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I just had the most random thing happen

SamadamsPlayerSamadamsPlayer Posts: 563 Member
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Picture this
I’m playing the pancakes it’s 10.40pm In Game the kids are in bed (one child one toddler ) bob has gone off somewhere I noice there’s some washing on the line & it’s raining so I direct Eliza to get it & put it in the dryer
Next thing I know there’s a fire Eliza routs herself to safety kid is out the door cat is running out (forgot to mention the cat soz ) toddler is trying his best to climb down the stairs Bob is screaming at the fire then all of a sudden Lilith Vetoer comes out of nowhere to put the fire out who I can only assume was breaking in to snack on one of them
It’s a shame it happened to fast for me to get a video I hope I gave everyone a good enough mental picture
I love random things like this I was laughing about it for about 5 minutes
More random stuff please
Happy simming everyone
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