfect as it seems...

    As always, I love any feedback you have.
    I hope to update soon!
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  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    This is looking really good :) . I already love the view of the harbour towards the mountains. I think the lighter blue for the ocean will work well too.
    I no longer use Origin or My Page. You can find me on YouTube or Twitter as Bettyboop711000. You are welcome to contact me as I explore options for a PC sandbox life simulation game.
    Wherever I am friends call me Betty

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  • KhemKat19KhemKat19 Posts: 129 Member
    This is looking great! I love the multi-level sections, they look fantastic! And I have to say I'm also a fan of the lighter blue water, it adds extra depth :)
  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,937 Member
    This looks grogeous. I love the different levels, they make the world so diverse. I love that lighter blue water too, I think it looks ideal <3
  • artenissimmer55artenissimmer55 Posts: 40 Member
    Your world looks really amazing! I definitely like the light blue water - it definitely gives your world a Mediterranean feel. I also like the lore behind your world; it reminds me of the works of Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato, which of course helps show off your inspiration from Mediterranean cultures. :)
  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    Update 4 (January 23) - Finishing Sculpting

    It's been a long time. I'm sorry about that. A lot of stuff happened IRL, but hopefully I now have more time to work on this project.

    Edit in Game issues
    I've also tried getting a fix for my Edit in Game issues, but sadly nothing has worked for me, despite spending more money and energy on it. It makes sad, angry and very frustrated, but I guess I just have to realize that it's not going to happen.
    The plan, for now, is that I finish the world as much as I can in CaW and then upload it without any buildings, as an empty world.
    Maybe I then can download it and build that way and then upload a finished version. I honestly don't know.

    I have finished the "backside" of the island and as stated in the first post, I want it to feel like there's still something to explore there.


    I've started putting down lots and I've made the forest even bigger - it contains secrets...
    The harbor (and generally the outskirts of the city) will have houses that are just a little bit smaller, though I still plan to make the city look quite homogeneous. The harbour area will have some bars, warehouses and stores.

    Here's a part of the "backside", where there will be some ruins. Why are there ruins? What's up with all the shipwrecks? What happened here? Why? Reasons... ;)

    On the other side of the mountain range is a secret village - you have to find your way through two hidden pathways to get to here. Who lives here? Why are they hiding? Reasons... ;)

    Here's a cove where smugglers and other unwanted trade goods, because of course nothing of criminal nature is allowed in Pan Nymira, so they have to hide where noone will go look for them.

    This should look familiar. Aerie Island. In the (technically not a?) lagoon I will put a mermaid lot, if such a thing is possible(?). I really like the hill-like lower end of the mountain range - I think it's the best sculpting I've done! ^.^

    So yea... I think that's it for now. Hope you're all having a good time!
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    Hey welcome back! ^.^ I really like what you have so far! You've really put thought into planning the world out. Oh man, I totally understand your frustrations, I just had a similar problem and spent a good portion of two weeks trying to figure out why EIG kept crashing when I placed lots...finally found a solution but it was quite disheartening. Hope you find out how to fix your issue...what is it if you don't mind me asking?

  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    edited January 2020
    Hey @KiearaPhoenix ! Thanks first of all and you can always ask anything!

    My issue is: When I click the Edit in Game-icon, Origin and the Sims launcher opens by itself (so far no problem). Then the Sims starts loading (just like if I were starting a game) and when it's finished loading, it immidately has a "serious error" message from the game itself (not my PC system) and it recommends me to close down and restart the game - then it goes right back into the normal Sims game, everything looks fine.

    Aminovas ( https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/691109/solved-cannot-open-edit-in-game-not-a-version-mismatch-issue/p1 ) and Keight (https://forums.thesims.com/En_US/discussion/795890/cant-edit-in-game) had solutions to their issues, but neither solved mine. My laptop does not have a "disk-thingy" , so I have to use a license code. I spent a lot of time looking for old versions of the game, then ended up buying some second hand, but neither worked. Despite the box cover being the older, pre-go social-version, when I wrote in the code into Origin, the new, go social-version appeared. So.. yea. A lot of money and effort :(

    Hope you're doing great! ^.^
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  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    Ugh Origin, the origin of many a headache, lol. I switched to steam when they had the $5 sale for each expansion. Did using Super Caw instead not work either?
  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    @KiearaPhoenix I actually haven't tried out Super Caw - I don't even have it installed. Do you think it will fix it? :/
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    I don't know, I just saw it as a second suggestion in this thread for issue #2 which is the social thingy.
    Can't hurt too much to try...
  • Pan_NymiraPan_Nymira Posts: 45 Member
    Thanks, @KiearaPhoenix ! I'll check it out later! ^-^
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