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Ava Sinclair: The Prequel OLD

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When I first posted on the forums, it was with a female Sim named Ava Sinclair. Ava was a Sim that was created when I used some Sunset Valley Sims to create a new Sim. Her genetics come from the Goth's, Landgraab's, and Wolff's, as well as some other families. Ava had a child named Avery with Boyd Wainwright and another child named Brittany with Hank Goddard. I lost the save file but I still have a version of Ava that I can use for the new story. Brittany got an alternate story where she was trying to complete the Ultimate Sim Challenge but I got tired of it and quit it. This new story, however, will be like a prequel to her original story.
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    Here's a slightly remade Ava Sinclair-Goddard. As some of you recall, she was the first Sim I shared on the forums. She is getting a change in clothes eventually to symbolize her new story. She was originally a fairy so I made her into one again and got her the correct wings/color. I still have to redo Brittany as well as a few other characters sometime as well as remodel Sunset Valley. I'm aging some of the children like Bella and Mortimer to young adult plus I may be bringing in Sims from other towns as well. As you will see, I changed the idea of the story a bit. This means that Ava is fresh out of high school and isn't the kind, classy, confident person she will grow up to be.
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    I see Cornelia's eyes!
    The Sequel: Part 9

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    Yeah, I saw that when she was created. She passed those down to her daughter Brittany as well. I believe Cornelia was her grandmother in that save but I only did a throw away save when I created Ava.
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    Plans have changed a bit. I'll be doing a sort of prequel to the original story so this will be more of an origin story for how Ava Sinclair started out. The original story is not exactly canon to this story, although there will be some similarities. I just think this works better than my previous idea. I'll be playing the first update today and will post it when I am ready. Here are a few notes that may be of importance.

    1. Aging will be off. This will be so I have time to play out the storylines I want to tell.
    2. Story Progression will be off. This will somewhat help families stay the way I want them to stay. If something goes against what I want, I can always roll back to an earlier save.
    3. Where possible, I will be hooking Sunset Valley Sims up with who they were with in the original story over time. Some of the townies children from that save may look different in this story.
    4. Ava will look poorer at first and may not be a fairy in the beginning.

    I think that is about it. Chapter 1 will be up sometime today or tomorrow.
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    Chapter 1 coming tomorrow. Ava will look different from the post up above as she needed a tweak to her chin, nose, and jawline. Also she is wearing a different hairstyle and outfit since this story takes place at the beginning of her time in Sunset Valley.
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    The Return of Ava Sinclair!

    Meet Ava Sinclair. Ava recently moved to Sunset Valley after graduating high school. She has heard some about the town, like the fact that the Landgraab's and Goth's live there. She has studied both family's as she is a distant cousin to Cornelia (Crumplebottom) Goth. Ava hopes that one day she can be the Leader of the Free World and make SimNation a better place.

    Ava used the $16,500 she had saved up working as a waitress through high school to buy the Shotgun Style home at 58 Water Lily Lane. This didn't leave her with much money to buy the things she needed, but she was glad to get away from her parents. The only family members she missed were her twin brother Adam Sinclair, and Uncle John. I hope to make you both proud, she thought as the realtor took her picture. I'm going to make something out of myself and help everyone I can.

    Ava walked inside her house to see that the movers put everything in the right place. She didn't have any experience in anything so she decided to read the cookbook her grandmother had left her in her will. If I'm going to live on my own, I'm going to have to learn to cook, she thought. Ava was a bit surprised when she heard her doorbell ring. I wonder who that is? I don't know anyone here yet.

    When she opened the door, Ava saw a red headed woman, a cute blonde, and an odd man in a top hat. Feeling like the female Sim would be the best one to talk to, Ava talked to her first. "Hi, I'm Monika Morris," said the red headed woman. "Nice to meet you, Monika. I'm Ava Sinclair, I just moved here today." Monika smiled at Ava before saying, "Nice to see someone new in this town. We like to get some of us together to greet new additions to the town. We don't get too many new people around here." I wonder why?, Ava thought. This seems like a nice place to live. Realizing that her new guests were expecting her to invite them in, Ava motioned for them to come in.

    The cute blonde guy that Ava had first noticed came up to introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Dustin Langerak, my family has lived here for a couple generations." Ava smiled at him. "Nice to meet you, Dustin," she said to him. "It's nice to meet some people in this town." Dustin laughed. "Yeah, it probably makes living in a new place a little bit easier. At least you seem nicer than the Alto's. They are pretty new to the town as well."

    The man with the top hat came up to Ava. "Hello, I am Gun...," the man began. "Gunther Goth. I know who you are, I've heard great things about your family." "Ah, I see my reputation has preceded me, Ms. Sinclair," Gunther said. "It's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy living here in Sunset Valley."

    "Thank you, Mr. Goth. I didn't mean to sound rude or anything. I just did a research paper on my family tree last year and found out that your wife is a distant cousin of mine." Gunther smiled, "Then that makes you family. You'll have to come meet Cornelia sometime. She'd love to meet you and I'm sure my son Mortimer would love to as well. Strangely enough, you have her eyes." "Thank you, Mr. Goth, that means so much to me. My parents don't really care about me and I haven't seen my brother for several months."
    Gunther looked at her with pity in his eyes. "Well, you are welcome in our home anytime. We'd love to have you, and please, call me Gunther."

