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A Heart Full of Stars {A Medieval Story} Chapter 50 out now! 10/18/20


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    You could go back to the first chapters and look for a plot thread that you may have forgotten, and then see if you can tie it back into the current plot. Like there's the mermaid girl locked in the castle that even I forgot about.

    I'm not sure if you have writer's block exactly, but one way to overcome it from what I've read is to just write random nonsensical stuff about your current story. You might come across something that could give you ideas.

    Also, for songs, this one just came to me randomly, but it's an old favorite of mine:

    The pitch in that video is altered, but I couldn't find the official music video upload anymore. I think they took it down? I'm also still wrapping my head around the idea that the song was released about 17 years ago in 2003.
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    @icmnfrsh Here's a link from the official guy for the music video:

    Nice song! I'll certainly add it to my playlist for the music inspiration for the generation. I would tell you how it inspires me, but that would be telling :wink:

    Jeez, 2003 was so long ago! I was- 6? A simpler time :lol:. Ugh, When did I get older?! I feel like I'm ageless!
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    icmnfrsh Here's a link from the official guy for the music video:

    Nice song! I'll certainly add it to my playlist for the music inspiration for the generation. I would tell you how it inspires me, but that would be telling :wink:

    Jeez, 2003 was so long ago! I was- 6? A simpler time :lol:. Ugh, When did I get older?! I feel like I'm ageless!

    Yeah, it's just a lyric video I think. When I'm in my home country, I get different results because I think they have a different US version for the music video for some reason.

    I was a tad older in 2003 lol. They do have a way of creeping up on you, because we're all busy with our lives and we only stop to think about a certain period from time to time. Then before you know it, grade school or high school or college was that long ago.
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    Perhaps showing a chapter about how messed up the rule of the King has been for the peasants or perhaps a plague affecting the peasants...

    or perhaps the horrors of an ongoing war from either the vantage point of the Knight Templars or the Barbarians & other "heretics" betraying the church. Or perhaps the inner workings of the church & their influence on the King.

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    I think I've written a decent chapter. I'm not sure when I'll be able to take all the pictures for it, but we can shoot for Saturday or Sunday? It's a tad shorter than the ones I've been writing lately, but I didn't want to overload it.
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    Sounds good. You're moving forward at a reasonable pace
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    Ok, I'm really kinda looking forward to the new Gamepack. You guys all know I'm a big starwars geek. The only thing better is Lord of the Rings, so this is exciting.
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    I'm not really patronizing TS4 right now, so I wouldn't have bought the GP regardless. But it's great that it makes you happy!

    I guess it won't fit into your story though :joy:
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    Chapter 46


    Seneca watched on as Gloria fell asleep. Looking at her face, where he once had wanted to learn all of it’s secrets, he now felt that he had no place to look at her. They hadn’t talked much after he cleaned her up. He stitched her cheek up, very carefully, but he was worried that he had done a sloppy job. Barnabus’s wife always did a great job when he had an injury, but he had never done it himself. He hoped it wouldn’t scar.


    He felt like he had nothing to do now. He was starving; he would have to be quiet going down to the kitchen for food. He couldn’t even fathom how hungry Gloria was. He hadn’t been concerned with feeding her, when was the last time she ate?


    He took his boots off and padded his way down to the kitchen. He didn’t have a clock in his room, how long had he been with Gloria? Had it been hours? It had been evening when he brought her up, and now in the dark of night it was impossible to tell the time.

    The clock in the main room of the house claimed it was some time after two in the morning. Seneca felt groggy, but he couldn’t really sleep in his room. Not when there was a girl in his bed.

    “Sen,” he heard a whisper from behind him. He spun quickly, nearly knocking a vase off of it’s place on a shelf.


    It was Kritsa. She had her hair partially down, dressed in an expensive silk robe. If she were a fine object, Seneca would feel impulsed to package her away from all of the dirt and grime that seemed to be ever flowing from every corner of their compound. How she stayed clean was beyond him.

