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anyone having trouble logging in to

Origin or is it just me?


  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 25,082 Member
    Looks like Origin might be down for a bit -- I can log in but only get offline mode. I was on about 6 hours ago with no problems.
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  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    Thanks for letting me know.. First time I have had this problem with Origin.
  • cheifeagleeyecheifeagleeye Posts: 542 Member
    I cannot login to Origin
  • Sky97Sky97 Posts: 19 Member
    Yeah, it's not letting me go online at all.
  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    You would think they would send a message to let users know they will be offline.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 25,018 Member
    You might try one of two things. Restart your computer and if that doesn't work, install Origin again. Every now and again I get a notice that I can't log in because there's either been an error, or I'm not recognized. Face/palm. I have found either method above is helpful. Good luck. I have been messing around with other things today and haven't yet attempted to play my game.
  • Jasonschick80Jasonschick80 Posts: 684 Member
    According to redditt, origin is down in different spots, some overseas as well. So, it's Assassin's Creed 3 for me because heaven forbid I should buy a game along with all the dlc and not be able to play it because they can't verify that I own it by logging in.

    Just saying.....
  • simm621simm621 Posts: 1,037 Member
    I had to start sims up from the desktop because I was I having trouble logging into Origin, when I finally got in it was offline and I couldn't get into my library.
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  • Nancy01905Nancy01905 Posts: 3,922 Member
    i am having the same issues, I was able to log in last night
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,709 Member
    I just started an identical discussion - I can't log into help, either, and I can't open Sims4 if I can't get in to Origin. (Usually, it works in offline mode, but today, nothing is working.)
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    I would like to play my game :#
  • Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,137 Member
    Origin went offline earlier when I was playing and refused to go online unless I turned off all my games (i.e. Sims 4). Did that and it took hell of a long time for origin to log back in. Am now connected it seems. If it helps, my VPN is connected to the UK.
  • AnmirlaAnmirla Posts: 3,805 Member
    That must have been what happened when my game minimized earlier. I got a pop-up something about closing out my games and going back online. I just clicked on the icon in my taskbar (my game was still open) and continued to play. *shrug* I guess I got lucky...
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,036 Member
    Just came back up a few minutes ago here in Spain. Hopefully it will start coming up for others soon if it hasn't already!
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 25,018 Member
    Never mind what I said earlier. The Origin site is down. However, I have some good news! If you have Windows, then go to your start menu. Select Origin and follow the arrow to your Sims 4 game. Click on that and voilà you should be in. It's worked for me four times, now.
  • Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,137 Member
    Well. I spoke too soon. Origin is again off-line and demands I close down my game. No. I am just playing offline for now.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,406 Member
    edited May 2019
    I thought my Origin was corrupted or something lmao I was about to reinstall but I can even access the website. But I can't even play offline there's no option and Origin doesn't even load wth
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 9,273 Member
    And that's why I closed down my game...offline and no ability to reconnect. I was on briefly when I got lucky and actually stayed online and then it went out again. :s
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  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,036 Member
    I spoke too soon too it's back offline for me.
  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    Never mind what I said earlier. The Origin site is down. However, I have some good news! If you have Windows, then go to your start menu. Select Origin and follow the arrow to your Sims 4 game. Click on that and voilà you should be in. It's worked for me four times, now.

    I tried that and it didn't work for me. :'(
  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    this is getting to be very annoying. >:)
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 7,058 Member
    I had that problem, and I thought it too was my version. I couldn't log in, but I have a short cut on my desk top to the sims 4 and that started the game although I am off line. I can still access my library, but not the gallery. For a little bit I couldn't even log in here. So hopefully it will get fixed soon for everybody including me. I am just happy I found a way to play my game or I would have been extremely upset.
  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 2,086 Member
    Just logged in to Origin and even though it took a bit longer, it seems to be up and running. I am in Washington state if that helps. Good luck, everyone. This has to be annoying as heck for you.
  • BrittaBritta Posts: 23 Member
    Yep, doesn't work for me either at the moment :(
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,036 Member
    Nah, it just keeps trying to reconnect, maybe connects for a second and drops out again. Very frustrating. Well I suppose I could play TS3 as I have the old version that doesn't require Origin and I never patched it.
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