    Dustin came up to Ava with a goofy grin on his face. "For you, my lady," he said as he presented her with roses. "Oh, Mr. Langerak, they're beautiful. Thank you so much!" Dustin continued to smile at her with that goofy grin. Even that goofy grin of his is cute, she thought. She was really going to like this place.

    ***The story begins! As you may have noticed, Ava lost her fairy wings and she also got a change in clothes. The reason for this is the fact that this Ava is younger than the one in her other story. This Ava just graduated high school before moving away. Her mom and dad weren't really there for her like they should have been so she is used to being on her own. Ava hasn't met Boyd or Hank yet so she doesn't have any children or anything yet but this will all happen eventually. Part 2 will be posted either later today or sometime tomorrow.
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    Ava's Prequel, Chapter 2

    Okay, Ava, it's only small talk. You can do this, she thought. "I really like this new house. It may be a bit small but it will work perfectly for me," she said to Dustin. Dustin looked at her like she was crazy. "Do you think I really want to talk about your new house? We all have houses, your's isn't better than anyone else's," he said to her rudely. Well, the nerve of this guy. And to think, I thought he was cute.

    "I'm so sorry, Mr. Langerak. I didn't mean to bore you. Can you please forgive me?" Dustin looked a little sheepish. "Uh, yeah, sorry about that outburst. It's nothing you did, I just have a lot on my plate right now. My sister-in-law just move in and she is driving me up the wall." Ava felt a little bit better but she still thought Dustin was a bit rude. She decided to leave it alone for now, she didn't need any enemies on her first day here.

    Ava realized that her guests were probably getting hungry, and so she went to the refrigerator to get an autumn salad made. She knew she couldn't mess that up and she hadn't properly shopped for groceries yet.

    "Okay, everyone! Salad's ready," she told her guests. She was a bit disappointed that Dustin sat down with her instead of Monika. Dustin just seemed a bit... different. She decided that she could probably do better than him anyway. She got involved in a conversation about her family with Gunther. "You should invite your parents over sometime," Gunther told her. "With your mother being related to Cornelia, I know that Cornelia would love to meet her." Ava shook her head. "That's not going to happen. I don't want my parents anywhere near me right now." She knew that she was the one who probably sounded rude right now, but she didn't want her parents around. David and Elizabeth Sinclair would try to bring her home to marry the man they had chosen for her. The Sinclair's had come from money but David had squandered most of it and now wanted to get Ava into a rich family. Elizabeth didn't know anything about being related to the Goth's and Ava wanted to keep it that way.

    The conversation shifted to talk about Sunset Valley and all the different families in the town. Ava went to talk to Monika after finishing her salad. "So Monika, what do you do for a living?" she asked her new acquaintance. "I'm a snack hawker down at the stadium. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is a step to becoming an athlete." Ava didn't know that, she thought that as long as a talent scout saw how great you were, you could join a team easily. "You have a boyfriend or anything?" she asked. Monika frowned, "That's one thing I wish I had. There is this guy named Stiles that I kind of like. Why do you ask?" Ava laughed, "Don't worry, I'm not flirting with you or anything. I've just never really had a female friend to talk about guys with." Monika's smile grew wide, "You can talk to me anytime you want. We can help each other out with finding a good man." Ava agreed with Monika, she liked that plan a lot.

    While Ava's guests were chatting, she decided to do the dishes. She never did like a dirty house and was actually the only one who did any cleaning at her parents place, other than the hired staff. Shortly after that, all the guests said goodbye as they needed to get home to their own families.

    She hadn't even had time to read her newspaper so she went out to get it. Ava knew she needed a job but she would need work experience before she would ever be able to get into politics. She searched the wanted ads and saw that the supermarket needed someone. Well, it's not waitressing, so that is a step up, I guess, she thought. She decided that first thing in the morning, she would go for an interview.

    As Ava got ready for bed that night, she started to wonder when her parents would find her. Don't worry about that now, Ava, she thought. You are an adult now, they have no hold over you any longer. With that thought in her head, Ava went to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

    ***That's the end of Day 1. She'll go to the job interview in the next update, and hopefully she can start bringing some money in. I made mention that Monika likes Stiles McGraw and the reason is because they hooked up in the original save. I don't know every hookup in that save but the ones tied to Ava are in the old family tree. To get these relationships started, I'll be using a few mods or cheats. I'll make mention of these either in a note or in the story as they occur.
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    Should have at least one story update over the weekend. This will be chapter 3 and will show Ava's attempt at getting a job. I also hope to have her meet some more of the familiar faces in Sunset Valley if possible.
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    Ava Prequel, Part 3

    Ava woke up the next morning, feeling excited about her interview at the grocery store. I hope that I get the job, maybe then I can fix this place up a bit, she thought. She went straight to the bathroom to take care of business.