    He realised that he was still in his normal clothes. When had he had time to change? And even his night clothes didn’t look as clean as her worst ones…


    “What are you doing up? Did your carriage get too cold?” he asked, smoothing back his hair.


    “I couldn’t sleep. Too many ideas in my mind.” she took a step towards him, giving a little smile. “And my carriage is rather cold.” she smiled. Even without her jewelry she still seemed to sparkle.

    “Well, I can fix up a fire in the fireplace if you like. Wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.” he envisioned her skin, cold and smooth. He shivered. “You should stay away from Henry. Don’t want anyone catching whatever he has.” he laughed.

    She moved even close to him. “I was hoping you would be willing to warm it up for me.” she said quietly.


    He felt a shiver run all the way up his spine. “Um, your carriage doesn't have a wood burner…” he blushed. He didn’t want to read too far into what she said in case she didn’t mean what he thought she did.


    “Seneca, I’m here for only a few days a year, I want you to warm my carriage.” she raised her eyebrow.

    His stomach dropped from the nerves. He had wanted to be with her for months, dreamt of what may happen, but he had never thought that she would want the same thing. And after this evening’s events, he thought he had lost the chance completely.


    He craned his neck and kissed her softly, unsure of how to go about it. Everyone knew he was to marry Lady Krista, and he was monitored so closely that he couldn’t even think about kissing another girl without being scolded. He was nearly positive that Baranabus’s wife was psychic.

    She grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him to her aggressively. He nearly tripped over his own feet, but she didn’t seem to mind.



    Blake wobbled in his carriage. It had been a four day journey to the capitol, and judging by the sound of people and life getting more and more frequent, he could tell they were getting close.


    The bonds that held them were easily taken off by Marco’s experienced fingers. He had been a fisherman years ago, and he could still tie and, more importantly right now, untie knots.

    But it wasn’t the knots that held them, it was the doors to the carriage. They were surprisingly strong, and even with the four of them trying to force the doors they still wouldn’t do more than rattle. They were fed twice a day, and let out to relieve themselves at the same time, but they were watched and monitored. They had been disarmed thoroughly and had no weapons. The templars had all of the power, and Blake had to come up with something quick if he was going to get out of dying at the hands of the Church.


    “They let us out at nightfall, we could get away then. The darkness will help hide us.” he said softly to the gloom of the carriage. There was a single window, and it didn’t let in much light.


    “They’d shoot you in the back for sure. Ok, maybe not you because you’re the Duchess’s son and the Church will want the publicity of your capture, but the rest of us are expendable to them.” Rufus said. “To attempt an escape would be suicide!”


    “To let them take us to the capitol would be signing our own death warrants! The king must be told everything we know. He must know that the Church killed his heir but that his queen lives on on the Western Islands. He must know.” Blake urged.

    They sat in silence for a while, letting the knowledge that they had failed in the most important mission they would ever have sink in. If they didn’t die at the hands of the Church, they would probably die at the hands of the king for this failure.

    The carriage lurched to a halt, and all five of the templars came around to the side back of the carriage to let them out.

    “She’s a girl! A restrained one at that, you couldn’t figure out how to kill her? Do you know what sort of trouble she could cause if she’s running around?” one of the templars said.


    The blond one picked up.”Hey, drowning usually works! When has drowning not worked? And she’s not running around, she’s been arrested and she’s not going anywhere. Though if it were up to me, I would have killed her. They know how dangerous she is to be kept alive.”

    Blake held up three fingers, then counted down until the door was pulled open. The four of them charged the five templars, throwing them off balance. Rufus and Angus made for the trees quickly, but Blake turned and drew one of the templars’ swords and held it at chest height, warding them off. Marco hesitated to leave him there, but knew that the longer he stayed the harder it would be to run.



    “What do you me by ‘her’?!” Blake demanded.

    “Son, put down the sword. You can’t take all of us.” one of them said, approaching carefully.

