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Cinebar Custom Content Clothes Updating Links 4/2020

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I'm creating this post to share most of the custom content I created for my Sims in the TS2. It will be updated with pictures of the clothes and links to media fire downloads if anyone is interested. These are my own work, the first three I am in process of sharing are Maxis meshes retextured into something different. What I will be sharing has more of a 60's flair to the styles, if you like themed clothes. Or let's just call them retro. :D

Someone asked me to share some Dark Shadows Sims I had created, too, so I may upload those, if possible with all their cc where possible and with permissions with those custom hairstyles etc. Or links where to find hair meshes.

I'll be back this week to share how the clothes look on the Sims (not necessarily DS clothes) but retro clothes. And the links. Hope you guys find something you like. I had a lot of fun learning how to create clothes for TS2, and some are nice in my opinion, though they may not be to everyone's taste since they are retro clothing and textures. But you might have a Sim who could use them, lol. I never did share anything like this before, since I'm actually very shy in real life (Lol, yes, it is true) and shy about sharing my own work. (Yes, shy, it's taken me fifteen years to decide to share anything, lol).

Happy Simming!

ETA: Check back I may have something you like. I have a lot to upload over time and make room for more.

ETA: If meshes aren't included I will note it. Also, most if not all are for YA and Adult Females. Until I post child, adult male or elderly though not many of those turned out very well unless you want some grunge and raggedy clothes. A few built that way on purpose. Not everyone has the Collins' money. :D
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