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A Heart Full of Stars {A Medieval Story} Chapter 53 out now! 11/18/20


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    I saw this while browsing cc, and thought of you guys.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,523 Member

    Ooo, I had seen the hood but not the rest. I'll save that to my tumblr.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,523 Member
    Currently working on decorating for the story! It's hard to find all the cc I need, but it's coming along. I found an amazing manor on the gallery, but it's decorated to be spooky, not medieval! so I'm redecorating the whole thing. Talk about time consuming.
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    A friend of mine sent me a link to this thread. I don't know if you're interested but I am currently doing a Medieval makeover of Willow Creek. I build and my friend makes the Sims.

    This is a link to my thread with both lots and Sims.

    My Origin Id is sawdust123 and my friend's Origin ID is Jendowoz. It's all CC free and on the Gallery. I'm almost ready to put the next installment up. :)
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    sawdust wrote: »
    A friend of mine sent me a link to this thread. I don't know if you're interested but I am currently doing a Medieval makeover of Willow Creek. I build and my friend makes the Sims.

    This is a link to my thread with both lots and Sims.

    My Origin Id is sawdust123 and my friend's Origin ID is Jendowoz. It's all CC free and on the Gallery. I'm almost ready to put the next installment up. :)

    It's awesome! I bookmarked it and will be looking at it in the future to look for some settings for certain.
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    I like just found this thread, but if you're still trying to get new sims, I can make some, I'm like meh-good at building, so maybe I could do that if you need anything. School is almost over, and ooh boy am I gonna live like a hermit playing the sims for weeks!
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,523 Member
    @GosiaWK I'm still Looking for Sims! Feel free to submit!
  • GosiaWKGosiaWK Posts: 56 Member
    Sweet! My ID is GosiaWKa (kinda like my username here) I'll make sure to make some stuff in the next week!
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    So I've been thinking about what snazzy title to name this story, and I've used some random generators online to see if I like anything, and I saw
    "A Heart Full of Stars"

    I like the metaphoric-ness of it, but I'm wondering if I can find anything else I like? Maybe "Grasping at Stars?"

    Others I like (as I hit the randomize button) are
    The Ember in the Abyss
    The Heart of the Dark

    Things like that. Let me know what you think we should call it.
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    It depends on what it's about 🤔
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    To quote an amazing movie:
    'Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...'

    Basically the more open the title, the more directions I can go.
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    Hi! I’d love to make a sim for this. :)
    an aspiring author and filmmaker who spends too much time simming and not enough studying. oops..
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    KatNip wrote: »
    Hi! I’d love to make a sim for this. :)

    Be my guest!
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    edited June 2019
    I'm glad it is still open, I wasn't very motivated for sims and simlit the last few months, but if I manage to get everything together I'd like to finally submit sims too.

    Which roles, characters do you currently need the most? Like potential villainous women?
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    A muse for the evil priest wouldn't be bad, a grand puppet master pulling the strings?

    Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
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    I made the bunch, including an ambitious puppeteer and her several spies.
    Somehow the half written background info was lost tho, so I will post the following days.
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    Okey doke
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,832 Member
    Just got back from a family event that was out of town. I still have tomorrow off, so I can finally get to making a sim for this :D
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    edited June 2019
    I finished. :) Feel free to style and change everything as you like (just needed to get these ideas out of my system).

    Lady Malice and her spies


    Duchess Malene Alicia Blake, known as Lady Malice/Malicia by her foes.
    Born has the only legitimate child and heir to Count Blackadder it was only natural that Lady Malene wedded the elder duke Blake. Their holy bound of matrimony didn't last for long though, as the Duke died mysteriously. It wasn't unexpected for the old duke to pass, but the circumstances of his death had been somewhat suspicious.
    The heavy pregnant Lady Malice was able to inherit her late husbands title for her unborn child. It was a rather convenient affair, the duke did not have children to this point who could have taken over and the dukedom would have passed either to a distant relative or back to the crown. However, with the widow carrying the next her, she was allowed to take the dukedom and regency and would hold it until her son Lucian would come of age, being a duchess for that time herself, rather than a duchess consort or a duchess dowager. A countess in her own right, she would keep her ancestral lands, her jointure even after the duchy would pass from her, but Lady Malicia wont be satisfied with just that. For her thirst for power and riches the duchess she acquired the position of the queens court lady and build a complex web of networks, playing her pawns from the shadows while maintaining appearances. Some of her connections would surprise you.