    “I can and I will if I have to, but you will tell me if it’s Gloria that you’re talking about.” Blake threatened, approaching them without cowardice.

    They backed up. As much as they acted like they could fight, Blake wasn’t so sure that they could.

    “Word is that the witch you were traveling with has been arrested and is alive. That is all we know.” a different one of them said.


    “You’re lying!” he advanced and they retreated again. “Tell me where she is!”





    Sir Rhayde drew his sword and slashed at Blake, but was no match for him. Blake quickly had him at a disadvantage, a blade at the man’s neck. “Where is she?” he growled.


    “She’s being held at the Compound.” he blurted.

    “Sir Rhayde!” one of the other knights said.

    “I don’t want to die!” he defended.

    “Where is this Compound?” Blake pushed.


    “I don’t know, I haven’t been there. Honestly.” Rhayde shook.


    “That’s too bad.” Blake said. “It could have helped save your life. But then, attempting to kill the heir to the king is a crime punishable by death.”


    Marco flinched at the sight of blood, then turned to join the other men.

    We see a new side of Blake! And things are getting pretty serious between Seneca and Krista.

    As always, your comments are always treasured and adored!
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    Ugh... I'm still on the fence. I want to like both Seneca and Blake but I just don't trust either as of yet.
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    Wow, Krista is very forward. :D

    As for Blake or Seneca, I'm on Team Neither. Gloria deserves better.
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    :) I'm enjoying your comments as always.

    We have the rest of the natural story to find out who these characters are. They will continue to develop.

    But you're right. Gloria doesn't know what she's missing.
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    I'm just going to leave this here...

    I love men singing in harmony. And the subject mater is loosely relevant to my plot ideas. And the repetitive melody of the song leads me to think of old folk songs. Heck, as a choral person, I could write a short paper about how this song is interesting to me.
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    Chapter 47

    Anwyn, Liam, and Romeo landed on the shore of the mainland. They had been two days behind Gloria, but now they had no idea where she was. They didn’t know where they had landed, only that it was indeed the Mainland and that she was here somewhere.








    They didn’t speak. Too many memories were haunting them like ghosts, too heavy to shake loose.

    They had discussed their plans on the way there, with a six day journey it was plenty of time to come to an agreement on what they had to do. Anwyn wasn’t nearly as experienced with identifying the terrain and different regions of the Mainland as Liam and Romeo as they were once soldiers or the King and had toured the different regions.

    “Based on the time and the angle of the shadows from the trees, I’d say we're not far off from the capital, just a few days walk north.” Liam noticed, breaking the silence.

    “I’m assuming you learned that in the years you were on the run?” Romeo asked.

    “And a few other things. Let’s see if we can find a discrete ride there, or any information about a returned heir.” Liam answered.

    The roads were long and dim, but they tried to make the best of the time. “Liam,” Romeo asked, “Do you have any family? I can’t believe I’ve never asked you about it.”



    “I left them when I was very young, about 14 years old. I joined the military and didn’t look back. Jeez, that must have been… 26 years ago? 24?”


    “Where abouts did you live?” Romeo asked. Anwyn had heard all of this before, so she walked quietly.

    “I believe it was up near the Northern border. The area was fought over for a while. I don’t even know if my parents are still alive.”


    “So when we were so far north, we could have hid with them when we were running from the king? Why didn’t we visit them? Gotten provisions?” Romeo asked incredulously.


    “They’re a bit further in the wrong direction, and I had already been in touch with the Cupshires and they were bringing everything we needed. I didn’t want to have to bother my family or have them put in danger.”

    “But you may have never seen them again? How could you not tell them that they were going to be grandparents and where you were going?”

    “There’s no love lost between my parents and me.” Liam pointed out. “There was no reason why after 10 years of not talking to each other that I needed to talk to them. They’re my family only by blood.”


