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The Heir Challenge

Disclaimer: Vampires Game Pack is recommended to play, but not required. You just need a wealthy family (Base Game Example: Landgraabs, Goths, Spencer-Kim-Lewis's)

You are the oldest child of the Royal Family of x InsertTownNameHere x, and you hate it. Your entire family are all monsters and nobody in the kingdom knows it. They all expect you to do the same thing they do: Enforce horrible laws, be strict, and execute people for loving the wrong person. You don't like that. So, when you become a teenager, you steal 20,000 simoleans from your family and run away to undeveloped land (Newcrest). You change your identity, school, and build yourself a small house. Your running away leaves your little brother as the heir to the throne, but soon you discover that he is just as evil as your parents and that the kingdom's residents are finally waking up. So, filled with rage, you march back to your kingdom and steal back the throne that is rightfully yours.

Vampires is recommended because Vladislaus Straud is a tyrant ruler, and he doesn't have any kids or wife yet so you don't have to delete anybody to make the family. Also, the reason you run away could just be because you don't want to be a vampire. You aren't allowed to cure yourself though!

-You can be an alien, sim, or vampire. Vampire is recommended.
-You must start out as a child and have a bad relationship with both of your parents by the time you're a teenager.
-You must have a younger brother who starts as a toddler.
-Play on Normal Life Length
-Move out as a teenager and don't return or talk to your family until you're a Young Adult.
-After you move out do the testingcheats true cheat and then cas.fulleditmode on on to change your name in CAS
-The only time you are allowed to use cheats are when you need to change your name. Make sure you turn them back off when you're done though.
-All of your family members must be evil, and you must be good and a loner. The other trait and the aspiration (unless you own vampires) is up to you.
-You are allowed to get a part-time job as a teenager.

-You MUST be the child of Vlad if you own this game pack.
-You have to master the Vampire Lore skill as a teenager, before you can claim your throne.
-If you have this game pack, you have to cure your whole family and kick them out to claim your throne.
-You must have the Good Vampire aspiration. You don't need to complete it though.

Get Famous
-You can make your royal family famous if you choose too, but make sure you get rid of your celebrity levels when you run away.
-As a teenager you can join the Drama Club, but it doesn't earn you any money so it's not recommended.
-You cannot join Drama Club as a child

-You can join the Scouts as a teenager if you want, but like Drama Club it doesn't earn you any money so it isn't recommended.
-You can start in any season you want.
-You cannot join the Scouts as a child.

City Living
-You can move to San Myshuno if you choose to. Just make sure your apartment has three lot traits that are all bad, and you can only live in 1313 Chic Street.

I hope you enjoy this challenge!

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