    Lord Lucian Blake, son and heir to the Duchess.
    Little Lucian is the only son of Duchess Malene and her late husband the Duke of Blake. The young future duke is one of the few people knowing and (still) loving the real Lady Malicia, but is that prone to change as he grows up? Never would have Lady Malice herself suspected that she could love a being such as this angelic boy. As soon as she held him in her arms, she melted under the grasp of his tiny hands. Lucian became Malene's greatest motivation. Most of her schemes aim to protect and ensure him a prosperous life.
    Lucian represents the Duchess' biggest weakness and her source of strength, he is her anchor to sanity and humanity and the reason she would abandon both as sacrifice for his well being.


    Rémon Marron, sometimes called Rémy, is the personal attendant and close aide of the Duchess.
    He was born into a long line of servants originally from the french speaking Lorraine*. It was his father who once attended to the Lady Malene's father, Count Blackadder. With Rémon being close in age to his masters only daughter and heir, he was chosen along other young servants to become her playmate and future aide. In the end it was only Rémon who came through who 'survived' Malene's weeding. With his wits and talents the servant earned himself the respect, sympathy and trust of that young heiress. Rémy, how the young Malene once used to call him, is what would come closest to a childhood friend and confidant the Duchess would have. Malene in fact considers him part of the family. There is no higher praise the duchess' book, who values family as high as her own gain. While he knows that he comes after her sisters, herself and especially her son, Rémon feels greatly honored. He himself admires Lady Malene, not just because she was his secret childhood heartthrob, but because he looks up to is mistress like she is an idol.
    He did earn his position though, not just as an excellent attendant and advisor, but as a versatile diplomat and spy. If you feel he either has a common face or that you have seen him somewhere before, you may be right. Rémon is able to make himself completely forgettable and blend in in various environments. He could have been that dignified nobleman in that crowd of other nobes at you last party, the commoner at the market who passed you, that merchant who sold you that pretty ribbon, you wouldn't remember.

    Briella, the Harlot. & Lyra the Holy Maiden, by some even called Saintess.
    No one would surmise that there would be a connection between the harlot Briella, the saintess Lyra and duchess Malene Alicia Blake. Why would such a sophisticated noblewoman affiliate herself with a common woman of loose morals? Why would the so praised holy maiden? How would the latter even share a link with 'Lady Malice'? Truth is that the duchess, the saintess and the harlot are sisters. Half-sisters. The late Count Blackadder, known as a lecherous man and father to the duchess had also sired Briella with a wench - and by forcing himself on a woman of the church, Lyra too. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, many nobles fathered a number of bast ards, there isn't really a scandal in that. However, it is unheard of that a noble lady would held contact with one of her fathers ❤️❤️❤️❤️, especially a common born who works on the streets. But Lady Malene did, with both her sisters. She sought them out and took them under her wing, supported, cultivated and facilitated their 'careers'. All under the mantle of secrecy. The then still countess did not only gain two grateful sisters and obliged subjects, but eyes and ears in places hers couldn't reach.

    Briella became very successful in what she did. As she herself would put it, “they (the men) will always come back” to her. That buxom Briella became extremely favored even with nobles and their close aides. When she shared her bed and body, these men shared their (or their masters) secrets, worries and plans. Sometimes Briella would even gain access to places and objects no one else could reach.

    Lyra is a young woman with golden hair, gentle eyes, soft pale hands and a silky, sweet voice. She has that air of almost otherworldly innocence and piety around her, but just like Malene and Briella she is of the blood of the poisonous Blackadder and is as treacherous.
    She was born to play the role of the holy Maiden and thus coming close to the high authorities of the church. While 'producing the Saintess' was way more difficult than 'producing' Briella, it proved as extremely fruitful. With her pious charm Lyra ensnared the archbishop and forged the link for Lady Malice to secretly get a grasp at the church, clutching even more power.