    “If I had a family, I would talk to them.” Romeo grumbled. “I have no one left. No one assigned to me by birth. I have my sons, my wife, if I even have her anymore.” He turned to Liam and the group halted. “We’re here for Gloria- for family. For our daughter. You can’t believe that your family doesn't love you when we’re risking our lives for the sake of family. At the risk of never seeing our children again. With all the love you feel for your children, do you really think that your parents don’t feel a shred of that for you?”


    Liam looked him steadily in the eyes. “Yes.”


    Gloria sat in the little room she had been interrogated in, but it had been made a bit more hospitable. A bed had been brought in, as was a small table, chair, and a small mirror. She was given books to read, and if she finished one she could request another.


    She felt like it was busy work. They didn’t know what to do with her yet, so they did nothing. How long was it to the capitol? Marco had mentioned it at their first meeting, but she couldn’t grasp the words that he had said. Was it two weeks? Three? How long had she been in this room? The days had all blended together, and the lack of bathing options meant that she couldn’t even measure the days based on how dirty her hair was. Everything was dirty. The next time she saw someone bring her food or a new book, she was going to ask them about it for sure.

    Not feeling anything was odd. She tried to meditate and reach out with her mind, but it felt like she was surrounded by a stone wall, and not just the one imprisoning her body. Her mind couldn't wander. She didn’t know if there were spiders in her room (likely), and if there were she couldn’t convince them to leave.

    After countless hours, a knock sounded at the door. She wasn’t hungry, so it wasn’t time for a meal, and she still had a whole other book to read. The schedule was changing.


    Seneca opened the door and stepped inside. “I’ve been told to summon you. My mother requests your presence.” he said without emotion.


    Gloria stood up from the chair. “If it’s a request, can I decline?” she asked with a wink.


    “It wouldn’t be wise.” he didn’t smile. He didn’t acknowledge her hardly at all. It threw Gloria, but she walked with him regardless.

    They stepped outside and Gloria’s eyes hurt suddenly. She hadn’t seen daylight in days, possibly weeks, and even with the clouds it was brighter than she was prepared for.


    “Ms. Reed,” the queen began. She was dressed much more plainly. Her hair was done simply, and her clothes weren’t made off brocades anymore but simple linen and cotton. She was nearly another person. “I have received letters back from my supporters and while the opinions are mixed, the majority of them believe that you are more of a danger than you are worth. With you still alive, there is still hope for the King to have an heir from his second wife. As we cannot allow you to take the throne, we have no choice but to execute you.”


    Gloria’s eyes grew wide, but the queen continued, “Now, as you are innocent of any crimes, we will allow you to choose your method of death.”


    “Why can’t I just go home?! I don’t want to be the heir, I don’t want to rule anything! I swear, I’m no threat to you!” Gloria’s voice was a bit sore from not talking for such a long time. She had tried to talk to herself for a while, but she felt too silly doing that.


    “While you may not choose to ascend the throne, the King has ways of making people do things they don’t want to do. You only need to ask your mother to know that. And sending you to the Western Islands would be too dangerous also. If word got out that you are still alive and not at the bottom of the river, first they would go through every village searching for information about you, track you back here, then go to the Islands. Blake has already been there and will be able to send someone to find you. So unless you know of any other hidden utopias, you are out of options.


    “Not that I need to explain anything to you, you’re a dead girl walking.” The queen finished.


    Gloria felt shattered. She wouldn’t see her parents again, she wouldn’t see Robin get married years from now, she wouldn't help her sisters learn to read…

    “The less people know you’re alive, the better. Saving your life was a mistake, and Seneca should know better than to save the lives of witches.” the queen addressed.”I’ll give you some time to decide how you wish to die, and we’ll try to get it arranged.

    “Now, our supporters are also adamant that we move our own heir to a secure location. The compound is too well known as a hub of our activity, and now that it’s said that someone has leaked that Gloria is alive and in the hands of the resistance, we need to make sure that we don’t lose the most important part of our campaign. We’re going to send you to the little island off the coast. It is defendable and you will be safe there.”