    Once that was finished, she grabbed some leftover autumn salad from the refrigerator. She wasn't too impressed with the taste. It tastes like old refrigerator, she thought as she took a bite.

    It was pretty early in the morning and her interview wasn't until 8 a.m. so Ava picked up her cookbook and did some more reading until it was time to leave.

    As the sun slowly rose above the horizon, Ava took off for her interview. She enjoyed the scenery thinking I was right, this town is beautiful. I'm glad I came here. She walked past the park and made a mental note to visit there after the interview. Hopefully she would meet some new people there.

    Well, here goes nothing. Ava had arrived at the store when her nerves got the better of her. She'd only had one interview before when she got her waitressing job and that one was easy since her boss was also her teacher. But Ava didn't have to worry as the manager of the store thought she would be a great addition to the team. Ava left the interview, very happy with how it turned out.

    The park was pretty close so Ava walked over there, seeing there were many Sims there. She went up to the first person she saw and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Ava Sinclair, I'm new to town and just thought I'd say hello." The man took her hand, "I'm Gus Hart. It's nice to meet you, Ava." Ava stayed and talked to Gus for a bit. He seemed nice but he also was a little bit odd.

    "So, where do you work, Gus?" Ava asked him. "Over at the grocery store. For some reason, no one else would hire me. It doesn't bother me, I like my work at the store." Ava was surprised to meet someone who worked at her new workplace. "Hey, I just got a job at the store!" she told him. "Really?," he said with surprise. "What a coincidence, you'll love it. The pay isn't too great but what can you expect from a part-time job?" They chatted a bit more but then Gus said he needed to see what his daughter Bebe was doing. He pointed out his wife to Ava so she could introduce herself.

    "Hi, I'm Ava Sinclair. Your husband Gus said I should introduce myself." Dorie looked a little confused. "Aren't you my daughter?" she asked Ava. Now it was Ava's turn to be confused. "Um, no, I'm not your daughter. That girl over there is though." Dorie smiled at her then said, "Of course, you're right. I can't remember who people are any more." Ava then realized that Dorie had a few issues but Ava wasn't going to treat her differently for it.

    As Ava was leaving the park, she bumped into a guy near the entrance. "Sorry miss, I need to watch where I am going," said a handsome man. "It's o-o-kay," Ava stuttered. The man looked at her for a minute then said, "Hey, aren't you Ava Sinclair? Monika told me about you, said she really likes you." Ava realized who this man had to be. "You must be Stiles McGraw," she told him. Stiles nodded his head. "So Monika mentioned me? That's great! Say, do think I should ask her out?" Ava smiled, "I think she'd love that." Stiles grinned back before running of to meet with Monika. Monika was right, he is cute, Ava thought. If she wasn't going after him, I definitely would.

    Once Ava got home, she checked her mail. She only had a bill for $88. That's only going to leave me with a little over $100, she thought. She was glad it wasn't much more though, otherwise she'd probably lose the house.

    After sending off her bills, Ava ate her supper then read the newspaper. She saw that a couple called the Keaton's had just had a baby boy they named Keith. Ava smiled at that. I'd love to have a little baby boy or girl sometime. I can't really do that with my pay right now. Ava knew she'd be a great mother but she had to find a husband first.

    She tried to invite Monika Morris over to visit but unfortunately, she had to work. "It's okay, Monika. We can get together on one of your days off."

    Since she didn't have anything else to do, Ava decided to read a book. She chose one called "One Wolf, Two Wolves. Where Wolf? There Wolf!" She knew it was a children's book, but it was one from her childhood that she had loved.

    Once she had finished reading the book, Ava decided she better head for bed. That night, she slept with a lot less on her mind than the night before.

    ***Skills Ava has so far, as of this update.

    1. Cooking - 1
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    Ava Prequel part 4

    Changed my settings a bit, each season will be three weeks and every time all four seasons are done, a year has passed. I've got things set up on how I'll do aging as well. I did set up some of the townies in relationships as well to try and recreate the ones from the original save. Also, these updates take place in late June - July as this is the first week of summer.

    Ava got up that morning in a good mood. Not even the oddly tasting salad was going to ruin that mood. It was raining outside so she knew that she'd have to find something to do inside today.

    With the rain outside, Ava decided to clean up her house a bit. She mainly needed to clean the kitchen sink and the toilet as they were the most used plumbing. As she worked, she hummed one of her favorite songs.

    Ava did decide to get out for a bit, mainly to hunt for a couple gems. Monika had told her that you could make some good money if you found gems or flowers to sell. But all she found was a ruby which she sold for $29. Well, at least I have the money back that I started with, she thought.

    Back inside, Ava called Monika. "Hey, Monika, it's just me. Listen, I ran into Stiles yesterday and you were right, he is cute." Monika laughed on the other end. "Told ya. Oh, by the way, Stiles asked me out on a date! Can you believe that?" Ava grinned as she thought about her conversation with Stiles. "Actually, I can. You've got a lot going for you, he'd be dumb not to ask you out." "Thank you, Ava. That's a nice thing to say. Now we just have to get you a boyfriend," Monika said. "Don't worry about me, I'll find someone eventually."

