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Can A Sim Re-Marry?

Ellie_McConnell70Ellie_McConnell70 Posts: 40 Member
I have a question about marriage.

My SIM Megan married a SIM belonging to someone else over a month ago. I sent a request for him to move in and I've recieved nothing. His owner seems to have stopped playing. So I created another Sim, Daniel, and moved him in as a housemate and had him start an relationship with Megan.

Question I have is, will he be able to Marry Megan? Or have i been wasting my time? Lol! It Must be noted that each event Daniel has to instigate. If I try with Megan it says no must do more events to unlock it.

They're now at level 8 in their romance.


  • jenn789hyukjenn789hyuk Posts: 8 New Member
    tell me the answer
  • PureGold144KPureGold144K Posts: 23 Member
    I think if the sim is dead you can remarry, or file for a divorce due to the hardness of heart.
    I AM the One and Only King! Ahayah is the name.
  • PureGold144KPureGold144K Posts: 23 Member
    I know I had a Sim divorce and then remarry the same exact Sim, but they had to be interacted with.
    I AM the One and Only King! Ahayah is the name.
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