    Seneca had gone through this whole conversation with a blank expression and didn’t look his mother in the eye. Instead he looked somewhere at the distant ground. “What if we hide her with me?” he asked quietly.


    “What was that?” the queen asked, looking up from her papers.


    “We’re hiding me, why not hide Ms. Reed as well? If we keep her as a bargaining chip, as a captive, instead of throwing away our ace. The king will do anything to have his child and second wife back, he won’t harm her or do anything that would lead us to do so. Keeping her alive could gain us some ground.”


    “We aren’t even supposed to exist to them!” his mother lashed out. “She isn’t supposed to exist, you don’t exist to anyone but our cause! How are we supposed to use her life to bargain if we don’t have a negotiation open?” she paused, looked down at the papers in frustration, then back up. “I didn’t come to this decision lightly. It’s for your safety that her life be put to an end.”


    “But you even said that someone has let slip that Ms. Reed is still alive. Eventually that rumor will make it to the capitol and they will be coming to find her. But if the plan to hide me works so well, then we should both be able to be safe on the island. Her being claimed by the King won’t be a problem, and that means that she doesn't have to die. She's still useful.”


    The queen looked at him, jaw set, but she was thinking. “It’s dangerous. They’re not looking for you, they will be looking for her. You’d be just another young man on an island, she’s the missing heir.”


    “I think that’s a risk we should take,” he answered.

    Gloria was puzzled. The queen treated him like an asset, precious cargo, but barely a son. She seemed only as concerned for him so that he could still help her plan, not even trying to act like it was their plan. What had growing up like this been like?


    She thought for a few moments. “There were several supporters who thought that she would be of value. I guess I’m siding with them. The two of you leave at nightfall. Be ready. And Seneca-” she interrupted him from leaving just yet, “The equipment stays on. No magic permitted. She’s still dangerous if she has powers.”

    Seneca turned and Gloria didn’t know what to do now, so she followed Seneca. He walked into the house, and started walking making his way to the stairs.


    “Thanks for convincing your mother to spare my life. I guess you’ve saved my life twice now.” Gloria said meekly.


    She saw his jaw tighten, and he turned around sharply. “There is something that I want to make very clear. I don’t like you. I didn’t do it for you. I did it so that in the future we still have you as an asset to save ourselves and my fellow people. We are not friends.” he punctuated each word of the last sentence. “This trip should prove… challenging.”

    Anyone want to guess what real life time it is? 11:30! I would have had the chapter out earlier (maybe) but I was making some of the next setting's setting. Can't have a naked island, now can we!?

    I actually meant to write more on the older trio, but the storyline about Liam's family popped into my head and since I don't usually go back to the same people after I've finished that scene and moved onto another set of characters, I thought the original idea was better left to the next chapter. As always, thanks for reading! and here's a few bloopers:

    So, I implied that Seneca and Krista jumped each other's bones last chapter, so I figured I may as well make it canon.


    Then I took really nice pictures of the older trio, only to realize that the 5:00 meant evening and not morning so the sun was setting and it didn't work with what I wrote for the story.



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    Liam :(

    I really hope Gloria gets to kill them all in the future, lol
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    Just a bit of an update: I've been working at my work a bit more than most weeks this week, and to top it off I have a wedding I'm going to next month and I need my dress to be ready for that, and it doesn't sew itself.

    Both of these things considered, I have to unfortunately say that there is no chapter ready in the coming days. I want to write, but the characters aren't telling me what they want, and I have other pressing matters.

    I hope you're all staying safe, inspired, and happy.
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    That's okay. Take your time. :)
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    Here's some good news: I finished my dress it just needs some detail work, and I've written about half of a new chapter! I'm not sure when I'll get it out, but I'm hoping by this coming weekend? I work less hours this week so that's a good sign!
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    Chapter 48

    Barnabus’s wife had fussed around long enough to get them ready for their stay on the island. They had food packed, spare clothes, soap, candles, everything she could think of to make sure they were prepared.


    “Isn’t Krista going to come and see you off?” Gloria asked while securing her pack.