    Once she got off the phone, Ava decided to take a bit of a nap before work. Gunther Goth had called about a party but Ava knew by the time she got off work, she'd be too tired so she politely declined.

    At 3 p.m., Ava's carpool showed up. She was happy that she was getting a ride, she didn't want to have to run in the rain and taxi cab's were too expensive for someone with limited money. Well, here we go, she thought as she got in the car, off to my first day of work. For the next three hours, Ava sorted through the fruits and veggies, determining which ones could be sold and which ones to throw away.

    When work was over, Ava walked out with an $84 paycheck. Well, it's not much, but it will help out, she thought as she headed to her carpool.

    For supper, Ava made a fresh autumn salad, just for her. She figured she would cook something different for breakfast so she didn't want to make a family sized meal. Once she ate her salad, Ava took care of business and headed for bed.

    ***Ava's skills.
    1. Cooking - 1
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    Ava's Prequel, Part 4

    This morning, Ava decided to cook pancakes for breakfast. This was her first time making them and she was afraid they'd turn out bad. Once she got them finished, she thought they didn't look too bad for a first attempt. These are pretty good, she thought. Not anything spectacular but not bad.

    After taking care of her morning business, Ava called Monika for their early morning chat. "How are things going with you and Stiles?" Ava asked her friend. "Great! Our date last night was amazing, he was so romantic that he even played his guitar for me!" Ava thought that sounded wonderful. "I hope I can find someone who is that romantic," she said to Monika. "Don't worry, Ava. You'll find someone, I promise."

    Once they hung up, Ava went to check her mail. She had a present from Monika but she ended up returning the gift as she needed to get her some transportation. I hope Monika never finds out I returned her gift, she thought.

    Ava was upset when she found out she couldn't even afford a car. The lowest thing she could afford was a witches broom, but she didn't want that. "I know this bicycle is a bit more than what I can afford, but I'd rather have it," she told the sales clerk. "As long as you have the money for it, I can't refuse you, ma'am." So Ava bought the bicycle and took a ride around town. Afterwards, she headed to the park to hopefully meet some people.

    There weren't too many people around at the park yet so Ava decided to look for seeds and mushrooms. She found a few seeds that she sold for money and a few she could keep to start a garden. By this time, more people had shown up at the park. Ava saw Gunther wave at her and a woman beside him motion for her to come over.

    "Hello, Ava. I am Cornelia Crumplebottom Goth, Gunther's wife. He told me that you are a distant cousin of mine. I'd like to welcome you to the family." Ava was a bit surprised as she shook Cornelia's hand. "Mrs. Goth, excuse me if I sound rude, but are you a witch?" she asked. "I am, actually," Cornelia chuckled. "A level 8 to be exact but my sister Agnes did not inherit magical abilities like I did. I told her I could make her a Witches Brew, but she refused."

    "Wait, there are potions to become a supernatural?" Ava asked in interest. "Of course there are, my dear," Cornelia replied. "It is better, of course, to make an elixir yourself as you'll be more powerful, but yes, you can become a supernatural very easily." Ava took this into consideration. She always thought she'd look great with a pair of fairy wings. "How do you make these elixirs?" Ava asked. Cornelia shrugged. "You can go to the alchemy store and use their alchemy station to learn the potion. Other than that, you have to buy or collect the proper ingredients." Ava thought that sounded more like a rich person's thing to do so she put it out of her mind as she talked with Cornelia.

    Ava met her other distant cousin, Agnes Crumplebottom, as well. Agnes was nice but she seemed like she didn't really like being in crowded spaces. Agnes did say that she saw that Ava had similar eyes to Cornelia, though. Ava met some other Sims at the park as well, and she also talked with Gunther a bit.

    When time came to go to work, Ava ran to the grocery store. She spent another three hours going through produce with Gus Hart. She even got praise for recommending the right apples for a pie. She walked out with another $88 paycheck.

    Outside of the store, Ava introduced herself to many different people, including Susan Wainwright. Susan was very nice but neither she or Ava knew that their lives would collide in an unexpected way.

    Ava wasn't too hungry so she just ate a bowl of cereal before heading for bed.

    ***And that is all for now. I'll be playing a little bit later today for tomorrow's updates.

    Ava's skills

    1. Cooking - 2
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    Ava Prequel, Part 5

    A few weeks had passed and Ava had settled into a routine. She didn't feel like cooking today, however, so she just had some bread and jam. That's when she heard a calamity outside her front door. What in the world was that? she thought. She got up to see what was going on.

    That's when she saw her trashcan was knocked down and trash was strewn around her yard. Darn raccoons, they're no better than those darn werewolves are. she thought as she shook her head. She spent the next few minutes picking everything up that the raccoon had dug out.

    Ava called Monika on the phone like she usually does and invited her over. "Sure, I've got some time before work. I'll stop by in a bit," Monika told her. "Great, can't wait to see you!" Ava responded happily. While waiting for Monika, Ava grabbed her mail. Her bills had lowered some due to her house depreciating in value. Well, that's always a good thing, Watcher knows they charge enough already.