    DOWNLOAD (includes all CC's)

    You will notice that the sisters and Lucian share their grey eyes and a small birth mark on their cheek. It is a clue for their blood relation. ;D
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    @Damaro Wow! Such detail! I'll try and do them justice, but wow. A+ in effort!
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,523 Member
    Chapter 1
    Life was simple. The people lived content lives in small houses with their families. The seasons changed frequently, crops grew, taxes were paid, babies were born. It was simple, well paced.

    Two figures sat outside of the back of a building, one older, the other younger.



    “Now you see, to form the ‘a’ properly, you go around and up in a gentle flourish, like so.” Anwyn showed Joseph, her youngest brother. He was 7 years old, and soon he would be too busy to learn to read and write. He had potential, they all did. Anwyn saw her brother one day having the potential to be a scribe or merchant, but it was hard to teach children when you had a shop to run. She had heard that in the larger villages had schools, but in their quaint little town there was nothing to be done. There could be no schools when the homes were so spread out. They were blessed to have a few nearby neighbors themselves, and didn't have to make a living selling crops that grew when they're wasn't a famine going around.

    The Cupshires were the local bakers, making bread and pastries for the locals to save them time in their busy days. It was a safe job, one that paid reliably, and the Cupshires were always warm and well fed. Anwyn helped with her father, mother, and elder sister Lara in the kitchen and shop. The children terrorized the dog and played outside to pass the time.


    As the sun was getting higher above the horizon, Anwyn stood from the bench and dusted herself off. “I want to see twenty beautiful ‘a's on that page by the end of the day, do you hear me, Joseph? Twenty!” She instructed as she entered the back of the house. The kitchen was busy with three sets of hands working to get the work done.

    “Anny! Goodness, does that boy know how to write the Bible yet? You spend enough time with him,” chided Mrs. Cupshire. “Get out to the front and fill the orders. We don't have all day to dream of curlicues!”


    “Yes, ma'am!” Anwyn complied as she hugged her mother and went to the front of the shop.


    Master Gibbons was talking heartily with the other patrons who were looking at the goods. In a voice that was accustomed to shouting across fields, Anwyn heard him say “I heard from Master Payhins that the king himself is on his way to town to visit the lord on the hill in two weeks’ time. It’s one of the nicest manors this side of the capitol so it’s no wonder really. If only we had more time to prepare, I’m surprised that the lord hasn’t sent out pages to gather every hand to help him in the preparation.” Master Gibbons turned from the other patrons and hailed Anwyn. “Miss Cupshire! When is my bread ready? I’m not getting any younger!” he heckled in a happy tone.


    “Relax, Master Gibbons, you’re bread is ready, more so than the grain you grow in your pastures! Make way!” Anwyn moved her way into the crowded, small room.



    “What do you think about the king coming to visit the lord?” Anwyn later asked Lara while they were working in the garden. It had gotten hot outside so Anwyn had changed into a lighter dress. Lara was a beautiful girl who had the fancy of the son of a farmer about a mile away. There was no engagement yet, but it was expected soon. The families couldn’t be happier for them to start a life, as Lara was 25 by this time.


    “It’s not likely. The king travels rather often from what I hear. There’s rarely anything to come of it. Very little, actually. When he gets tired of one location, he’ll take someone else's elaborate manor for a while and then move on. He was here when you were too young to remember, and I barely do. He was barely a man then, but you remember a king coming to town.” Lara shook herself, remembering what she was talking about in the first place. “Still, two weeks is rather short notice. The courtyard alone is under-cared for and the hedges haven’t been trimmed… I’m sure the lord is frantic.” Lara mentioned. She had gone to visit a friend who was a maid in the house the week before last.

    “Master Gibbons said he was surprised that no one had come to gather us to be there to help prepare and serve. Do you think that we should be ready to go at a moment’s notice? Should I pack my things? Goodness, listen to me, Lara! I sound like I don’t know my up from my downs!”