    “Lady Krista left three days ago. She was required back home.” Seneca answered without going into detail.

    “Oh.” she paused. “How long was I in that room?” she asked with a raised eyebrow and a curl of her mouth.


    “About four days.” he said as he hoisted his pack.


    Henry peaked his head around the corner from the kitchen and walked over. “Are you two youngins ready to get going? The sun is setting.”


    Seneca rolled his eyes and scowled at him. “You know I hate it when you call me young. I’m a year younger than you; we’re the closest in age to anyone around.”

    “Still younger than me,” he said in a chipper tone. “I’m coming with the two of you. Someone has to guard the two most important youngins on the continent, and I’m sure Lady Krista would appreciate the chaperone.” he winked.

    “That won’t be an issue.” Gloria and Seneca said in unison. Gloria smiled and chuckled, Seneca just rolled his eyes with a grimace.

    “Isn’t Gloria closer in age to you than I am? According to the timeline, she’s only about 9 months younger than you. “ Henry mentioned as he walked back to the kitchen.


    “Age has nothing to do with anything. I’m three years younger than Blake, and we’re- I- I hope we’re still a ‘we’.” she looked a bit confused.


    “If things are going right, he isn’t much of a problem anymore. Nor will he ever be again.” Seneca commented. As he did, he felt his heart twist.


    Gloria had an empty look on her face with glazed over eyes. She had been handling everything rather well until this point.

    “Everything has been happening so quickly, it’s hard to let anything sink in…” she said, as if finishing his thought. “And I’m not sure I want it to.”


    He grabbed his pack and walked out to the yard where the dew was starting to catch in the grass as the temperature fell and the bugs started swarming at any lightsource.

    Seneca thought he heard Henry saying something in the house. He could hear his deep tone resonating, the tone was soft and reassuring. Seneca couldn’t be that kind. He couldn’t measure up to Perfect Henry, and kindness didn’t win wars. Kindness wouldn’t get him on the throne.

    A breeze spun through the trees and up his shirt, chilling him. The house had been too warm, so the chill was comfortable. He always loved this time of year, where he could enjoy the temperature outdoors without having to bundle up and also not sweat from simply sitting in the sun.


    Henry and Gloria exited the house together. They’d made a good pair, if Gloria wasn’t forbidden fruit. They were both kind and tender, strong but not fast to jump to violence. Maybe if Blake was confirmed dead they would get together. Henry needed a good girl on his arm.

    They reached him, and without much ado they walked down to the shore. There was a boat waiting for them. The area was fairy lit, a trick that Gloria knew how to do if she could do magic. Instead, she looked at it and wondered how a society that was so far against witches would still use lights that were summoned by the occult.


    The island was barely visible in the gloom on the horizon, but she could see the old lighthouse sticking up from the firm ground. They didn’t light it much anymore since this area of the continent was supposed to be used only for villages and not shipping. If there was no shipping, they didn’t need a lighthouse that far out in the bay.


    The ride took about half of an hour, and the sun had set beyond the horizon by the time they reached the island’s pier. It was well built and still in good condition, which assured Gloria for some reason. She didn’t have to worry about it falling into the ocean if there was a bad storm.


    The two boys set off towards the cottage on the island, but Gloria was surprised at how large the island was. They had referred to it as a small island, and yes, it was smaller than many of the Islands she came from, but by continent standards, this could house quite a few people with room to spare. Her whole extended family could live here and probably be able to thrive.


    Gloria arrived at the door just as Henry gave it just enough of a push to open the cottage. It appeared to have two floors, but it was terribly dark inside. She decided to stay outside in the moonlight until they lit more candles. Seneca stumbled over a piece of furniture and cursed under his breath. Henry found the fireplace and took some kindling out and lit the dry logs.


    Gloria wandered into the room and looked around. It was truly a small room, with a bench, fireplace, little table and kitchen. But it appeared to have the blessing of interior plumbing, so she wouldn’t have to worry about using a chamber pot or going outside in the dark to relieve herself.