    Monika showed up not too long after. "I can't stay too long," Monika said. "I've got to hand out food at the stadium in a few hours." "That's okay," Ava reassured her, "I just haven't gotten to talk to you face to face for a while, we've both been busy." "That's true, and I don't even get promoted even though it should be about time." Ava shook her head, "I'd think you'd be up for one soon."

    Ava could tell her friend was a bit upset. "Don't worry, Monika," she told her. "You'll get that promotion." Monika smiled. "Thanks for the support. Hey, I was thinking, you should move in with Stiles and I. We'd love to have some company, we do have another couple living with us though." Ava shook her head. "Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it. I just wouldn't feel comfortable with two couples. I'd be like the fifth wheel or something." Their conversation continued a bit after this but then Monika had to leave for work. "See ya later, Ava!" she said as she left. Ava waved goodbye as her friend drove away.

    Ava had found some seeds a while ago but she had never gotten around to planting them. She decided that now was the time to do so, but she worried that with no fence, the zombies would eat them. Oh well, I guess, she thought. It's not like I'm making a living off gardening.

    Deciding she needed a break, Ava headed for the park. While there, she met a nice elderly woman named Yumi Sekemoto and her grandson Sam.
    "His poor mother died just after he was born. Leighton had to move in with me just to take care of him," Yumi told Ava. Ava felt sorry for Leighton and Sam.

    Once she finished talking to Yumi, Ava went around the park looking for more seeds to plant. She didn't care what they were because she'd sell what she didn't need.

    At three in the afternoon, Ava headed off to work to sort through the produce again. But this time Ava's boss decided to promote both her and Gus to Blue Light Specialists. Now they were in charge of setting up the Blue Light specials which were sales on certain products. With the promotion, Ava got a bonus check as well.

    At home, Ava decided to try and make macaroni for supper. Luckily she did all right so she ate her supper before getting ready for bed. Sometimes she hated not having someone to cuddle with, but she knew that the right guy would come along soon enough.

    ***Ava's skills so far.

    1. Cooking - 2
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    Ava Prequel, Part 6

    Things had been going well for Ava over the past few weeks and it had been about a month since she moved to Sunset Valley. She was glad that her parents hadn't found her yet and she was starting to think they never would. The only thing was, she couldn't get Monika's offer out of her head. She had a lot on her mind as she at her autumn salad.

    Ava got ready for the day and then went out to take care of her plants. She still only had the two but was pleased to see they were doing well. Everything is going perfectly, she thought. I'm so glad that Uncle John helped hide me here. Her uncle was her favorite family member besides her brother. Speaking of which, Ava had been trying to call him but only got his voicemail.

    She had also been checking her mail everyday, but she never got anything from him. She did however get a movie poster for SimCity 4 from Geoffrey Landgraab. Why'd he send me a gift? I don't even know him! She promptly sold it for 300 simoleons, she didn't have a good place for the giant poster.

    With the money she got from the poster, Ava decided to take a charisma class at city hall. It was one of her first steps into her journey on becoming Leader of The Free World. She hoped she'd get some power before her parents ever did find her but she was still too inexperienced for a job in politics.

    At the park, Ava was called over by Stiles for a water balloon fight. Ava decided to join Marty Keaton's team against Stiles and Pauline Wan. "Take that, Stiles!" Ava called out as she threw a water balloon his way.

    Afterwards, Ava stayed and talked to Pauline a bit. Pauline seemed nice and Ava hoped to get to know her better. By this time, Ava was getting a bit hungry so she decided to make a cherry snow cone. She hadn't had one since she went on a date with a boy in high school and it brought back many nice memories of a time before her parents tried to set her up with Robert Lancaster.

    Ava had never tried to skate before but she had seen Stiles there so she decided to try it out. At first she was a bit wobbly, but she started to get the hang of it when her phone rang.

    "Hey, Ava," Monika said. "Stiles and I are throwing a pool party, and I wanted to invite you over." "Wow, that sounds fun! I'm at the park right now, I can be there in an hour or so," Ava replied. "Great, see you then!"

    Ava headed over to Monika's and checked her blog before going inside. She couldn't wait to go swimming and dance to music, except there was no pool and there was no music playing either.

    Ava didn't say anything to Monika but the party was kind of boring. Tori Kimura and Ayesha Ansari were both acting bored as well. "This isn't a very fun party," Tori complained. Monika ignored them and she and Ava talked. "I can't believe I've never been here before," Ava told Monika. Monika laughed. "Well, it isn't like the Landgraab Manor but it is home." Ava looked around a bit, thinking about Monika's idea of moving Ava in.

    Ava had a nice chat with Tori about politics. Tori seemed to be very interested in what Ava had to say and even suggested Ava try for a job at the City Hall anyway. "You never know, you've been gaining a bit of popularity around here." Ava laughed. "I don't think I'd beat the Vita Alto though." By this time, it was pretty late so Ava asked Monika if she could stay the night.

    ***Ava's skills so far.

    1. Cooking - 2
    2. Charisma - 1
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    Ava Prequel, Part 7

    Once Ava got permission to stay the night, she decided to cook a very early breakfast for everyone. She still didn't know how to make much so she just prepared some hotdogs.

