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Hey y'all,

As some of you know, I play TS4 for the main purpose of building lots and also for creating my simlit. I already have a thread dedicated to my blog, but I thought I would start another one dedicated to the homes and community lots I design. I use a lot of CC in most of my builds, so I may or may not upload using Simsfileshare someday--haven't decided yet. Either way, I just wanted to share with you all what I've done. :3

So without further ado, here is my latest creation!

1 bedroom/1 bath modern home in Oasis Springs 30x40 lot (landscaping not completed)

My favorite thing about this build is how the sunlight comes in from the very large skylights. I also love how the ceiling looks from inside!



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    This build is a beach house which was conceptualized between @kirivian and i. :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart: I love every part of it, but I have to say the bathroom and bedroom are always such a pleasure to look at in any lighting. It's pretty much my dream home. <3 (Also, sorry for the kinda jumbled mess of images.)


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    Both homes are lovely! :) Very nice roofing on both homes! Very stylish interior of the first home, and beach looks so calming, light filled and peaceful! Very nice windows and curtains ! Very nice roof covered outdoors dining and bbq patio! Lovely interior furnishings! The picture with the moon in the sky is very pretty! :)
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    @rosemow Thank you so much for looking and for your kind comments. :3 I adore the curtains as well, it was something I HAD to have! hehe
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    I love your builds which you know but if I tell you that enough will you make more? :p
    Finally changed my words here again...nothing fun, moving on.
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    These builds are simply gorgeous! :love:
    I aspire to be able to build like this one day but sadly I am just a lowly sim creator :D
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    @afai1261 OMG... gimme a break :joy: Your sims are so fing gorgeous. Stahp it.... but also, thank you! <3
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    So this first modern home on your little build project is quite a departure isn't it?... kinda lovin' it.... I'm used to your homey homestyle which you know I get into whenever I can, but I gotta say..... knocked this one out of the park, babe.... The way you stagger and place the sky lights of the vaulted ceilings slanting them down to a V allows alternating shafts of light to enter and play with the interior penetrating deep into the rooms where a normal skylight might not reach... This roofing option also casts a very modern and fresh look to the outside of the house. I am a fan of wood and tile AYK so the interior floors, ceilings and walls are particularly appealing to me... 'cause I think in general they are not truly neutral like a flat paint or solid flooring in similar colors and so they allow movement and texture to the room while letting the furniture and supporting décor really flesh out the style.... You have a brilliant eye for lighting and nuance placement of clutter that in this case brings the house together as a single piece of art, rather than a jumbled mess of some very unique CC.. I am as always blown away by the way you bring your vision to life.... <3

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    @kirivian Oh, you do have such a way with words... let me first address the particulars of the roof... as you know, I love trying new things, so I thought this time I would be adventurous and spread the roof out and let the light in as far as I could. I'm glad you like how it looks, cause sometimes seeing it for myself just isn't enough--I need another pair of eyes to tell me if I'm doing it right. I love making my homes warm and inviting, and even though this build is extremely modern in design, I think I was still able to accomplish this with some soft, plush furniture and honey colored hardwood. I think even I would like living there! :3 Thank you for the comment, cutiepie. They're always so insightful and stimulating. <3
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    Our beach house... :) Very cool..... This went so far beyond my original vision of our humble little home... but AYK.... I love this thing. So glad you're good at following instructions..... J/K..... LOL..... Seriously, I am blown away by the finished product on this little brainstorm of ours... I cannot believe how much of the details from our chat you not only remembered but incorporated... and I never expected the structure of the build to look like this finished house.. even though we did have a pretty in depth discussion that night. It's almost surreal to see it through your eyes after having my vision of it in my mind for so long.... so much is familiar, but at the same time... nothing like I pictured it... not even sure where to start.... let's try this...…

    the thing is...... the curtains and windows are almost exactly what i pictured... the floors.... the basic concept for the layout.... open floor plans..... the style of the kitchen and the Island... exactly what i envisioned, but i didn't expect it to be so big.... i had no "vision" of the bathroom which btw you blew out of the park.... the structure of the house was not what i originally pictured.... but the color scheming was spot on.... the full top to floor windows.... the fireplace... the oversized bed in the middle of the much of the detail is just exactly what we talked about and I imagined....... you know? so to quote one of your faves, John Denver, it's like "...coming home to a place I've never been before." I can't thank you enough for bringing this to life and for sharing it with me and here.... you're amazing... <3 <3 <3

    oh yeah and I will try to create my vision of it too as promised, but after seeing this..... lost in space.... not even sure I wanna try...…..