    “Welcome to the cabin on the isle, Ms. Reed. May I show you to your room?” Henry asked while Seneca rubbed his shin.

    “I get my own room?” Gloria asked.

    “There are two rooms, It’s only fitting that you have your own room while Seneca and I share a room.


    “But the larger room has only a double bed! How are we going to make that work?” Seneca protested.


    “It’s only appropriate. And as neither of us are interested in men, I don’t see why sharing quarters will be a problem.” Henry counterd.


    “It’s not just sharing quarters, it’s sharing a bed!” he fussed.

    “Neither of us are going to be sharing a bed with Ms. Reed, so that ends the discussion. You are betrothed to Lady Krista, and I would not wish to have Ms. Reed’s virtue brought into question. If you like, we can take turns sleeping on the bench until we make different sleeping arrangements.”

    Seneca rolled his eyes, and having found that his leg is still in one piece and no longer searing in pain, the three of them walked up the stairs. The landing was small, with a chess board on it and two doors.


    “The room on the left is yours, Ms. Reed.” Henry commented. “From what I’ve heard, it’s rather small, but it should give you privacy.

    “The room on the right is our room. If you need anything, feel free to ask either of us, and we will try to aid you.” Henry, having finished the tour, opened the room to the right, and plopped his pack onto the floor near the door. Seneca pushed past him and was then out of sight to Gloria, and she grabbed the handle of her own door and opened it. As with the rest of the house, it was dark and she wished that she could use her magic to light the candles. Or to meditate and see if she could contact Midshore. The words wouldn’t be there, but they could share feelings, images.


    She thought about how much energy she must have built up. Would it be enough to reach Midshore? Or had these trinkets not been simply a stopper but a drain on her powers? Would she have any power left when they came off? How did they work?

    She heard the creak of a bed frame in the boy’s room, and she hoped that they didn’t make much noise. The walls looked sturdy, but she hoped that she wouldn’t hear them snoring.



    “Ugh, I forgot how hard it was to walk all day, everyday.” Anwyn rubbed the small of her back. “I can’t believe I did this while I was pregnant.”

    “You weren’t very big yet when you did, but I know what you’re talking about. We’re traveling lightly, and I already feel like I need to sleep for a few days.” Liam agreed.

    “Good thing we should be coming up on an inn soon. If I remember, there’s a little cluster of buildings coming up on this road.” Romeo assured. “We should be able to sleep in a bed tonight.”

    “If you’re wrong, I’m going to hit you.” Anwyn said.


    She didn’t have to though, because as they turned the corner, they saw the inn standing like an oasis in the desert.

    “I could use a good meal, and I’m sure you two could as well.” Romeo smiled, then shot off running towards the inn like a little kid. Anwyn squealed and she and Liam ran after him.


    The inside of the inn was well lit, with a long counter and several tables for patrons to eat at. There were a few people milling about, but not enough to think of the place as crowded.

    “I’ll order some food, you guys go and find a table.” Anwyn said. They nodded and walked into the group of tables, and Anwyn turned to the counter.


    “Hello, lass. How can I help you?” asked a woman who looked to be 10 years older than Anwyn. It had been a while since anyone had called Anwyn a lass, even longer since she had felt like one.


    “I would like three meals, whatever you have cooked up, and I need lodgings for three people for the night.” she listed.

    “We have a hearty chicken just cooked, and unfortunately we only have one room with a large bed available. Will that suit you?” the woman asked.

    “That will do fine. I’m sure we can manage with that.” Anwyn smiled. The woman went to go and get the food, and she looked around. She knew that she was nowhere near where she grew up, but she was wondering if she would see anyone she knew.

    The woman returned and as Anwyn gave her payment for the food, she noticed that the woman was looking at her face a bit more intensely than was normal.

    “I- I don’t mean to pry, but you look so much like the late queen. It’s remarkable. I’m sure you hear that all the time, but I can’t believe the similarity.” she marveled.