    Blair and Stiles ate with Ava. "It's too early for hotdogs, Ava," Blair said. Ava ignored her comment and continued to eat.

    Once she had filled her belly, she found the closest bed to sleep in. Monika had told her that some of their roommates had married recently, leaving a few empty beds. It was about 2 am when she went to bed.

    Once she got home, she checked her mailbox where she had another picture. Why does everyone think I need pictures or paintings? she thought. She didn't really care since she sold them anyway, but she still wondered.

    Ava had neglected the garden that morning so she did her gardening in the hot summer sun. She watered and weeded her current plants then planted some more. The garden is looking nice. I just hope the zombies leave them alone, Ava thought. Zombies wreaked havoc on plants when they wanted brains.

    "Ah, plum," Ava said as her toilet overflowed. Grabbing the plunger, she hoped that she could fix the issue, and luckily she was able to.

    Blair came over for a bit that evening. "Hey, sorry if I was a bit grumpy. I didn't mean to be but you woke me up when you said 'Breakfast is ready'. I hope you forgive me," Blair said. Ava smiled as she stuck out her hand. "I'm not mad, I didn't think anything of it," she reassured Blair. They continued their chat for a bit longer before Blair had to head home. "Bye Ava, it was nice talking to you!" she hollered, walking to her car. Ava said goodbye and then went inside, feeling like she had just made a new friend. However, future events will cause some issues for this new friendship. Ava headed off to bed after that as she had to work the next day.

    ***Ava's skills so far.

    Charisma - 2
    Cooking - 2
    Gardening - 2
    Handiness - 1
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    New update coming tomorrow. It won't be long before some conflict starts brewing between some of Ava's friends and also her family.
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    Ava's Prequel, Part 9

    After eating breakfast, Ava did her dishes like normal. Unfortunately, the sink had broke and she had no experience fixing things. Darn it, now what? she thought. I don't really have the extra to pay for a repairman. I guess I'll just start tightening things and hope that helps. Luckily that was all she needed to do and her sink was fixed. She mopped up the water on the kitchen floor then got ready for the day.

    Once she was ready, Ava worked in the garden. She still didn't have a fence around it but so far nothing had done any damage. A few plants were even ready to harvest so she sold what produce she didn't need.

    Ava talked with Monika for a while. "Things are starting to get pretty serious between me and Stiles," Monika told her. "I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't pop the question before too long." Ava thought that was a bit quick but she didn't say anything. It seemed like Sims these days got married pretty quickly. "Well, I hope you invite me to your wedding if he does," she joked with Monika. Monika laughed, "Nah, I don't want you there, you'll steal my thunder." Both Ava and Monika then busted out laughing.

    Ava had found a nice gem in her back yard so she decided to go to the alchemy store to cut it. She was starting to like the alchemy store which made her want to learn alchemy more and more. Once she had her freshly cut gem, Ava headed over to the sales lady to put it on consignment. "So that's one gem and two vials of gem dust," the lady said. "Yep, that's right. Also, do you what elixirs are in stock today?" Ava asked. The sales lady gave her a list but Ava didn't find anything she wanted. Guess I'm going to have to learn how to make these myself, she thought.

    Before leaving the store, Ava introduced herself to Fiona McIrish who seemed to be a nice person. "It was so nice to meet you, Ava. I'm glad to see some young people are actually moving in."

    Ava headed home to eat her a quick lunch before she had to go to work. Her food was starting to taste a bit better and didn't even taste like refrigerator anymore.

    Ava went to work and set up some Blue Light sales. Once work was over, Ava headed home and went to bed.

    ***Not much happening in these latest updates as I said last night. Mainly just some skill building but things will change soon.

    Ava's skills so far.

    Charisma - 2
    Cooking - 3
    Gardening - 3
    Handiness - 1
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    @meerkattime Thank you! I did some edits on her face and I think she looks better. As time progresses, she'll start to become the woman she was in the original story.
    Nope, not at all. She put the flowers on her coffee table.
    Yeah, probably not, lol.
    They really get along well. She is Ava's best friend now.
    Thank you. She doesn't make much money but she gets by.
    Yep, he works the same job. In the wiki, it says Dorie has more trouble than Gus hence the reason she's the way she is.
    It sure would be, Ava didn't want to do that to Monika, although she may be making a mistake soon with repercussions.
    Yep, lol. I just kind of figured that they would.
    It sure does. Haven't seen much from the Goth's since the beginning.
    Me too, lol. She is better off with the bike.
    Yeah, I added the witch occult to Cornelia and also cheated her skill up. I just added werewolf to Thornton Wolff last night.
    Hopefully Monika gets promoted soon. I have story progression off so I can control things so she'll get one next time I see her.
    Ava will find someone here before too long. Her brother is having a bit of an issue that will be revealed really soon.
    I guess she did meet Geoffrey once before. She knows so many people that I forget who she knows or doesn't know.
    Lol, happens all the time. Ava even got a wish to throw one and she doesn't have a pool.
    Lol, yeah hotdogs are odd for breakfast. It was right before the switch to when breakfast food is available.
    Yep, they are getting there. I just added them to each update just to show how she has grown.
    Yeah, they'll be around when her brothers fate is revealed. Fall starts in a few days in game and that is when things start to go downhill.
    Stiles and Monika are doing great.
    So am I. This way she can actually cook when she has a spouse and children.
    Thank you for the comments!
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    Part 10

    Ava ate her breakfast like she did every morning. She loved having peace and quiet but she wished that she had someone to spend time with. She had met some nice people but no one seemed like a perfect match for her.