    “Well, I’m sure everything will turn out as if it never happened. In a year, what will it matter, hmm? The king will be gone again, off hunting in another one of his vast forests-” she laughed and nudged Anwyn, “and he’ll live in history as the king with the most peace ever seen. If one of the worst famines…” she turned back to the garden. “The plants are green, they’re well watered, but they do not fruit. Even the strawberries barely gave us 20 good berries this week. What are we supposed to do with 20 berries? I wonder if some magic is at work here…”


    “Magic doesn't exist, Lara. Don’t be fooled. It’s still the beginning of summer, it will get better soon, I’m sure.” Anwyn reassured.

    Lara shook her head. “You’re wrong, it’s full August by now. The fields should be taller, not as green as they are. Grain should be yellow, not green. This is a problem, if a hidden one at that. There is an ill omen here.”

    Anwyn was unnerved and worry wiggled it’s way into her mind. “But it could be worse, couldn’t it? Longer winter would be harder on the animals, harder on everything. A longer summer isn’t a problem, could it be?”


    Lara’s face fell. “I wish I could say. I truly do. I’ve never heard of this happening.” She turned back to her work. “Still, as you said, It could be worse. Let’s grab these greens and get inside. I’m sure mother is tired of waiting for us to harvest some greens.”



    “God, give us the strength to continue with tomorrow’s hardships and trials, bless Dante (the eldest brother among the children) and his wife. May they bear a child soon, may their fields grow tall, and may their lives be on the path of righteousness.” Anwyn’s father finished the prayer and started to eat his meal.

    “I learned to write an ‘a’ and a ‘b’ today!” Joseph boasted with wide eyes. “I can do it all by myself, Anwyn taught me.”


    “That’s wonderful, I’m sure the dog is happy that you were otherwise occupied.” teased Mrs. Cupshire. “And what are you going to do with your new skill?”

    “I’m one step closer to being able to write like the scribes, I could get a job being a poet maybe! Or a messenger!”


    “Messengers don’t have to read and write,” commented Sophia. “In fact, it’s probably better they don’t so that they don’t know what the paper they’re holding says and they can’t spread the secrets on it.”

    “Then I don’t have to be a messenger, I could be something else! Anything else!” cheered Joseph.

    “I think that’s a bit far in the future to be thinking. Let’s not forget about tomorrow.” Mr. Cupshire reared the conversation.


    “I heard that the king is coming to stay with the lord and that they may need help cleaning and preparing the manor.” Anwyn commented, placing food into her mouth.

    “It’s a right shame the disarray that they let that place get into whenever no one is around to see it. If I could give that lord a piece of my mind… I’d tell him that he ought to right it up until everything is shining.” Mrs. Cupshire said, shaking her head. Everything that Mrs. Cupshire cleaned had to be shining when it was done, that’s how their house stayed so clean. Any dirt was eliminated.

    “I’ve never been in the house, I wonder what it’s like…” Anwyn mentioned.


    “It’s a nice house, but you’ll be prudent to stay away from the king,” her father cautioned. “He may seem like a noble king, but I’ve heard tales of other things… Things that no man or woman need to get involved in. I want the two of you-” he looked at Lara and Anwyn “- to stay as far away from him as you possibly can. Besides, he’s a married man, no reason for young women as yourselves to be around him.”

    “Yes, sir,” Anwyn and Lara said in unison, turning their attention back to their plates.

    Mr. Cupshire looked back at his own plate, then smiled widely as if remembering something lovely. “I have some news of my own. The Winchesters have agreed to the marriage of Lara and William! The dowery is minimal, a few pieces of gold and the promise to have and to hold, ‘til death may you part.”


    Lara cheered and beamed. The rest of the family was cheering and celebrating, and Mrs. Cupshire looked like she was going to cry. Dabbing her eyes, she beamed at her husband and Lara.


    “There is so much arranging to do,” she commented. “People to invite, cooking to be done. Your aunts are going to want to come, I’m sure. No doubt. Congratulations, Lara. William Winchester is a good boy who will love you until the earth crumbles. We can only all be so lucky…” she looked slyly at her husband, and the two of them smiled, then burst out laughing as if something were the funniest thing in the world.

