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A Just For Fun Challenge!

Hi all,

@TheWoodenslurpy and I are sponsoring a just for fun challenge for simmers to share a little about themselves with their friends on the forum and gallery. There is no judging and no prizes. The challenge has 2 parts. You can take part in one or both parts. Part 1: Make YOURSELF as a pet sim. For example, would you be a sleek independent cat or a friendly loyal dog? Part 2: If you have a pet(s), think about what they would look like and be like if they were people, then make that sim person(s). Please put the hashtag #meandmypets in your description. Challenge closes on May 2.

Challenge open to everyone that has the Cats & Dogs pack! Please join us in a fun little sim making!

Here's a link to the challenge room that has the same details of the challenge:


  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 2,582 Member
    Just a little update. We've already had a few entries and so far they've been wonderful. Simmers have pictured themselves as fox terriers, pugs and huskies! And their pets as sim people have been fairly interesting, lots of gluttons, a jealous type, a kleptomaniac and a couple of paranoids. So we know all of our pets have some quirks! To view the entries, checkout the #meandmypets hashtag!

    Please consider joining the fun!
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 2,582 Member
    Another update. 17 simmers have submitted around 30 entries and they are so diverse! We have sims made from simmer's hamsters, fish tank (fish, shrimp and algae) and a cockatiel! I'm just waiting for somebody to make a sim from their turtle, rat or snake. :)

    If you'd like to check out the entries, please see #meandmypets. And please consider sharing your wonderful pets as a sim and yourself as sim pet!
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