    When Ava went out to her garden, she was pleasantly surprised to see that her lemon tree had grown. She was looking forward to having some fresh lemonade.

    After gardening, Ava went inside to take a bath. Unfortunately, as soon as she got done, it broke. Getting her tools out, she tightened what was lose and cleaned up the mess. I really need to learn how to make things unbreakable, she thought.

    Since she had some money to spare, Ava went to the bookstore to buy some books. Hmm, maybe I should buy some recipes, she thought. At least then I'd have a bit more variety in food choices. She ended up buying some easy recipes.

    She still had some time to kill before work so she decided to check out the alchemy store. This time she went around picking the flowers. Monika had told her that flowers were in high demand and she could make some money off of them. The sale of the flowers totaled 1160 simoleons. Afterwards, she sat on a bench under a tree to read her recipe book before heading off to work.

    While at work, Ava found out that her consigned items had sold for $1304. Also, she got her paycheck so she finally could fence in her garden and buy a shower. Once she got off work, Ava headed back to the alchemy store. "May I use your alchemy station?" she asked the sales clerk. The sales clerk gave her permission so Ava learned how to make a Vial of Bliss. I think I'm going to love learning alchemy, she thought.

    Ava headed home, happy with how her life was turning out. She still wished she'd hear from Adam but she hoped that he was just as happy as she was. As she got into bed, she felt like her life was finally going her way.

    Skills so far

    Alchemy - 1
    Charisma - 2
    Cooking - 3
    Gardening - 3
    Handiness - 1
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    Ava Prequel Part 11

    That morning, Ava ate breakfast then cleaned up the mess from the bathtub. Luckily she bought a new shower but the repairman had left her to clean up the mess.

    Ava had made some upgrades in her house and she loved the fact that her garden was fenced in. She also had bought a new fridge, stove, and sold her bike for her first car. "Now I won't have to worry about rain," she had told Monika over the phone. She harvested her plants before making plans for the day.

    Ava decided to visit the Goth's so she hopped in her car and took off. She rang the doorbell but nobody was home. Well, that was a wasted trip, she thought. Guess I'll find something else to do.

    Monika had told Ava that there were some nice spots to find gems past the Goth house so Ava left her car in their drive and headed up. She found multiple gems which she hoped to cut at the alchemy store later.

    At the alchemy store, Ava cut her gems and put them on consignment. She then decided to chat with a teenaged girl named Lisa Bunch. "Wow, you are so cool!" Lisa told her. Ava was a bit confused. "Why am I cool," she asked Lisa. "Because, you live on your own. I've got three siblings to deal with." After finishing the conversation, Ava bought a Jar of Friendship to use later.

    Since she had close to $1000 left, Ava decided to eat at the Bistro. The food was amazing and she even ate dessert. Once she was done, Ava decided to say hello to some people. She met Molly French and talked to her a bit. "You know, I think I love this place," Ava told Molly. "The food is so good and the staff are very friendly." Molly smiled because she hardly ever heard anyone compliment the restaurant. "Well, thanks for the compliments. I'll make sure to tell the owner what you said."

    Ava decided to use her Jar of Friendship on Molly, making her third friend. After that, Ava headed home and went to bed.
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    Ava Prequel, Part 12

    Ava's sink broke after she did her morning dishes. She hasn't been having very good luck with that.

    She didn't have a lot of time before work so she at least took care of her garden, harvesting anything that was ready.

    At work, Ava got promoted to the highest level. With the money she got, she was able to buy the television she had been wanting and a MultiTab.
    Sweet, this MultiTab has all kinds of fun things to do, she thought as she walked out of work.


    Once she went inside, she fixed her broken sink and cleaned up the mess before going to bed.

    ***Short, sweet, and to the point. Not much happened today so that's why it is such a small update.

    Ava's skills so far.

    Alchemy - 1
    Charisma - 2
    Cooking - 3
    Gardening - 4
    Handiness - 2
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    ***Decided not to share the very short day. Not much happened until the next day so I guess this would signal a bit of a transition. Anyway, time for Ava's life to start changing for the worse.

    Ava Prequel Update

    A few months had passed and it was now early fall. Ava hadn't heard from Adam or her uncle John since moving to Sunset Valley. This morning, Ava made a quick salad for breakfast. She'd been slacking on learning how to cook and just didn't seem to have much time to learn. Ava sat down at her little kitchen table and ate.

    Ava's lemon tree was finally ready to be harvested and she was pretty happy about that. I'm glad I got to harvest it before the freeze comes in, she thought. After tending the garden, Ava sold a bit of her produce for money.