    Anwyn looked at her sister. “You’re going to be so happy and have many healthy children, I’m sure. Your life is going to be wonderful, and this is just the beginning.”

    Dinner was cleared away and the children went to bed. Anwyn and Lara went to their room and got ready for bed.


    “Just think, soon you won’t be Miss Cupshire, you’ll be Mrs. William Winchester, a farmer’s wife. You’ll never go hungry for sure.” Anwyn sat on her bed, letting down her hair.


    “But, I know nothing about the duties of being a wife. I’ve heard the…” Lara cleared her throat a bit, embarrassed. “How children are conceived. From the other wives in the village.”


    “Really? Who was telling you about how to be with a man? Was it Mistress Gibbons? Or was it Mrs. Campfer?” Rose leaned in.


    Lara had a smirk on her gleeful face, still embarrassed as the moon during the day.“I’m not going to say who, just that if you have a question about it you should ask Mistress Graham.” she giggled.


    “Oh, I should have guessed her!” Anwyn got serious for a moment. “What exactly did she… say about it?”


    Lara also grew a bit more serious. “It was hard to get a straight answer about anything, really. I barely even knew that we were having the conversation, there was so much innuendo and metaphor. Just that it may hurt the first few times, but that it becomes pleasant? But I have always heard in church that it is unpleasant and a woman’s duty as a wife. Both can’t be true, can it?”


    “Childbearing is the painful part, perhaps the sowing is good? I don’t really want to think about it,” Anwyn and Lara had some second hand knowledge of how children were made. The walls in the house weren’t the thickest and while the Cupshires tried to be discrete, it wasn’t easy to do when you had 5 children. Anwyn knew that childbirth was the hardest part of it all, but her mother had made it through each of her births, and Anwyn was sure that Lara would make it as well.

    “When my time comes, you’ll have to… give me advice. Oh, my sister, you always know and do what’s best! This new life your starting, though away from me,” she chidded in jest as if it were a flaw, “Will be the very best, of that I’m sure.”
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    Good start to the story so far. I do wonder what the tales about the King that make him not as noble as he seems are.
    Damaro wrote: »
    Briella became very successful in what she did. As she herself would put it, “they (the men) will always come back” to her. That buxom Briella became extremely favored even with nobles and their close aides. When she shared her bed and body, these men shared their (or their masters) secrets, worries and plans. Sometimes Briella would even gain access to places and objects no one else could reach.
    I love that that "The Harlot" looks to be having a wardrobe malfunction in the spoiler picture
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    Here's my entry if it's not yet too late:
    Lord Ludovico Anselmo

    Lord Ludovico is a minor nobleman who was recently widowed. Others have noticed, however, that his usual jovial manner isn't affected despite his recent loss. Is he just too self-absorbed to care too much about other people, or does his wife's death have a more sinister origin than what most people know? She had gone from a robust middle-aged lady to a very frail and ill woman in a matter of months, after all.

    Ludovico's main goal in life is to build up his estate until it becomes the most gilded and glorious abode in the entire region. His wife's death hasn't really done much to slow down his progress; as a matter of fact, he seems to have quickened his pace in a sort of mad, zealous rush. The peasants and his servants aren't exactly appreciative of this, and it's no secret that Ludovico has made a few enemies in both high and low places.

    It doesn't matter though. He continues to rest easy and eat heartily despite the threats, firmly believing that his loyal bodyguards will handle whatever schemes crop up. Hopefully his trust in them isn't misplaced, because it only takes one weak link to unravel him.

    Can be used as: comic relief, minor supporting cast, minor antagonist
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    Alrighty, I have a good cast now, unless someone wants to make general, flat characters for townsfolk.

    If you've started a character and want to finish it, please do and submit, but beyond that I'm good to go. Let's just cross out fingers and pray I keep the steam!
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    I actually made my character before reading the first chapter, and it's a huge coincidence that the guy I made could fit the description of the lord. :D But he could also be a competing one from another town or so. Doesn't have to be a major role
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