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I take CC Requests!

David-StephensDavid-Stephens Posts: 80 Member
edited June 2019 in CAS Custom Content
Good evening, all! I am a CC Creator and I am very happy to take requests, as I have been in a rut for my own inspiration recently. I am new to creating meshes so please give me time if that is what you wish for! I currently make the following CC items:

- CAS Traits
- Clothing (Shirts, pants, shoes, etc.)
- Accessories (Earrings, tattoos, etc)
- Furniture (most types, depends on the request!) (NOT: Cabinets, Counters)
- Careers
- Poses

All of my uploads can be found at DavidsSims4.Tumblr.com! My creator name/tag for the file names is [YourLocalStarbucksAddict], and I go by both DavidsSims4 and YourLocalStarbucksAddict. Please add any CC requests you have to this discussion!! I am very excited to help out our community!

Much, much love, <3 David <3

I do not made mods or hairs!!! I will update this specific entry as time goes on so please check back here for updates, thanks! I also reserve the right to deny a CC request based on complexity or content.
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