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Spectre's All Promo and Premade Sims Baby Challenge

EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
After I finished the 100 Baby Challenge for the first time, I'm planning a much bigger project: Basically the 100 Baby Challenge but open end. I plan for my Sims to have kids with all the promotional Sims I can find as well as all the premade Townies in the order of pack release.

I've already created the founder of the lineage, Aada All. The last name is a bit of a pun as it not only means all = everything in English. All also means universe in my native language German.

I decided that both female and male children can continue the lineage and have chosen her outfits rather gender neutral.

Here all the promotional households I found. I will of course only use the male Sims, but I'll probably place the ladies into my game as well:

2014-09 Promo Base Game
2014-09 Willow Creek
2014-09 Halloween
2015-01 Outdoor Retreat
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2015-02 Genealogy Update
2015-02 Valentine's Day
2015-02 Presidents' Day
2015-03 Promo Get to Work
2015-05 Luxury Party Stuff
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2015-05 May the Fourth
2015-06 Perfect Patio Stuff
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2015-07 Promo Spa Day
2015-08 Cool Kitchen Stuff
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2015-09 Promo Spooky Stuff
2015-12 Promo Get Together
2016-01 Promo Movie Hangout Stuff
2016-02 Promo Romantic Garden Stuff
2016-06 Promo Dine Out
2016-06 Gender Customization Options Update
2016-06 Promo Kids Room Stuff
2016-07 Promo Backyard Stuff
2016-11 Promo City Living
2016-12 Promo Vintage Glamour Stuff
2017-01 Promo Vampires
2017-03 Promo Bowling Night Stuff
2017-05 Promo Parenthood
2017-06 Promo Fitness Stuff
2017-08 Promo Toddler Stuff
2017-10 Diwali Update
2017-11 Promo Cats and Dogs
2017-11 Premade Cats and Dogs
2018-01 Promo Laundry Day Stuff
2018-02 Promo Jungle Adventure
2018-03 Final Fantasy XV Update
2018-03 My First Pet Stuff
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2018-06 Promo Seasons
2018-06 Premade Seasons
2018-08 Carribean Update
2018-11 Tutorial Update
2018-11 Positivity Challenge Update
2018-11 Promo Get Famous
2018-11 Premades Get Famous
2018-12 Yule Log Idle Stream
2019-02 Lunar New Year Update
2019-02 Maxis Creates February
2019-03 Maxis Creates March
2019-04 Freelancer Update
2019-04 Maxis Creates April
2019-05 Maxis Creates May
2019-06 Promo Island Living
2019-06 Premades Island Living
2019-07 Rebranding Update
2019-08 Promo Moschino Stuff
2019-09 Promo Realm of Magic
2019-09 Premades Realm of Magic
2019-11 Promo Discover University
2019-11 Premades Discover University
2020-01 Tiny Living Stuff
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2020-03 Play With Life Campaign
2020-06 Eco Lifestyle
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2020-06 M.A.C Cosmetics Update
2020-07 Nifty Knitting Stuff
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2020-09 Star Wars Journey to Batuu
Couldn't find any promo Sims for that one.

2020-11 Promo Snowy Escape
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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited February 26
    So, let's start with the 1st Generation: Aada
    Here I'll keep track of the stats of the children of all generations:

    female 128
    male 111
    black 86
    blonde 100
    brown 45
    red 8
    blue 10
    brown 72
    green 23
    grey 129
    purple 1
    red 3
    yellow 1
    Occult Sims
    Merfolk 1
    Spellcaster 3
    Vampire 5
    Special Reward Traits
    Father Winter's Baby 1

    Aada's Children (1-60)
    Link to post

    Ehren's Children (61-104)
    Link to post

    Hypatia's Children (105-151)
    Link to post

    Melora's Children (152-200)
    Link to post

    Riker's Children (201-)
    Link to post
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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited January 31
    Finally managed to upload Aada to the gallery. You can download her here:

    Aada All on the gallery


    Aada's Children (1-60)
    1 Abelard (with Seth Pinkerton)
    2 Acadia (with Vernon Morse)
    3 Adanya (with Andre DaSilva)
    4 Aeneas (with Armand DiAggro)
    5 Afolabi (with Bjorn Tu'Rock)
    6 Agatha (with Chuck Cenzo)
    7 Ahana (with Erroll Dowd)
    8 Aileen (with George Rivers)
    9 Aja (with James Stock)
    10 Akiva (with Johnson Ready)
    11 Alwin (with Moose Dubros)
    12 Amelie (with Raj Khemlani)
    13 Anabelle (with Kai Kahue)
    14 Aoife (with Ned Whalen)
    15 Apollo (with Ollie Purdue)
    16 Aquitania (with Sean Sullivan)
    17 Ariadne (with Steve Fogel)
    18 Ash (with Wilson Luchador)
    19 Atara (with Geoffrey Landgraab)
    20 Austin (with Johnny Zest)
    21 Avi (with Malcom Landgraab)
    22 Awenita (with Don Lothario)
    23 Axel (with J Huntington III)
    24 Ayden (with Gavin Richards)
    25 Azalea (with Mitchell Kalani)
    26 Babette (with Dennis Kim)
    27 Beckett (with Eric Lewis)
    28 Bhudevi (with Mortimer Goth)
    29 Bijou (with Bob Pancakes)
    30 Bjorn (with Travis Scott)
    31 Blanche (with Darth Vader Dark Lord)
    32 Bonnie (with Luke Skywalker)
    33 Brodric (with Alexander Goth)
    34 Bunme (with Gerald Sweeting)
    35 Byanca (with Iggy Pancakes)
    36 Caitilin (with Robert Bitterman)
    37 Ceridwen (with Brian Bitterman)
    38 Charlene (with Master Yoda Grand Jedi)
    39+40 Cian and Claudia (with Lance Ladykiller)
    41 Cody (with Abe Lincoln)
    42 Cristobal (with Boyd Bitterman)
    43 Curtis (with George L'Ernitage)
    44 Cynthia (with Bill Wu)
    45 Daniela (with Coeus Leto)
    46 Deborah (with Brett Stubbs)
    47 Diogo (with Marcus Raven)
    48 Djamila (with Alan Wilkis)
    49 Donna (with Chris Foley)
    50 Drusilla (with Dave Richardson)
    51 Duc (with Lester VanNuys)
    52 Dylan (with Charlie Francis)
    53 Earnest (with Dillin Derito)
    54 Ebele (with Scrubs DeReve)
    55 Echo (with David Boyd)
    56 Edgar (with Louis Vecchio)
    57 Eerikki (with Soren Hansen)
    58 Efraim (with Graham Sierota)
    59 Egberta (with Jamie Sierota)
    60 Ehren (with Noah Sierota)
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  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
    I didn't know you had made so much progress with this challenge already! (We have lunch together everyday, why didn't I know?!)

    Out of curiosity, what do you do with the children, they all live in the world? Do they move in with their fathers?
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    Yes, I moved them in with their fathers after uploading the children household. They often come over and hang out with the family though.
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited June 2019
    Done with the promo Sims for the base game, yay! Will move on to the Townies from first Oasis Springs and then Willow Creek. I will use the Pancakes family with toddler Iggy, that was uploaded to the gallery, and also add toddler Viviana and cat Butter from the 2018 Yule Log Idle Stream.
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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited March 2020
    My computer died and I lost my first save, noooo! But I started a second one, and have already the first 8 children on the gallery again:

    All Children 1 on the gallery


    And now I just have to update everything in the 1st generation post ...
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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited March 2020
    And the next 8 ...

    All Children 2 on the gallery

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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    Promo Sims and townies from Oasis Springs done. Onwards with the townies from Willow Creek. And then some more promo Sims, quite a few I never used in my games. Exciting!
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited March 2020
    8 more of Aada's children for download:

    All Children 3 on the gallery

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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited November 2019
    And almost done with all the Sims from Willow Creek ... Just have to wait for Alexander Goth and Iggy Pancakes to grow up. They are both teens by now.