    and one last little thing.... the little Ivy (or Ivy-like) plant in the bathroom... :dizzy: <3
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    You ran into the night from all you had
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    You ran into the night, you can't be found..."

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    @kirivian There isn't much humble about it, is there? Nevertheless... I, myself, am humbled to know that I was able to pull off such an amazing build... especially one that could make you proud to say you conceived of it with me and brought it to life. You know how adamant I was about having giant, billowy sheer curtains and I'm SO happy I found that CC... I think the big windows are my favorite part, since that was the one thing I saw so vividly in my mind every time we talked about it. The bedroom, to me, signifies everything peaceful about the place all wrapped up in one beautiful room that I would LOVE to spend time in... I think if the entire house was just the bedroom, I'd be happy. Hehe!
    It's all just so...serene... and wonderful.... and it's perfect in every way. I'll never build anything as wonderful (to me, personally) as this house... this home. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. <3 <3 <3

    Also.... I can't wait to see your version. Please do try... and take lots of pictures!! :3
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    Alright, next up is a brewpub called Riverside Brewing Co. I built quite a long time ago. This is actually CC free and on the gallery for anyone who would like to download it! (My username is Larspat89.) I'm going to renovate it with CC next, so I can have some nicer windows mainly, but also just to have a little fun with it... I may add a second floor to make it look a little more like an old factory. We will see what happens! Either way, it's a really great place to take your sims. My favorite feature is the long, wrap-around bar area and the open kitchen.


    An' yeah... that's Vladdy in the kitchen! Hehe :3
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    Riverside Brewing Co. is a very nice pub! :) The exterior design is very nice! The brick exterior and interior wall textures give a great warm look and feel to the build! The greenery is a nice touch on the exterior.Very nice outdoors dining patio! The patio lamp heater is a nice touch there, to keep the area warm, and the lavender is pretty on the edges,. Very nice furnishing of the interior! It looks very nice welcoming and homely . Very nice layout of the venue! Nice armchair sitting nook in the foyer area. It looks very nice the way the wooden tables have been set up with candles on top. Very nice wraparound bar! It looks great! The drinks shelves and menu board are a nice touch on the wall. Very nice kitchen cooking nook.
    It is a very nice pub for Sims to enjoy dining at ! :)
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    @rosemow Thank you very much! I hope people enjoy it as much as I do...
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    AYK I have this one in a couple of my neighborhoods, but am very excited about this update and the CC version. One of the nicest features of this pub IMO is your use of lighting... it really adds atmosphere to this lot and makes it a great place for my sims to either sneak away for a romantic outing or just meet at the bar for drinks with friends. I am particular to the outdoor dining option -very curvy :smiley: . As always your attention to small details is outstanding.... lending this lot as so many of your others... a realistic vibe which I personally really like in my game... thanks for showcasing this one and for making it available... <3
    "The night was all you had
    You ran into the night from all you had
    Found yourself a path upon the ground
    You ran into the night, you can't be found..."

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    @kirivian always so happy to know you use my lots, of course... I'll share the cc version with you once it's done since we prolly have all the same stuff! hehe ❤
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    Hi guys,
    Finally finished my CC version of the brewpub so here are some shots. As you can see, I altered the building quite a bit--made it more like a reclaimed factory, raised the ceilings up a floor, redid some of the roofing and added an old chimney.

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    The cc version of the build looks very nice! :)The changes you have made to the build, and the cc used is very nice! Both versions are special venues for Sims to enjoy visiting! :)
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