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Whenever, I go to the starlight acculode, there always seems to be more sims that go to the rewards than what is in the lots of del sol valley. Anyways the stupid host keeps picking the same sims over and over again. My sim is a global superstar and has prestine fame and no matter when I go there the game just ignores me.

What can you win a starlight acculode for. I just want at least 1 before my sim dies. How are you nominated?
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    What does your sim do for a living?
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    It depends on if your sim acts, simstagrams, cooks or goes to the talent nights at the local lounge or anything else they are famous for. You can get notifications if you are nominated. Try hosting a fan-meet and greet. After one I did find a random starlight accolade in my household inventory. Keep trying!
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    It's SEVERELY rare to win. I've done three entire playthroughs of the Acting career without ever winning.
    I always go, but I use it as an excuse to shmooze with the other famous sims since there's 0% chance of winning, even when nominated.
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    Try hosting a fan-meet and greet. After one I did find a random starlight accolade in my household inventory. Keep trying!

    I don't think that's an accolade. You get a trophy very similar to it when you host a successful meet-and-greet. Sims almost never get accolades. It's pretty much broken.
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    That's so weird. I was really disappointed in how easy the acting career was for the one Sim I tried with it. She had high charisma skill and only 1 point in acting (remember, TS4 starts Sims off at 1, not 0). She auditioned for things she wasn't qualified for and got the parts. She was SO stiff, yet nominated for a COMMERCIAL ... then WON... Wayy too easy for her. Although she was a traditionally cute young lady, the type Hollywood would IRL unfairly favor, but how did the game know?!

    This is weird. :neutral: :confused:

    One thing is that I don't want a bunch of "who do you think you are?" so-called "famous" rando Sims, so I would cheat to lower their status, since I couldn't remove it. I also might've deleted some premade famous Sims, not sure. (When I played GF, the mod to reduce Sim creation was broken, but I tried to combat that.) MAYBE my game did have less competition than most vanilla players?? (Although I made some of my own famous Sims, though they didn't have experience, and my Sim did have a little, more than anyone else, just because she's the one I played, though only for a Sim week.)

    Or perhaps charisma is a huge key factor???

    Or because I only played ONE Sim as an actor, so maybe the game favored her?

    Or it was random. Though I wanted it to be more difficult, and felt disappointed, so I wouldn't say I'm lucky.
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    the number of 'competitors' also seems to matter. if you only have one author sim actually writing books, they seem to get nominated early on and also seem to win an accolade because there's no competition in the writing category. however, future writers don't appear to have it so easy, since there's already at least one established competitor. (leslie from strangerville seems to be an exception to this in my game, since i played her for a week when the freelancer career came out. she went up against mortimer goth and at least three other established writers in my game and won 3 accolades in one day...two of them for writing, the third for just breathing, apparently. usually when i attend, it's 11 sims that i'm not playing that win awards)

    i've seen similar with the media production skill, too. and then there are the random 'weird' accolades that don't appear to need a nomination or skill for a sim to win (the tight pants one, the 'being good' one (where a sim really doesn't have to be good, considering thorne bailey won it once in my game) and such)

    unless i've got something specific planned, i tend to send whatever sim i'm playing at the time to the accolades, just to see who gets nominated... that is, if i notice it's accolade time. get some interesting winners that way, esp if the played sim doesn't have anything you expect would lead to an award. and, if one of my played sims from another household wins an award, i'll consider cheating that into their household when i swing back over to them. sometimes the idea fits, sometimes not

    also, for those 'who do you think you are?' created sims, i've deleted a few, myself, and briefly played others to give them actual reasons to be famous (like i turned one into a level 8 or so tech guru, maxed a few skills. or made another an astronaut, another a famous chef with maxed cooking/gourmet cooking and so on). it feels more believable to me, that way

    i've also done the reverse, with adding fame to existing townies that i felt it fit. like a high level politician or the townie i basically had turned into diana ross
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    edited May 15
    It's completely and 100% broken. It is utterly impossible to get an award.

    I wrote a mod that guarantees nominations. I got three nominations, two for acting gigs, and one for a book. I still didn't win anything.

    One of the award ceremonies, noone won because every 30 seconds a new famous sim arrived and the entire ceremony stopped as everyone just HAD to greet them. Took over a game hour before the host restarted and a few seconds later, a new famous sim walked in, another hour... etc.

    The entire system is completely borked. So, don't play Get Famous expecting to get awards, because you won't.

    Maybe instead I'll see if I can remove that "freak-out" everyone does with famous sims.
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    Really? My sims get awards fairly regularly. I guess there must be some bad luck involved or something. :(
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 1,452 Member
    Judith often gets awards, but she's global star.
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    Are the starlight accolades announced/hosted on a particular weekday, or are they totally random events?
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    It is from 6-11 pm on every Sunday, you'll aso find the announcement in your sim's calender.
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 6,512 Member
    Gagea wrote: »
    It is from 6-11 pm on every Sunday, you'll aso find the announcement in your sim's calender.

    Thanks! I attended only once, more like a test than a personal achievement. I didn't pay much attention to either of the GF events yet, better get started :)
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    Your sim has to be nominated to get the reward. They can be nominated for books, movies, videos, as well as other things. You'll get a notification if they have been.
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