    Until then I put the Sims from the first Halloween update in my game (link: Always Pass On...). Three guys in that household and two are already adults.
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited December 2019
    After 31 kids, Aada finally aged up to an adult. Let's see with how many children she'll end up with ...
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 1,532 Member
    If you do not mind, i would like to ask couple things.
    -What age span do you use? Long I assume or did you age Aada manually to an adult?
    -Most likely a silly question, but after her having a baby with all the married men so far , have you had any drama moments at community lots? I mean like if Aada flirts with Mortimer while Bella is present, resulting Bella to be angry at Mortimer.. but also Bob is in the lot, beeing angry at Aada because she flirted with Mortimer.. not to mention Eric Lewis who just happened to spawn to the lot at the moment Aada had her thing with Mortimer? :)
    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    @Ellupelluellu I play with normal age span, but as Aada is almost always pregnant, she ages much slower than everyone else (no aging while being pregnant would be nice in real life, I guess ...). I only aged her up when I got the message that it's her birthday.

    That also means that some of her first children are already elders and/or have died. Had to make a club for the family otherwise everyone would always be super sad due to the death of a family member. :(

    No issues with the wives yet, but some of the guys were NOT happy at all. Especially J Huntington III, Gavin Richards, and Mitchell Kalani were slapping each other around quite a bit. But then I saw J flirt with both Gavin and Mitchell so I'm not entirely sure who they were most jealous off! :D
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    Alexander Goth finally grew up, only one more Sim from Willow Creek to go now as Iggy Pancakes is still a teen. As the third male from the Always Pass On... household also has not grown up yet, I added the Genealogy, Sweeting Style household to my game, which has 3 adult males already.

    Also exciting for me as the genealogy update came out after Outdoor Retreat. I'm trying to keep the hair and outfits for the adult children to the packs that were available for their fathers. Which means that so far I've only used base game and holiday pack hair and outfits. This will change from now on.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 1,532 Member
    Thank you for answering :)
    I was curious as I do sort of similar thing, not trying to get 100 babies but still... and now my sim have to avoid all the bars and nightclubs.. also some festivals are a no-no :) Or else they cause a total havoc (what is fun actually , but not before other goals/challenges are completed).
    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited November 2019
    With 5-7 children of various ages in the household ... my Sim doesn't really have the time to go anywhere to be honest, @Ellupelluellu. She is cooking, repairing appliances, cleaning, feeding babies, potty training toddlers ... and after all that is done, she is painting art on the easel to at least get a bit of money into the bank.
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  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
    This sounds like a rather fascinating challenge. You seem to have come far with it too. Wow your Sim mom is super busy.
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    I had a look at all the promotional Sims that are still coming up @SimCave and was blown away by how many there are. I'm not even 1/10 of the way, I think! If I find the time, I'll update the list in the first post with all the promo Sims created by the Maxis team. The list is super long!!! :oB)
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited March 2020
    And the next 8 for download:

    All Children 4 on the gallery

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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited March 2020
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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    Starting to use the Sims from the Get to Work promo now. That also means even more clothes for their adult children. Yay!
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    edited March 2020
    Here the next 8 children. The challenge is coming along nicely!

    All Children 6 on the gallery

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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,852 Member
    @EA_Spectre Wow, what a fun idea for a baby challenge. I was just looking at all the children with their baby Daddies and I can't help but notice out of 58 so far, only one set of twins! o.O You're obviously not using the lot trait eh? Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience with us and thanks too for including links to all those promo Sims! Very much appreciated!

    Happy Simming! <3
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 247 EA Administrator
    @Karababy52 I think it's more due to the fact that my household usually only has one slot left for a child. Not a lot of chances to actually get twins so far ... :#:D
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,852 Member
    Ah, okay, that makes sense. :)
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