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Mister Fashion Plate Cycle 2 - Assignment 1 Posted - Tank & Jeans

♥Welcome To Fashion Plate Cycle 2 - Mister Fashion Plate♥
♥In This comp it will be all about FASHION and the different GENRE'S Of Fashion Even Themes♥
♥This will be a very laid back and fun comp♥
♥SIGS Will Be Given To All Placers Final Round & If You Would Like A SIG For Participation Just Let Me Know♥
♥ Open concept to backgrounds - Your choice - Leaving it to your own creativity and style♥
♥In the Assignments I will have examples of fashion for each round - Mind you Google can be your best friend :):)
♥Sims 3 Or 4 Are Invited♥
♥YA To Adult/ Male♥
♥IF you have ANY Questions at ALL.... Just Ask Me Here Please Hashtag Me, Thanks Or You May PM Me At Anytime!♥
♥I Hope I Have Explained This Comp Well Enough If Not Just Ask....♥
♥♥♥APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Shoulder UP - NO Bare Shoulders ( On Transparency ) Please

♥There Must Be Rules♥
♥The Usual Rules Apply To This Comp♥

♥No photo-skinning or face plastering♥
♥Drawn Hair is OK♥
♥Only CC clothing OR Maxis Match / Maxis Made
♥Google Accessories Clothes Props May Be Used♥
♥In-Game Or Edited Backgrounds Are Allowed♥
♥Extensions Are Allowed ( No More Than 2 Days ) Unless There Is An Emergency!♥
♥Each Round will last Up to 7 days - Depending On How Fast Submissions Are In♥
♥If You Would Like To Have 1 Edit Before Judging Just Let Me Know ( As I Like This Rule -We All Make Mistakes And Would Like To Possibly Adjust)♥
♥Please Check In After Each Judging & Assignment Posted Thanks♥
♥You Cannot Adjust Any Genetics BUT You May Change Hair Color♥

********** Update Would Like To Have All Applications By April 30th Thanks ************

♥♥♥♥♥♥Judging Rubric♥♥♥♥♥♥
0/10 Was The Fashion Genre Represented
0/10 Overall Creativity
0/10 Editing Lighting Filtering ETC
Total = 30


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Jake / Discord
Ellie / Discord
Kalen / Discord
Gee / Discord
Joey / Discord
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