    Ava decided to see if she could learn anything by watching TV. She decided to watch Molly French's cooking show on the local channel and she really enjoyed it.

    While Ava was watching TV, a man with torn and dirty clothing walked up to her door. The man went up to the door and knocked, hoping not to scare the inhabitant inside. "Who could that be?" Ava wondered out loud as she walked to the door. When she saw who was at the door, she was shocked.

    "Hello, sis," the man said as Ava's face broke out into a wide grin. "Adam! My Watcher, it's been so long," Ava told him as she hugged him. "I know," Adam sighed. "I've got so much to tell you Ava and it isn't good news." Ava then noticed Adam's ragged appearance. "What in the plum happened to you?" she asked. Adam shook his head, "I'd rather not linger outside much longer. Let's go inside and I'll explain."

    Ava led her brother over to the couch and told him to sit. "So what happened to you?" Ava asked. Adam seemed a bit frightened and not quite his normal self. "You wouldn't believe what I went through to get here," he told her. "Why, where have you been?" Adam didn't know where to begin but he decided Ava needed to know everything he knew. "When I left home at 17, I didn't have anywhere to go at all. I headed over to Uncle John's house and he let me hide in his basement for awhile, as you already know. Once we hit our 18th birthday, I decided to flee the area and try to make a new life for myself. I had heard that you had escaped marrying that rich guy from John and I was relieved to hear it."

    "One day, I was taking a walk in Bridgeport and saw that my phone was ringing. When I looked, I saw that it was you but when I tried to answer, some men jumped me and knocked me out. When I woke up, I was trapped in some kind of basement cell and Mom and Dad were there. They told me that they had finally caught me and that they'd get you as well. I couldn't do anything to change the situation and was stuck in that cell for months. I knew that I needed to get out of there and so I hatched a plan. I faked having a medical issue and when the guard came in, I knocked him out and escaped. I tried to go to uncle John's but when I got there, his house was on fire. I hope he got out but I'm not sure if he is even alive or not." Ava listened to everything her brother had just told her in total shock. "My Watcher," she said with tears in her eyes. "You've been through so much." Adam nodded his head. "I know, but I had to come and make sure you are okay." Ava wiped away her tears as she looked at him. "We'll figure this out in a bit but you need to look like you again," she told him.

    "Do I have to get my hair cut?" Adam asked his sister. "Yes, you do. I'm not doing anything until you look like you are supposed to," she told him. Adam sat down in the chair as Ava walked behind him. "Fine, have it your way," he said with a grumpy look on his face. Ava grabbed her scissors and began to cut his hair.

    "Much better," Ava told him as she walked away. "We're wasting time here, Ava," Adam said to her. "We've got to leave Sunset Valley. We aren't safe from Mom and Dad at all." Ava shook her head, "I'm not going anywhere, Adam. Sunset Valley is my home now and I've got friends here that won't let Mom and Dad do anything. Not even Robert will be able to do anything," Ava told him. Adam rolled his eyes. His sister had always been stubborn. She was also the one who stood up to their parents as Adam was a bit of a shy kid. "Alright, fine. Once I get some clean clothes, we got to figure something out."

    ***Alright, this is just part of the day. The big change will happen in the second part of this update which I'll post later.
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    Ava is good looking and has one of my favourite hairstyles to be introduced to TS3 :smile:
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    @king_of_simcity7 Thank you! Yeah, that hair is one of my favorites as well. She'll keep that style for a little while longer.
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    Meant to post this yesterday but I ended up going bowling for the night.

    Ava Prequel (Starts where we left off)

    For the first time, Adam actually felt like himself again. The only thing different is that he now was scarred for life due to his parents dealings. He knew that he and Ava would never be safe until their parents were behind bars or dead.

    "Okay, we got to figure out a game plan. What are we going to do, Ava?" he asked his sister. Ava shook her head. "I have no idea. I guess you should move in with me and we can protect each other," she said. Adam looked skeptical. "I think we need more protection than that," he told her.

    "I've got an idea," Ava exclaimed. "My friend Monika said I should move in with her. I think she'd be okay if you did as well." "I don't know, Ava. One woman isn't going to be much more protection." That's when Ava smiled. "Did I forget to mention her roommate is a cop?"

    "Thank you so much for letting us move in, Blair. We'd feel a lot safer with police protection." Blair shook her hand. "You're welcome and don't worry, I'll keep you safe."

    Inside, Blair and Adam were being goofy with each other. Ava was glad to see Adam acting like his old self but just hoped Cycl0n3 wouldn't get jealous or think anything was going on.

    Later in her bedroom, Ava reflected on her life. Her early days had been drama filled and things had gotten worse over the years. She had felt like Sunset Valley would be a new start but now she just lost her new home to be a roommate. Ava was determined to have the life she wanted and her parents would not stop her. She was capable of making her own decisions.

    ***Yes, Ava lost her house now due to the threat of her parents. At least now she has Adam and Blair on her side but future events may cause issues between Blair and Ava that could potentially put Ava in harms way.
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