    “I get that a lot. It’s just a coincidence.” she assured.

    “Well,” the woman’s voice became hushed. “I can tell you’re not from around here, most people aren’t, but I would be careful if I were you. The king is fervent that he’ll find his lost queen and they’ll live happily forever. I’m not sure how anyone could live happily with him, so I’d be careful if I were you.” she warned.


    “Oh, um, thankyou.” Anwyn responded. How did this woman even know who she was? Or what she looked like?

    She took the food and walked to the table Liam and Romeo had picked out. She must have looked baffled because they both looked at her with changing expressions.

    “What happened?” Liam asked, scanning the counter area to see if anyone looked suspicious.


    “The woman thought I looked like the late queen. She recognized me. I don’t know how, but what if other people do too? What if the king finds me?” she started to get anxious.


    “No one is going to find you, we just need to make sure that you aren’t recognized. Maybe you could go to the little market down the way and find something to cover your hair and face. Make it hard for people to recognize you?” Romeo suggested.

    “I should be more careful. You two are lucky, the only people you need to worry about recognizing you would be other guards.”

    “And Blake.” Liam growled.


    “He won’t be much of a problem; if we see him he’s done for.” Romeo commented. “I also think that you should be accompanied at all times, Anwyn. Who knows who’ll be able to identify you, or over hear something. We don’t know how many spies the King has, and we don’t need you being carted off to the capitol. One of us should always be with you. To even out the odds.”

    “Now I feel like a burden.” she said.


    “A burden we are willing to shoulder. Don’t worry, you make up for it in other ways.” Liam bumped her shoulder with his. She rested her head on his shoulder, and he rested his against hers.


    “I wish Lily was here.” Romeo said. “Then I could be as sickeningly sweet with her as the two of you are.” he laughed.

    After they finished eating, Romeo went up to the room to bathe and see if he and any clean clothes left to wear.

    No one else recognized Anwyn and Liam as they went about their shopping, finding a simple head scarf and face covering that didn’t cost much. Liam bought a new outfit; the armor of a guard in training clothes was a bit conspicuous and if the kingdom was truly in the middle of a civil unrest, they didn’t want to be visibly choosing sides.


    As the pair were returning to the inn, they passed three young men exiting. “Are you sure we’re not lost? You never were very good with your directions.” one of them said as they passed. Liam raised an eyebrow at Anwyn and they both smiled. Oh, to be young and lost.”


    Anyone want to guess the time? It's 11:20pm! I guess some things never change.

    I'm really trying to develop the plot, but as I've said, it's hard to figure out what the characters want in my head. It's like what I imagine caving is like: you have an idea, but that idea may not work and the medium is going to be something it wants to be anyway? I heard that you don't carve an elephant from marble, you free it from marble. Well, my characters aren't coming forward clearly. It's like I have a fuzzy elephant :sweat_smile:

    I really liked the idea of Anwyn in bed with the two men she's shared a bed with, but having it be super pure. I love this trio so much. As some of the characters show, it's hard to have two caring parents, imagine having three very dedicated ones!
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,773 Member
    "I’m not sure how anyone could live happily with him, so I’d be careful if I were you.” she warned.

    Oof, that sounds about right

    I'm surprised all three of them were able to fit on that bed :joy: Good thing Gloria didn't have to share hers. But maybe she and Henry could share one soon ;)
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    I like Henry, he seems a quite the gentlemen.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,505 Member
    I know last week I said I wouldn't have a chapter, and I did, but this week I think I may mean it. My boss is out sick at work so I'm working longer days, and it feels like I'm a routine of eat, sleep, work. I haven't had time to be creative. I hate to disappoint my readers because I love it when you comment on my story.

    In the mean time, I hope you all stay inspired, healthy, and happy <3.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,505 Member
    Woo! I've written the next chapter, but pictures are not started yet. Sorry for making you guys wait for so long.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,773 Member
    Tis fine. True art takes its time
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
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